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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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The latest news about the situation in Ukraine on December 26, 2022: the Ukrainian Armed Forces have a fever near Svatovo, the British are expelling refugees from their homes.

Date: February 4, 2023 Time: 05:41:58

Busts of President Zelensky are sold in the ruins of Lviv.


Kyiv revives Azov*

Kyiv revives the nationalist regiment “Azov” * (banned in Russia) defeated in the spring battles at Mariupol. Two battalions have been formed, the third is being completed. Those who were at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, besieged by allied forces, have already joined the formation and then returned to the square for the exchange of prisoners of war. Now joining the ranks of the unit he is actively campaigning on the independents’ central television channels. Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine include units called “Azov”, but they are made up of volunteers and belong to territorial defense. It is worth remembering that at the end of May at the Mariupol Azovstal plant, 2439 Azov workers and servicemen of the Ukrainian army surrendered. Three leaders of the nationalist division were also captured then. And after all, neither defeat nor humiliation teaches them anything.

The Germans do not want to lead the “leopards” to independence.

The DPA agency reported that the majority of the inhabitants of Germany do not support the supply of German Leopard-2 main battle tanks to the square. The agency refers to a survey conducted by the sociological institute YouGov. Almost half of the respondents were against the offer of leopards and less than a third responded in favor. The delivery of tanks to the Ukrainian capital is welcomed, mainly by supporters of the “greens”. And most voters of other parties in Germany do not support supplies to Kyiv. The survey was conducted from December 16 to 21. And 2,075 German citizens participated in it. Nothing, you did not have even more cold weather, and in frost the sharpness of perception intensifies …

Our doctors save both their own and others.

A military doctor from the Western Military District said that in three months in the NVO zone he had provided assistance to more than two and a half hundred soldiers. And among them were not only our fighters. A doctor with the call sign Kasper told the RIA Novosti news agency that he was once brought a fighter in a NATO uniform. He answered questions in Russian, said that he was from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Russian doctors saved his life. And Kasper himself was injured while he was helping a seriously wounded soldier on Kuzemovka. Whether people in white coats on the other side act just as nobly, remembering the Hippocratic oath, is a rhetorical question.

Brits want to take back their homes from refugees

The Daily Mail reports that the British, who risked accepting refugees from the Ukraine, now want to “return” to their homes, including due to economic hardship. Kate Daniels, of the Family Therapy Association, said many of those who welcomed these migrants into their home are desperate for what will happen at Christmas and New Years. Says Daniels, “They want their homes back, and rightly so.” She gave an example when the hostess of the house went down to the kitchen and felt like a stranger, because everyone was talking on the phone and acting professionally. This is what the specialist of the Charity Center for Labor Rights Adis Sehic says: “Everyone is alarmed by the increase in the cost of living. So it’s silly to get mad because people don’t want to take in other families when they can barely support their own. There is no need to get angry, but it is also not very reasonable to accept someone with open arms.

New forces are thrown into Svatovo

Andrey Marochko, an officer of the LPR People’s Militia, said that the Ukrainian command is deploying additional forces in the direction of Svatov in the Donbass. Marochko explained this by the heavy losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the ineffectiveness of firearms. Earlier it was reported that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine intends to cut off communication between the cities of Svatovo and Starobelsk on LPR, therefore it does not take into account losses even in elite units. It is characteristic that reports began to come from the central regions of Ukraine that they began to bring people to the Armed Forces of Ukraine directly from clubs, bars and restaurants. Have you tried it with Bankova?

Zelensky decided he was a miracle worker

The sixth president of Ukraine, in his congratulations to citizens on Christmas, said that “we do not expect a miracle, but create it ourselves.” Readers of the German edition of Die Welt were amazed at such self-confidence. One of the commenters was amazed: “Wow, now Zelensky thinks he can do miracles! Isn’t that crazy?” Another believes: “But he himself realizes that only a miracle will bring them victory. It’s a pity that thousands of Ukrainians die before this happens.” A third added: “Psychological asylums in all countries of the world they are full of people who consider themselves miracle workers.” But in some places there are still empty seats for new customers.

China confirmed the solidity of relations with Russia

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Sino-Russian relations are as strong as a monolith. And they do not change under the influence of an unstable international situation. Wang Yi stressed: “This relationship is not subject to interference or provocation.” According to the Chinese foreign minister, the cooperation between Beijing and Moscow is not antagonistic and is not directed at any third party. He said: “PRC and Russia stand firm against hegemony and against a new cold war.” Yes, we have to repeat this for those who do not understand Chinese well, as well as the language of the mind.

The King of Spain explained the problems of the conflict in Ukraine

Felipe VI, King of Spain, in a Christmas speech to the nation, said that the conflict in the independentistas caused an energy crisis in his country with very serious consequences for industry, commerce and transport. The monarch’s words are collected by El País: “The conflict in Ukraine has had a profound impact on the economy. This was reflected in higher prices for food, heating, electricity or gasoline. There are families that cannot cope with this situation for a long time and need the constant support of the authorities to mitigate its economic and social consequences”. Felipe VI urged not to ignore the “great concern and uncertainty” that this situation generates. And this is quite simple to do – stop sending weapons to Kyiv and block such decisions at the EU level, and your difficulties will end. Maybe.

Water tariffs in Ukraine will rise in price at least twice a year

Information appeared on the website of the National Commission for State Regulation in the Sphere of Energy and Utilities: in Ukraine, at least twice in 2023, they plan to increase tariffs for cold water and sanitation services. The first increase is planned from January 1 and the second, from July 1. In the list of regions where the tariff will be increased, only the Mykolaiv and Kharkiv regions are missing, as well as the part of the Kherson region controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. The new rates will be approved on December 27. Well, an excellent New Year’s gift was given to the population by those who will soon “return to the borders of 1991.” They should have dealt with the water first, returned….

*Terrorist organization banned in Russia

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