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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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The legendary battalion commander Orlov was sent to the Combined Arms Academy.

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 04:38:39

Hero of Russia Major Artur Orlov.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The Russian Defense Ministry reports that Russia’s greatest Hero Artur Orlov is undergoing training at the Combined Arms Academy of the Russian Armed Forces.

“Here they broaden their horizons: tactics, the history of military art, operational art,” says the NWO hero.

Remember that during one of the battles, the commander of the tank battalion Artur Orlov performed a number of non-standard maneuvers and, having deceived the enemy, took him by surprise and ensured the breakthrough of our troops on a significant sector of the front.

“We had to act outside the box, without even trusting what we were taught,” recalls the hero.

Here is how that battle is reported in the award list: “The assault group under the leadership of the commander of the tank battalion, Major Artur Orlov, carried out the combat mission of identifying, blocking and destroying units of nationalist battalions . During the offensive, the assault detachment encountered stubborn resistance from the enemy, who took up defensive positions in a well-fortified fortress. As a result of the competent actions of the officer, a diversion was made, which made it possible to take the enemy by surprise and immediately break through his defenses. Having successfully suppressed the resistance of the enemy, the assault group continued the offensive. Fighting with superior enemy forces, under mortar fire, the assault group crossed the Belenkaya River. Having entrenched himself on a favorable line of the opposite bank of the Orlov River, he ensured the establishment of a pontoon crossing for the further advancement of the main forces of the grouping of our troops. During the ongoing offensive, enemy artillery firing positions were identified and destroyed based on transmitted coordinates. Thanks to non-standard methods of warfare, dedication, competent and quick decisions of the officer, the assault group created conditions for the unhindered advance of not only the main forces of the troop group, but also supporting units. . The assault group under the command of Major Artur Orlov broke through the enemy defenses.

The non-trivial decisions of the battalion commander bore fruit: “We liberated the settlement, we entrenched. We built a bridge over the river and provided an opportunity for our colleagues to complete the task.”

For this battle, Major Orlov was awarded the title of Hero of Russia. The gold medal was presented to him personally by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on October 30, 2022.

“First of all, they gave me the opportunity to thank my staff. I really wanted this, because they showed courage and heroism in performing tasks, sparing no effort, ”the legendary battalion commander says today.

After receiving a second higher military education at the Combined Arms Academy of the Russian Armed Forces, an expert in non-standard tank attacks will be able to command regiments and formations. Such commanders are very necessary for our army.

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