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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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The last case of Holmes. The Literary Museum told about the adventures of a famous detective in Russia KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 1, 2023 Time: 06:30:18

An intelligent, noble and just fighter against evil and defender of the offended, Sherlock Holmes has become a worldwide cult figure and folklore character in many countries. The writer and philosopher Gilbert Chesterton called Holmes “the only literary character since Dickens who has entered firmly into the life and language of the people, becoming something like John Bull or Santa Claus.” The Russian vision of one of the most famous literary heroes in the world is presented at the exhibition “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in Russia”, which opened in the “House of IS Ostroukhov in Trubniki”. These winter days GMIRL named after VI Dahl invites you to take a trip to London and a bit to 20th century Russia to meet the “Father Christmas” of misty Albion, whose eternal companions were a checkered hat and a pipe.

To begin with, the exhibition is worth plunging into the world of mysteries and investigations: learning about the mysterious drugs in the works of Conan Doyle and, of course, the famous method of deduction. After you have learned all the lessons, you can go to the “Russian Sherlockian”. Only from the summer of 1902 to the end of 1903, more than twenty books on Sherlock Holmes were published in our country. Along with translations of Conan Doyle’s works, a whole series of literary parodies and pastiches began to appear, telling of Sherlock’s travels around Russia: in them he was fluent in Russian and investigated cases in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa, Baku, Simbirsk and Permanent.

But not everyone liked this general passion for the detective genre. In the newspaper “Early Morning” in 1908 they wrote that “a literary protest against the so-called “detective” fiction begins abroad”, it was rumored that Leo Tolstoy himself was involved in the protest … But not everyone disliked him so much ardently the stories about Holmes.So Conan Doyle’s story “Six Napoleons” inspired Ilf and Petrov to create the novel “The Twelve Chairs”.

As well as the original range of subjects: a small Bennett typewriter that, unlike the typewriters we’re used to, looks like a laptop keyboard, herbaria (plus Conan Doyle is here, you’ll learn about it in the exhibition), a laboratory burner, a telegraph apparatus and even a stuffed snake: the exhibition combined books and illustrations, posters of theatrical performances, photographs, costume sketches from the funds of the VI Dahl, Central State Theater Museum which carries named after AA Bakhrushin, the State Russian Library, the St. Petersburg Central State Archive of Literature and Art, the Polytechnic Museum, the State Museum of Biology named after KA Timiryazev, the Lenfilm film studio and private collections.

Finally, before entering the snow-covered city, sit by the fireplace in the writer’s office and think about the phenomenon of Sherlock Holmes, and suddenly it will come to your mind to invent the very favorite world of people. The place is vacant. But remember the fate of the author, because the hero often does not forgive him and can ruin his life: what works of Conan Doyle do you still remember?

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The exhibition “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in Russia” will last until March 26, 2023 (GMIRL named after VI Dahl. Department “House of IS Ostroukhov in Trubniki”, Trubnikovsky lane, 17, building 1, metro station ” Barrikadnaya”, “Smolenskaya”, “Arbat”)

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Hansen Taylor
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