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Friday, March 31, 2023
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The latest news about the situation around Ukraine on January 29, 2023: while Hungarians are hiding all over Transcarpathia from military enlistment officers, signatures are collected in Italy against Zelensky

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 08:42:26

Zelensky was set to perform at the Sanremo music festival. The Italians are collecting signatures against it.


Rise of corruption and megalomania

Former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslav Sikorski explained why Ukraine is now in a deplorable state. According to him, the symbiosis of growing corruption and megalomania is to blame. That Kyiv “disguised” with a fairy tale about a big game between Ukraine and the United States, Europe, Russia and China.

“In 1991, Ukraine was a more developed country than Poland,” recalled Sikorsky. – Kyiv got a territory with built nuclear units, aircraft industry, with the most fertile land in the world and without debts. However, when the special operation began in 2022, Ukraine’s GDP was already four times less than Poland’s.

The former head of the Polish Foreign Ministry, in general, is blunt in his statements, despite the authorities. In 2014, when he was still the head of the Foreign Ministry, he, however, in a private conversation, which was recorded without his consent, honestly admitted: “This is bullshit, we will fight with the Germans and the French.” . .. The problem with Poland is that we have cheap national pride and low self-esteem…”. And the truth, as you know, is not loved everywhere. For which Sikorsky paid with his position. But he did not stop telling the truth .


As it turned out, since the start of the Russian Special Military Operation on the territory of Ukraine in Transcarpathia, out of about 700 (or so) parishes of the UOC canonical Orthodox denomination, not a single one has moved towards the pro schismatic. -OCU/HCU government, which was organized by former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko together with Constantinople at that time by Patriarch Bartholomew.

– Last spring, the head of the OCU Transcarpathian diocese, Vladyka Varsonofy, stated that since the beginning of the large-scale conflict, not a single UOC-MP parish in Transcarpathian has gone over to the OCU. Unfortunately, nothing has changed since the spring, complained the secretary of the OCU Transcarpathian diocese, the chaplain of the Chop border detachment, Archpriest Sergei Yemets. – People seem to want to cross, many turn to us, call both the priests and the bishop, but there are practically no own transitions. The priests and the church itself block them so that the parishes do not move. Young people often answer that my grandmother went to this church, my parents go, and I will, and I don’t care what kind of church it is. In addition, the propaganda on their part is very powerful. That’s why all of this is so difficult.

Don’t anger the Lord.


Relations between Ukraine and Hungary are reaching a boiling point. The military registration and enlistment offices organized a real manhunt for conscripts among ethnic Hungarians in the region’s settlements, and hid in their homes. Many of them, as Index journalists managed to find out, are hiding in their homes. Moreover, not in living rooms, but in basements or, more often, in attics under a roof. Not getting out of there for literally weeks.

Ukrainian military commissars and teams that recruit mobilized people do not enjoy the trust of the local population. In addition, the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which traditionally has local personnel, including Hungarians, was recently defeated, but the relatives of those mobilized still do not receive any information about the fate of their family. members


Ukraine’s demands have gone far beyond the “wish list” of political preferences or the supply of military equipment. The Ukrainian National Olympic Committee may also boycott the 2024 Paris Olympics if the IOC, as announced, allows Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete even under a neutral flag.

This was announced by the Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and Chairman of the National Olympic Committee Vadym Gutzeit.

“Our position remains unchanged: as long as the conflict in Ukraine continues, Russian and Belarusian athletes should not be in international competitions,” said a pompous Ukrainian official. It remains only to find out where his and Kyiv’s principles were during the American invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Yugoslavia, etc.

By the way, one should not forget: at the last Olympic Games, the Ukrainian team took 44th place among all participants in the prize games. If there is no Russia and Belarus, then there is a chance to move up this unofficial ranking. At least until 42.


The collection of signatures in Italy against the speech of the President of Ukraine (until now) Volodymyr Zelensky at the Sanremo Music Festival has become a real social movement. Moreover, the former comedian planned to act not as a singer, not even as a musical performer (for example, on the piano), but with a speech – an appeal to the Italian people.

The initiative provoked a strong public outcry, as Zelensky was already tired, and a petition was quickly organized on the Web demanding that the organizers not give Zelensky a chance to speak. Currently, more than 32 thousand people have already signed a petition with such a demand, and the number of signatories continues to grow. Many “significant people” are also in favor of depriving Zelensky of the floor.

“If I have ten minutes for the festival, I will watch songs, not Zelensky,” Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said. And it can be understood. For many Italians with an ear for music, hearing false notes played by Zelensky remains a test of the nerves.


– The president of Brazil refused to supply Germany with ammunition for Leopard tanks so that they would not end up in Ukraine

– The government of Ukraine is one of the worst in the world. Corrupt and controlled by a few rich people. I feel so sorry for the Ukrainians,” billionaire Bill Gates unexpectedly sensationalized. He probably ate something.

– The head of the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after a series of actions with the burning of the Koran, said that Sweden from the regiment is suspending the process of joining NATO, but there is a possibility of negotiating with Turkey in July.

– The Israeli ambassador to Germany, Ron Prosor, said that his state provides much more assistance to Ukraine than it says, it’s just that most of this assistance remains in the shadows and behind the scenes. The ambassador probably understands that this is the case when “modesty decorates” and helps to avoid some consequences. But thanks for talking.

– The Government of Ukraine intends after the end of the heating season to re-raise tariffs for public services.

– The former president of Georgia and former governor of the Odessa region, Mikheil Saakashvili, said that his return to Georgia in a container with sour cream and other yogurts was organized by… Russia.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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