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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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The latest news on the situation around Ukraine on August 6, 2023: Kiev had no pilots to train on the F-16, the President of the Czech Republic allowed its citizens to fight for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the United States conducted a survey on the use of the US military in Ukraine

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 11:06:55

Alexey Danilov, a former veterinarian and mobster, and now secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.



Oleksiy Danilov, a former vet and mobster, and now one of the highest-ranking Ukrainian officials, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, promised that the Ukrainian military “will expand the geography of attacks on Russian military installations.” He believes that Russian targets will become the best testing ground for Ukrainian weapons and their advertising on the world arms market, and the Ukrainian military-industrial complex will become one of the world’s leading, since the equipment that produces will go through unique Combat Trials.

Apparently, the ex-vet and ex-bandit was talking about marine drones and UAVs, but there is a caveat: the Ukrainian military-industrial complex has nothing of its own. The UAVs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are predominantly Turkish, and the marine drones in their kit are supplied from the UK. Ukraine itself is only capable of screwdriver assembly.

It is precisely because of the greatness of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are fighting with all the hodgepodge sent to them from all over the world.


Ukrainian refugees in that country felt the unpleasant consequences of their victories in Poland. In literally the last two days, a video has become extremely popular on the Ukrainian web, in which Ukrainian refugees boast about how they “enter Poland 100 times to receive payments to immigrants, who then pass safe in Ukraine”. The video caused such outrage among the Poles themselves that the Polish authorities paid attention to it and began to carry out checks. As a reported TG channel writes, it only took a few hours for 500 Ukrainian refugees to lose their status and related benefits. And even the intervention of diplomats and human rights activists did not help them.


According to the influential US publication Politico, only eight Ukrainian pilots are allowed to start training on F-16 fighter jets. The rest of the candidates showed very big problems with the knowledge of the English language. Another 20 pilots who “speak some English” will attend language courses in Britain in August.

“Perhaps this is what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had in mind when he announced the start of F-16 training in August,” the magazine concluded.

A total of 32 Ukrainian pilots were identified for possible participation in the training program. “But knowledge of the English language remains an obstacle,” the publication adds.

According to Politico, 32 pilots are enough for two squadrons of single-seat F-16s. Despite the fact that the NATO squadron is 12-16 aircraft. But in reality, this is the minimum for a single squadron, since in the current hostilities, the aircraft is usually transferred from one pilot to another, to his reliever. And a pilot for an airplane is an unaffordable luxury.


The Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Poland, Robert Telyus, in an interview with Polish Radio, said that, anyway, Warsaw would close the border for agricultural products from Ukraine on September 15.

– Even if the European Commission decides not to, we will close the border. I think some of the five frontline countries will do the same. We love and help Ukraine, but the well-being of farmers is our priority, ”the Polish minister justified his position.

For the second week, if not longer, the Poles have been repeating the same thing day after day. I don’t understand, are they talking to themselves?


In Ukraine, the season of watermelons and melons has begun, but they are sold at such high prices that not all residents of the country can afford them.

In the kyiv markets, a watermelon from the Odessa region costs 35-40 UAH (80-100 rubles) per kg.

– We sell watermelon from the Kherson region for 40 UAH/kg. They are sweeter, but there are very few of them. Therefore, it is more expensive. It happens that they also bring it from the Nikolaev region, but more often from Odessa,” a seller told reporters at one of the capital’s markets. -This year’s melons are usually golden. For example, Uzbek costs 95 UAH per kg large in itself, so one such melon can cost up to UAH 1000. A melon from the Odessa region is slightly cheaper – 75 UAH per kg People, of course, are outraged, but still buy. Now it is more popular to buy watermelon or melon in parts, because it is cheaper. In hypermarkets, watermelons are cheaper about 30 hryvnia per kg, and a melon from the Odessa region can be bought for 64 hryvnia /kg.

Taking into account the fact that watermelons and melons are grown in Ukraine, the prices can be considered truly cosmic.


Six thousand Russian citizens with a residence permit in Latvia who did not register for the Latvian language exam will receive a letter asking them to leave the country. The country’s Ministry of the Interior pledges not to hunt down or deport people, although the law also provides for forced expulsion.

“When we asked the head of the Border Guard in my commission if they would take 70-year-old grandmothers to the border, he told us yes: they just have to do it according to the law,” said the head of the Migration and Latvian citizenship.

But Lithuania has already declared that 1,164 citizens of Russia and Belarus living in the country are a threat to national security. And in Vilnius they promised that they would be deported.

Considering that most of these citizens are so-called “good Russians” and are anti-Belarusian and anti-Russian, they are not happy about this news.


According to the representative of the President of the Czech Republic, Marketa Rzhegakova, Petr Pavel allowed 14 citizens to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Now, according to iRozhlas, 146 Czechs already have such permits: 132 of them received the permit from former President Milos Zeman. Petr Pavel reportedly rejected the application of 8 people to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Under Czech law, Czech citizens are prohibited from serving in foreign armed forces unless they receive personal permission from the country’s president. If Czechs join the Ukrainian Armed Forces without the necessary permission, they face criminal prosecution.


Lithuanian Foreign Minister Landsbergis explained what hinders the development of a route for the export of Ukrainian grain through the port of Klaipeda.

“It is a bit unfortunate that, despite the battles and other circumstances, many European Commission officials go on vacation and we don’t have the quick reaction that we could,” the minister said.

Vilnius previously announced that it intends to build a terminal on the Polish border to transship 500,000 to 800,000 tons of bulk cargo to Lithuanian railways, which have not yet switched from “Russian” to “European” gauge, to speed up transportation. . of Ukrainian grain through the Baltic ports. But the summer, the holidays and the EU bureaucracy, which still needs to ask for money for such a construction, are far from the only obstacles. Because the grain will have to be dumped twice when crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border, and then – at the Polish-Lithuanian border. Changing wheelsets seems to be a much more efficient option.


The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has a draft appeal to the IOC, international sports federations and parliaments of democratic countries with a call to “condemn the illegal disqualification of the Ukrainian fencer Olga Kharlan and disqualify the Russian fencer Anna Smirnova for life “.

In the appeal project there are seven signatures of deputies who mostly had or have relations with sport (Grigoriy Surkis, Zhan Beleniuk, Georgiy Mazurashu, etc.). According to the authors of the appeal, the Ukrainian woman Harlan was absolutely right when she did not shake hands with the Russian woman, and Smirnova provoked her when she shook hands with him to end the fight, as it should be according to the rules of the competence.

Furious Ukrainians propose, in addition to the Russian woman, to punish all others who participated in the disqualification of the Ukrainian woman and voted for her.

Give them free rein, they would have been shot for sure. The IOC has not yet understood who he spoke of.


– According to Welt, Germany slows down the supply of promised weapons to Ukraine – after Zelensky’s May visit to Berlin, of the promised 110 Leopard tanks, only 10 were delivered, and two dozen Marder and infantry fighting vehicles were delivered Iris-T missile defense systems not sent at all. Sausage, it turns out, vindictive.

– According to the head of the IAEA Rafael Grossi, the Agency’s experts were allowed on the roof of the third and fourth reactors at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. and they there… they didn’t find any explosives.

– The Economist found that since November 2022, an arms factory in Latvia has sent more than 65,000 3D-printed munitions to Ukraine to hang on UAVs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces under the guise of children’s toys.

– The Lviv Nazis called online for the demolition of the “Motherland” in kyiv after the end of the special operation, offering to install in place of the now “Mother Ukraine” the monument “Rostok”.

– Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that “if someone is involved in European politics, like me, then today all ‘Western values’ mean three things: migration, LGBTQ and war.”

– In the new receipts of NaftoGaz of Ukraine, subscribers were promised a discount on gas payments, but with one condition: “You can get a discount on utility payments if you report a collaborator or a cheater who uses a bot”. Now in Nezalezhnaya you can also report a neighbor evader with a benefit for yourself.

“Russia no longer has a stock of missiles like last year, so in the winter it will attack Ukraine with drones,” said Yury Ignat, spokesman for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but immediately lowered them to the ground, explaining that drones are also dangerous.

– In the United States, a public poll was conducted on the use of US Army soldiers in combat operations in Ukraine: 31% of Americans supported sending US troops to Ukraine, 34% were against and another quarter Some of the respondents were undecided on this issue.

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