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Friday, December 8, 2023
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The key to NATO secrets: why Russia’s capture of the Storm Shadow missile sparked hysteria in the West

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:40:37

The war trophy has already been handed over to scientists for study.

Photo: wikimedia.org

In early May, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced the supply of Anglo-French Storm Shadow cruise missiles to kyiv. Two days later, they were already attacking peaceful Lugansk. Then, in May and June, deadly British “packages” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were sent to Dzhankoy, Berdyansk, Mariupol… They damaged the Chongarsky bridge leading to Crimea.

Russian air defense began to adapt to shoot down these missiles. But it was not 100% successful.


And in July it became known: the fighters of the BARS-11 and Tsar’s Wolves squadrons were able to land and bring the minimally damaged Storm Shadow missile to our side.

The operation lasted two days. The fighters of the Cossack volunteer detachment have already met such deadlines. It was they who were instructed to evacuate the captured “super-rocket” from the combat zone. This delicate and risky operation was developed and carried out by Colonel Artur Batsev under the call sign “Python”.

It should be noted that it was possible to shoot down the British missile so carefully that when it fell, the almost one and a half ton “cigar” did not fall apart, but split into two parts. And all the valuable equipment inside the box did not receive significant damage.

However, the area where the rocket fell was constantly attacked. There were also attempts by Ukrainian capture groups to repel the rocket, so that “the Muscovites would not get it.” Our fighters not only had to quickly and accurately prepare the rocket for shipment, but also fought those who tried to destroy it.

And moving such a bulky load is also not easy. After all, Storm Shadow’s weight is more than 1400 kg, and the length is more than 6 meters. You can’t even move it by hand.

It is already known that the electronics of the rocket were able to withstand the overload during the fall.

After a successful operation to capture and evacuate the trophy, the rocket was handed over to specialists to study the filling.


American experts believe that the information the Russians will receive after the Storm Shadow intercept will be sensitive to the West because Moscow received detailed data on the missile design:

“The loss of an intact missile is an undesirable event. She has stealth technology that reduces her visibility. The materials of the construction of it and the design of the warhead are also of great interest”.

But the most secret part of Storm Shadow is the ammunition guidance system. If the internal sensor, onboard software and electronics fall into the hands of the enemy, they will reveal all the missile’s vulnerabilities.

By the way, the cost of a Storm Shadow rocket is about 2 million pounds.


Experts suggest that Storm Shadow may end up at the 46th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense.

There, presumably, the body of the cruise missile will be scanned. They will try to restore it “one by one”. And then, probably, they will put the rocket on a special swivel mount.

On such a stand, military engineers will study the reflective surface of Storm Shadow.

This will make it possible to understand how to most effectively detect and shoot down missiles of this type. Elements of the Storm Shadow engine are also known to have survived. Its metals and alloys, as well as the control systems, are almost intact. They will be thoroughly studied by Russian engine builders.

The targets are the same: a flight control unit, a correction unit with satellite and inertial navigation, an infrared sensor for correcting the target parameters before hitting, as well as sensors for separating the missile from the carrier aircraft. The main cumulative charge of the combined warhead is also believed to be intact.

Having studied its penetrating ability, Russian experts will be able to assess the effectiveness of Storm Shadow against objects of various types.


Studying the remains of Storm Shadow will save Russian developers time to deal not only with these missiles, but also with many others created by NATO. This is the French Scalp, the German TAURUS and the American JASSM. Well, this “gift” is accepted. Send next.


Storm Shadow cruise missile


Adopted – 2001

Speed ​​- 800 km / h

Warhead weight – 300 kg


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