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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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The less you earn, the less communal: the Russians have chosen the most comfortable way to pay for housing and communal services

Date: February 1, 2023 Time: 06:00:22

The Russians are sure that the size of a communal apartment should depend on the income of a person.

Photo: Svetlana MAKOVEEVA

In Russia they want to tie the increase in public service rates to the solvency of citizens. It is planned that in regions with a low standard of living tariffs will not be increased. The KP.RU website conducted a survey and found out what the size of a communal apartment should depend on, according to the Russians themselves.

As it turned out, 44% of respondents consider it correct to link a communal apartment with the income of citizens. The more a person earns, the more he has to pay, and it doesn’t matter if his apartment is big or small. But the poor should pay less, even if they have spacious homes and consume many times more water and electricity, respondents are certain.

34% say that it would be fair if the fees for housing and communal services depended on the size of the living space: the more apartment or house a person has, the more he has to pay. Another 31% say that rates have yet to be correlated with the quality and condition of the homes in which renters live. The better living conditions, the more you’ll have to pay for them, and you should pay less for old, crumbling houses, respondents argue.

19% of respondents say that rates really should be different depending on a person’s region or place of residence. After all, residents of dilapidated houses in the interior cannot afford as much as residents of new buildings in more than a million cities.

Another 8% of Russians recalled the benefits, noting that only citizens of certain categories should receive discounts. Let this apply, for example, to the disabled or large families. And the rest must work and pay what they owe.

But 11% were in favor of equality for all. This category of respondents believes that it will be fair if the fees are the same for everyone, because everyone uses the same resources and should cost the same for everyone. Otherwise, products and other goods for people with different incomes would have to have different prices.

“Then the prices of the products should be different, depending on the income of the buyer. To those without income and unemployed, the store owner should give away everything for free. So people with any salary will feel comfortable.” – ironic participant in the survey.

But 5% indicated that they find it difficult to answer the question.

The survey was conducted among subscribers of the KP.RU site on social networks. 9.6 thousand people participated in the study.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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