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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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The laws will come into force in May – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 03:04:13

Transfers between your accounts in different banks will be free

From May 1, the commission for online transfers to yourself to accounts in different banks becomes zero within the limit of 30 million rubles. per month.

Within this amount, no bank will be able to limit the client either in size or in the number of transactions to transfer money to itself. However, the rule with limit and no transfer fee will not work in two cases. This is a transfer directly at a bank branch in the presence of a natural person or his representative, as well as a transfer using bank cards in accordance with the rules of the payment systems within which they were issued (i.e., in essence, a transfer per card number). In the latter case, it is not always possible to determine that a person is doing a translation themselves.

Therefore, free of charge within the monthly limit of 30 million rubles. You can send money between your accounts through online or mobile banking.

Photo: RIA Novosti

Non-state pension funds will guarantee balanced investment

On May 6, the basic standard for non-state pension funds (NPF), updated by the Bank of Russia, comes into force. This includes the introduction of a cooling off period when entering into non-state pension provision (NPO) arrangements.

“Now a client can, within a period of 14 days, terminate an agreement with a non-state pension fund (FNP), which he signed through an agent. Previously, only some FPNs voluntarily applied such practices,” notes the Central Bank .

NPFs will also add more information to the key information document that clients receive before concluding an NPO agreement. There should now be a section on the guarantee system in case the NPF goes bankrupt or its license is revoked. The amount of compensation and the payment procedure will be indicated there.

Finally, NPFs are obliged to ensure the balance of investments, notes the Bank of Russia. The key information document will indicate that the fund is obliged to reflect the results of the investment of the client’s money in the NGO’s pension account. If the NPF suffers losses, it must replenish the client’s pension account with this amount. In addition, a non-state pension fund cannot reduce the size of a non-state pension and the duration of its payment in case of a negative result when placing pension reserves, the Central Bank notes.

Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

Excise taxes on wine and champagne will be tripled

From May 1, excise taxes on still and sparkling wines will be tripled: on still wines – from 34 rubles. up to 108 rub. per liter, for sparkling wine – from 45 rubles. up to 119 rub. per liter (initially it was planned to increase to 141 rubles per liter). Excise taxes are increasing for both Russian and imported wines.

But Russian wines will benefit. First of all, duties are also applied to imported wines (with the exception of Georgian). And for wines from hostile countries, from August 1, 2023, the import duty has been increased from 12.5% ​​to 20%, but not less than 1.5 dollars per liter. In addition, Russian winemakers will be able to receive a tax deduction. The Ministry of Industry and Trade does not foresee a significant increase in prices for Russian wine and champagne due to the increase in excise tax, said State Secretary and Deputy Head of the Ministry Viktor Evtukhov. However, many Russian winemakers have already announced a price increase of up to 35%.

Photo: Ilya Naimushin/RIA Novosti

They will begin to block the sale of expired milk

Starting May 1, large retail chains (50 or more stores) will begin blocking the sale of illegal and expired dairy products, as well as water, at checkout.

The new mechanism will be able to automatically stop the possibility of selling illegal or expired products; it simply will not be authorized by the cash register. In addition to the delay, we are talking about illegal trafficking – the lack of the necessary information about the product in the “Honest Sign” system or its distortion, double selling or attempts to sell prohibited products.

Photo: Alexey Filippov/RIA Novosti

Additional pension payments for pilots and miners will be recalculated.

Starting May 1, the pensions of former civil aviation flight crews and coal industry workers will be recalculated. In case of harmful and difficult working conditions, they receive an additional monthly payment to the old-age insurance pension.

It depends on several indicators at once: on the amount of contributions for additional fees, as well as on the sanctions and fines actually received by the SFR budget in the previous quarter from organizations that use the work of pilots and miners. Adjustments to additional payments to pensions occur four times a year, that is, actually quarterly. With quarterly adjustments, the amount of the surcharge may increase or decrease depending on the amount of additional tariff contributions made by employers.

Additional payments are set in an individual amount for each recipient, taking into account their average monthly earnings and the duration of special work experience. The average monthly salary in Russia is also taken into account.

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA Novosti

The rules for the admission of applicants for specific training are changing

From May 1, changes will come into force in the admission of applicants for specific training. According to the Minister of Science and Higher Education, Valeri Falkov, the new selective selection rules are the main novelty of the next admission campaign.

The law defines specific training as the receipt of vocational education in accordance with an agreement providing for employment after receiving a diploma in accordance with the qualifications obtained. An applicant entering a higher or secondary vocational education program has the right to conclude such an agreement with a federal government body, a government body of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation or a local government, a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur .

Now all potential clients of specific training will publish proposals for concluding specific contracts in the public domain on the “Work in Russia” portal. This portal is integrated into the super-service “Online University Admission”, and applicants will be able to submit applications for concluding an agreement directly on the “Government Services” portal, based on the client’s proposals.

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/RIA Novosti

Relatives of missing people will begin to donate DNA

Close relatives of missing persons will be subject to mandatory genomic registration. The law in this regard will come into force on May 15.

The procedure aims to increase the efficiency of the search for missing people. The genomic registry is necessary to identify missing people, as well as to establish the identity of unidentified corpses.

According to data from the beginning of 2023, almost 28,000 missing people were being searched in Russia. Including 960 minors. At the same time, the fate of more than 7.5 thousand people has been determined for 2022.

Genomic information obtained during the state genomic registry will be stored until the location of the missing person is determined, but no longer than 70 years. The close relatives of a missing person are those who are biologically related to them: parents, children, full brothers or sisters.

Photo: Maxim Zakharov/RIA Novosti

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