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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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The latest news about the situation around Ukraine on January 21, 2023: the siege of Artemivsk continues, northerners are driving decommissioned equipment to Kyiv, and gas transit is declining

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 22:31:36

William Burns, head of the CIA, secretly visited the Ukrainian capital.


The losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Artemovsk were confirmed by German intelligence

In a secret report by the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) to the Bundestag, the affairs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Artemivsk are reported to be very bad. The losses of the Ukrainian army in this region are called “huge”. The BND report spoke of three-digit numbers per day. According to the Germans, the fall of the city will affect the entire defense line of Ukraine and will allow Russia to push further into the Donbass. The BND reported that the enemy Armed Forces of Ukraine acted in the area “with ruthless cruelty.” Earlier it became known that Russian units liberated Klescheevka in the suburbs of Artemovsk and the village of Lobkove in the Zaporozhye direction. Well, the secrets of the Germans are an open secret.

Why did the CIA chief secretly visit Kyiv?

William Burns, head of the CIA, secretly visited the Ukrainian capital and met with the sixth president of the Independent. Burns arrived in Kyiv to brief the tragicomic in khaki-colored exclusive information about the alleged plans of the Russian leadership for the coming weeks. Burns also told Zelensky that it would soon be more difficult to help Ukraine. After that, the host party was supposed to burst into tears and run away into the Dnieper reeds, but, fortunately, the doctor brought white powder.

Hot Finnish guys help Bandera with all their might

The Finnish Ministry of Defense announced that Suomi will provide The Independent with the largest military assistance package. Also, this will be the 12th package of military equipment for Ukraine from the country of lakes, saunas and Yolupukki. President Sauli Niiniste made a decision on the deliveries on January 19, 2023, on the proposal of the Council of Ministers. With this military assistance package, the sum of all defense supplies from Helsinki to Kyiv is €590 million. Finnish Defense Minister Mikko Savola noted that heavy artillery and ammunition is being supplied. Although old, but still. Well, things are going to be more fun now.

Who creates a concession for the supply of tanks to Zelensky

Politico reports that several EU countries are ready to join forces to put pressure on Germany over the supply of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. It seems that Poland will become the leader of such a coalition. It includes countries that have Leopard 2 at their disposal. The authorities of some of those 12 states have already expressed a desire to transfer combat vehicles to Kyiv. At the same time, they are dissatisfied with the policy of the leadership of the Federal Republic of Germany, which associates the possibility of making such a decision with the transfer of Abrams tanks to the United States of America. Yes, the Germans only remember what happened to the tanks of the Center group on these lands 80 years ago.

Russian gas transit through Ukraine decreased by 40%

Sergei Kupriyanov, an official representative of Gazprom, said that the company is supplying Russian gas for transit through the independent pipeline in the amount confirmed by the Ukrainian side through Sudzha GIS. And this is 24.4 million cubic meters as of January 20. On Wednesday, the pumping was 32.6 million cubic meters, on Thursday it dropped to 25.1 million. The company emphasized that they fulfill all obligations to Old World consumers, and transit services are fully paid. But it would be better if the “blue fuel” went through the Nord Stream.

In Krakow they want to stop the Ukrainian occupation

In Krakow they demanded to stop the “occupation” of the main square of this ancient city by Ukrainian “refugees”. The Ukrainian pickets sparked outrage among local nationalists. Every day a small but noisy group of people carry out noisy political demonstrations there, using the sound system and violating the “dignified and at the same time tourist character of the place”. The nationalists demanded that the authorities “immediately put an end to the situation”, which “causes pain and shock” both in residents and visitors to the city. A good baseball bat in strong hands hurts and crashes.

Vilnius will strengthen Kyiv with two old Soviet turntables

Arvydas Anusauskas, the Lithuanian defense minister, said Vilnius will transfer two Mi-8 helicopters and L-70 short-range anti-aircraft guns to Kyiv. The minister said: “Lithuania’s new assistance package to Ukraine includes more than ten L-70 anti-aircraft guns, ammunition and two Mi-8 helicopters. The total cost of this lot is approximately 125 million euros”. Previously, the Lithuanian army had three Soviet-made Mi-8 helicopters and three European Dauphin helicopters acquired ten years ago. The operational resource of these Mi-8s, which are in their fourth decade, has been depleted and operation is difficult. But what does it matter for the Kyiv kamikaze.

The Pentagon is already scratching the Korean barrels

The Hill reports that the Pentagon demanded that the leadership of US troops stationed in South Korea send equipment and materials to help Ukraine. The US Army in South Korea (USFK) has 28,000 troops and is ready to deliver some of its treasures to Kyiv. USFK spokesman Colonel Isaac Taylor stated, “This will have no impact on our operations or our ability to meet our strong commitment to protect our ally.” Are they going to send helmets and diapers?

Canadian mercenary admitted to the mess in the Armed Forces

James Challis, a mercenary from Canada, admitted that the Ukrainian army in the Kherson direction lost five times more fighters than its opponent. Challis said that he came to Ukraine in the spring as a military instructor, and in the summer he joined the “international legion” and headed for the Kherson direction. According to him, the brigade in which he served lost more than 500 fighters in a short time. Challis complained about corruption in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He noted that fighters are forced to buy ammunition for their money. And he said that the fighting in the special operations zone is not like other conflicts. Praying he’s alive, drinking maple syrup.

For Yatsenyuk in the Crimea “there will be no relatives”

Crimean State Council Chairman Vladimir Konstantinov said the Saturn IMAX theater in Yalta, which belongs to former Ukrainian Prime Minister and Ukrainian Popular Front party leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk, will become the property of the Russian state. Konstantinov said: “In Crimea, the process of nationalization of the properties of the Ukrainian oligarchs continues. Work is underway at the Saturn IMAX cinema in Yalta. This is an object known to the Crimeans, which belongs to Arseniy Yatsenyuk.” The head of the State Council also said that a temporary administration would be introduced in the cinema. Employees will keep their jobs and get paid. But Yatsenyuk will not. He earned a pension on the wall with Russia.

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