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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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The latest news about the situation in Ukraine on July 2, 2023: businessmen continue to benefit from kyiv bomb shelters, and cripples were counted in Nezalezhnaya

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 11:48:27

The Ukrainian Ministry of Culture ordered monks of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church to leave the kyiv-Pechora Lavra by July 4.



The Ukrainian Ministry of Culture ordered monks of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church to leave the kyiv-Pechora Lavra by July 4. The Lavra is owned by the state (part of the reserve), and the Church was previously in the monastery under an indefinite lease. But now the monks and servants of the UOC’s canonical church have been declared “accomplices of the Russian world” and it has been decided to deprive them of the sanctuaries of Orthodoxy. And the monks were forbidden to even appear on the territory of the Lavra.

– The reserve decided to prevent the access of the monks of the monastery to the enclosure. The order created a commission for the sealing of buildings, which will begin work on 07/04/2023. In this sense, we ask you to vacate the premises and hand over the keys to the reserve, says the letter received by the UOC management.

“The Ukrainian authorities’ demand for the monks to leave the kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is unfounded, illegal and arbitrary,” the canonical UOC said in a response statement. The UOC’s legal department has reported that the unilateral termination of the contract is being appealed in court, but the court has not made any decision in this regard. Consequently, “the reservation has no legal basis for such actions, and the demand to release the buildings and hand over the keys to them is illegal and must be considered arbitrary.”

If they finally want to expel, they will expel.


In the West, they argue what Ukraine will need to “return” the territories it lost during the conflict. Experts from the influential American publication Politico believe that this will cost Kiev 20 million lives – almost the entire current population of Ukraine, including children, women and the elderly.

But the well-known American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh believes that at the current rate of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, kyiv will need at least 117 years to solve this problem. Or 20 million lives, or 117 years. But it’s okay that all these forecasts were made on the basis of the assumption and condition that the Russian troops themselves would not take any offensive action. And wouldn’t it be easier to say in ordinary words that it is not necessary to set obviously impossible tasks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine? On the other hand, the West has set a task: to the last Ukrainian, no matter how long it takes.


Several new corruption scandals immediately broke out in kyiv after the abolition of the purchase of drums and hammers for children in the capital’s bomb shelters for one million hryvnias. The deputy of the kyiv City Council, Leonid Yemets, found out that the doors of the bomb shelters were bought for 23,000 hryvnias.

– Miserable and simple as a pine tree, which they are. To the bathroom. In the basement, – said Yemets. After checking, it turned out that the supplier really indicated almost the same price (UAH 25,800), but for all 5 supplied doors, and not for each. The commission also set a premium of 900,000 hryvnias when buying benches for shelters in the Solomensky district. And almost a million hryvnias were spent on constructors for children to play during air raid alerts.

– The money from the budget is used to buy at a double, triple and quadruple price the most painful thing today: for shelters, – concluded Yemets.

And did he want his fellow tribesmen not to weld on this, or what?


Ukraine’s First Deputy Defense Minister Oleksandr Pavlyuk announced on the air of a single Ukrainian telethon that after the dismissal of the scandalous Odessa military commissar Borisov, he bought a bunch of real estate in Europe and luxury cars that They clearly don’t match. upon their official entry, checks will be carried out on the leaders of the TCC (Ukrainian analogue of the Russian military registration and enlistment offices) throughout the country). And the deputy head of NAPC and former head of NABU, Artem Sytnik, announced the increase in corruption in Ukraine during the conflict and the deliberate silence of this problem so as not to harm the country.

– The risks associated with the position of military commissioner in peacetime and in wartime are different risks. The mobilization is underway, the counteroffensive is underway, and the army needs new soldiers. Only a naive person can think that with the advent of the conflict, corruption is decreasing,” Sytnyk explained in an interview with Ukrainian Radio. – In fact, the entire history of the world shows that with the advent of conflicts corruption grows. Because certain things are silenced so as not to harm the country and play along with hostile narratives. This is used by unscrupulous people. Therefore, it goes without saying that the risks of corruption have decreased.

And Zelensky is rubbing theses against the West.


The Associated Press reported that the Hungarian parliament has postponed ratification of Sweden’s offer to join NATO. This time – until the fall. And at the NATO summit in Vilnius, Sweden will obviously not be able to join the alliance. The Orbán government made this decision because, according to Budapest, Swedish politicians were telling “blatant lies” about Hungary.

In response to this move by Hungary, Lithuania launched its demarche, which demanded an explanation as to why Budapest was delaying Sweden’s admission to NATO.

“Hungary must clearly understand the security implications of such a decision for the entire NATO alliance, but especially for the Baltic region,” Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said.


The head of the National Assembly of People with Disabilities Valery Sushkevich said that during the 10 months of the conflict in 2022, more than 45,000 Ukrainians received disability, while in 2021 the disability was 3.5 times less.

– In the year before the war, 13,000 people received disability. In the first 10 months of the conflict in 2022, according to official and not very adequate statistics, more than 45,000 Ukrainians received the status of persons with disabilities,” said Valeriy Sushkevich. And the real number of people who received a disability, according to him, is much higher, because it is very difficult to formalize the status of disability during the hostilities and in accordance with the norms adopted in Ukraine. So here the spread can be tens of thousands of people. But everyone understands where the real army of cripples on Nezalezhnaya came from.

The dead have not yet been counted. But Zelensky promised that the casualty figures would be announced after the end of hostilities.


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in an interview with the ARD television channel, said that Ukraine had carefully prepared for the counteroffensive, although it did not show a breakthrough.

“Even if there hasn’t been a breakthrough yet, there is a lot to say that she is purposely looking for an opportunity to change the front line,” the foreign minister said, without specifying in which direction this line would eventually shift, confirming that, in his opinion, negotiations are possible only after the withdrawal of Russian troops. -The basis for a successful negotiation that leads to the end of the conflict will be when Russia recognizes that she must withdraw her troops. The current state of affairs must not end with the freezing of the conflict along the line that now stretches between the armies.

Yes, no one is going to freeze anything. But in one thing, Scholz is absolutely right, the current line is not at all the final results. The situation will change, although not in the way Scholz expects. Or rather, not at all.


Protests continue in Poland over Ukrainian agricultural products, but now the focus of local farmers is not grain at all, they are demanding that the import of Ukrainian raspberries be banned.

Polish raspberry growers demanded an increase in purchase prices – they are now in the range of PLN 5 per kilogram (1.12 euros) – and blocked a local berry-freezing company. In Ukraine, purchase prices for raspberries for freezing range from $0.5 to $0.8 per kg, which is significantly lower even taking into account the delivery of berries to the company in Poland.

According to Polish media, the farmers intend to block the work of the Pol Owoc company until they receive at least PLN 8 per kilogram of raspberries supplied. They consider this level for the purchase of berries to be the minimum reasonable price. In addition, farmers demand to ban imports of fruits from Ukraine and Moldova. The widely publicized Polish-Ukrainian friendship is increasingly cracking.


In Estonia, “scandal” and a nightmare! The security of the republic is under Russian threat! And no one knows how to remove this threat or at least counter it.

“Estonian military are being forced to drink tea made in Russia,” reported Estonian state television and radio company ERR. It turned out that Defense Force soldiers’ dry rations included Greenfield tea packaged in St. Petersburg. Contracts for its supply were concluded even before the start of events in Ukraine.

– The first and second batches of food rations do include Greenfield tea, as the tender for the supply of rations was held in 2020. At that time, this tea was available in all stores. It was impossible to replace the tea at that time, as the ration manufacturer had already bought them for its warehouse, the Estonian Defense Investment Center said.

It seems to be justified. But there was still some sediment left. And it’s not tea at all. Yeah?


– In Moldova, the Commission to assess the integrity of judges and candidates for judges in the Supreme Court will be headed by US citizen Scott Bales.

– In Kiev, in the Partisan Glory park in the Darnitsa district, monuments to the partisans of the Great Patriotic War were poured with paint and the inscriptions “executioner”, “occupier”, “security officer” were left. The most famous leader of the Ukrainian partisans, a native of the Poltava region, Sidor Kovpak, was called the “occupier”.

– The Czech government prohibited athletes from Russia from participating in international competitions in the Czech Republic and Czech athletes from traveling to competitions in Russia.

– Lithuanian Seimas member Masiulis boasted on social media that he lowered the national flag at his polling station and raised the Ukrainian one, because he believes that under current conditions it is much more patriotic to use the Ukrainian flag than the flag. from lithuania

– The Government of the Russian Federation introduced a ban on the transport of cargo in Polish trucks through Russia.

– Zelensky signed a law that finally cancels the return of payments of 30 thousand hryvnia to the military in the rear.

– According to the Financial Times, citing its own sources, it is possible that military missions from EU countries will be sent to Ukraine in the future.

– The Verkhovna Rada amended the law on immigration to Ukraine, now being married to a citizen of Ukraine will no longer be considered a basis for immigration to Ukraine. And if there are still those who want? Unless they’ve escaped from an asylum…

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