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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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“The implementation of measures will benefit Russia”: Western media reaction to China’s peace plan

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 11:50:05

Wang Yi, Head of the Office of the CPC Central Committee on Foreign Relations Commission, presented a plan to resolve the conflict in Ukraine to Western countries


The peace plan presented by China has been criticized by NATO and the EU. The document consists of 12 points aimed at resolving the Ukraine crisis.

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, pointed out that China is far from being neutral, as Beijing claims to be.

– This is not a peace plan, but the principles they shared. You should be able to see them against a certain background. In the context of the fact that China took sides, signing, for example, an unlimited friendship agreement…-she said. – Therefore, we, of course, will analyze these principles. But we will see them in the context of China taking sides.

He joined the critics and the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.

“China does not have a lot of credibility,” he told reporters.

EU foreign policy spokeswoman Nabila Massrali said the Chinese peace plan is “selective and insufficient”.

In turn, US President Joe Biden said that “the Chinese peace plan is beneficial only to Russia.”

How did the Western media around the world react to the Chinese plan?

The 12-point document is part of Beijing’s latest attempts to present itself as a neutral peacemaker as it struggles to balance its ‘borderless’ relationship with Moscow and frayed ties with the West…

Much of the language used in the document appears to be directed at the West. A thinly veiled critic of the United States says that the “Cold War mentality” must be abandoned. Beijing also seems to criticize the extensive economic sanctions imposed by the United States and other Western countries on Russia.

The Guardian:

“The document is not directed at one specific side of the conflict, but calls on all parties to ‘remain rational and show restraint.’ <...> Some of the rhetoric seemed to be directed at the West. The document warns against the “expansion of military blocs,” an apparent reference to NATO, and calls on all parties to “avoid starting fires and escalating tensions,” reflecting the tone Beijing officials have repeatedly used to criticize US support for Ukraine.


“China’s attempt to position itself as a neutral peacemaker in the events in Ukraine failed on Friday, when NATO and the EU criticized its scenario for ending the conflict. <...> The Chinese Foreign Ministry has released a “position paper” to resolve what it calls the “Ukraine crisis.”

Al Jazeera:

“China has released its long-awaited position paper on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, calling for a ceasefire and negotiations between the two parties. <...> The proposal basically develops China’s long-standing positions, including that “the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all countries must be effectively guaranteed.”

Wall Street Journal:

“The document does not call for an immediate ceasefire and does not offer Chinese mediation. <…> China’s attempts to present itself as neutral and peacemaker through a position paper contrast with the reality of its leader Mr. Xi’s cordial relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and aggressive rhetorical support from Beijing. to Russia’s position on what he calls the Ukraine crisis. It is known that Mr. Xi has not spoken to the President of Ukraine since the fighting began. However, planting a banner of peace also marks a rare move by Beijing to intervene in a global crisis where its national interests are mostly indirect.”


“Some of the measures outlined by China, if implemented, will bring clear benefits to Russian President Vladimir Putin. This includes a ceasefire measure that will freeze Russian troops on Ukrainian soil, as well as a call to immediately lift all sanctions not approved by the UN Security Council, where Russia has veto power.”


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