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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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“The living came out knows how”: The story of a non-film feat and human remorse

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 12:28:11

DNR. A serviceman of the Russian ground forces in the direction of Ugledar in the line of defense. Photo: Valentin Sprinchak/TASS

Remember Putin’s story about junior lieutenant Yury Zhulanov, who, being wounded, led his fighters from the battlefield. It so happened that a day later I received an audio letter with a very similar story. And this is a true, cruel, terrible story that you have to learn to look at without rose-colored glasses. Here is the transcript of this letter with minimal denominations.


“I thought it was already number 200…”

“On the 5th (June 2023. – Ed.), the ridges began to roll on us, in general, straight and hard. Tanks and behi flew towards our landings. The officer was with me, and the tank of the first ran straight and turned towards him.

We had heavy fights there from 5 to 9. We got knocked out, then we went back in there, then we got knocked out again. A psychologist is still working with me, I have a “cuckoo” … In general, it’s just “a flask whistle” harshly.

On the 9th, we occupied the landing, entered it again, they began to hammer us with cannon artillery, tanks. There, the holes were left two meters in diameter, probably as deep as a human being, I don’t know what the hell they were doing, it’s just heavy.

We began to withdraw upon landing, towards the outskirts. Extreme dugout, had two exits. It gets crowded in the middle, we choose children from there and I understand that we are too screwed there – 20 people for 10 square meters. We’ll just cover now. And I give the order: “Retreat!”.

I was in shock several times, I just screamed like crazy, I don’t know why, I just screamed like crazy. They told me: “Come on, go first!” I said, “No, let me go last, you all go first.” Anyway, everyone managed to go back, go back 500 meters into the open field, and we were the last three, they were covered, me and two other boys.

And I hear the voices of the crests already on the other side of the bench. And I understand that everything, we are already on the postcard on the outskirts of the forest belt, we are being squeezed into the field. And we begin to shoot, crawling, crawling upside down with our backs. Fuck knows how they never hit us, the bullets whistled past. Sometimes I just curl up on the floor and “pee-pee!” pass me by

150-200 meters crawled, we ran out of ammunition. 200 meters is a decent distance, if in quick jerks, dashes, they may not hit. It just jumped out, and then this signature tank shot. I don’t even know how to describe it. The departure is not heard, only the arrival with such a squeal, as if some kind of jet shit.

It explodes just 15 meters from me. And that is. And then, as far as I remember, I flew upside down, shrapnel broke my leg, and my left leg was dangling, above the knee, just dangling to the side. I lie, I bleed. These two have my back. Fuck knows how I haven’t “dated” right away yet. I gave myself first aid, applied a tourniquet, injected an anesthetic, removed my armor, and the guys carried me off the field. He came out alive who knows how. And the “beha” came to the evacuation and on the way the pancake “took off his shoes” (they were left without wheels. – Ed.). From the fourth time they could only “put it on”. I really thought, that’s all, I will be 200 (deceased. – Ed.), I will not be taken. They took me right away, barely, right here in a minute.”

A serviceman of the Russian ground forces on the defense line in the Volnovakhsky district, DPR. Photo: Valentin Sprinchak/TASS


People, support the hero

The author of the letter is Starley Paratrooper Victor. At the hospital, his left leg was amputated below the knee. I coupled the officer with the curators of the “Popular Front” project to escort seriously wounded soldiers, from prosthetics to socialization. And he asked subscribers to support the hero with a kind word. Among the bundle of kind and bright messages, each of which I sent to Victor, a letter from an IT specialist clearly stood out, which looked more like a confession. For which he was inspired by the feat of a paratrooper officer.


I will not let my family down again. And I will tell my son

“Hello, Vitya, thank you for what you have done for all of us and specifically for me, I will never forget you. Your story touched me to the core, I will definitely tell it to my son.

I am a computer specialist, I am 35 years old, with the start of the SVO, like many of my colleagues, I left, I got scared. What is there to hide now – he adhered to “liberal” views, he did not understand, but there was no one to enlighten him, but all my life I press the buttons on the keyboard and watch YouTube. And somehow I lived before all this, not really thinking that for many years from YouTube and from “documentary” shows they introduced the idea that everything in your homeland is bad and you yourself are inferior. And then there is SVO.

Well, with fear, I hung myself in this very “enlightened” Europe. This, Vitya, I’ll tell you, is very similar to “I don’t know on the moon”: soap up – pay, wash off the soap – pay, but there is no money, no one cares about you, you even die in a ditch.

And since I was born I got used to:

– education is free;

– free medicine;

– allowances, benefits;

– Yes, and you can scold everything for it.

Yes, and Russophobia is terrible. Everything, only everyone without exception, let me drive: “You are Russian, so you are to blame for everything,” but I really feel that something is not right, I do not feel guilty, and why? And since there is no knowledge base on this, I can’t answer myself.

And then I met a Serb, Lubomir, who said: “You, Zhenya, have no right to lose this battle, for nothing, otherwise you will be torn apart like Yugoslavia, and we are burying Slobodan in Belgrade!”

And then it clicked in my head! Like Slobodan Milosevic? He is a terrible war criminal (almost like Hitler), but I saw him on YouTube. Why bury him like this?

And I opened a photo of Milosevic’s funeral and I went crazy, Vitya, it really is all of Belgrade on the streets seeing him off. And then I started reading about how Yugoslavia was destroyed and how it was bombed, and in general I started trying to understand a little bit about geopolitics.

This is where my “cuckoo” fell into place and stood up. I returned to Russia, which I am very happy with, and I am not going anywhere from my homeland, I will raise my son (or several, if God allows), and I will pass all this on to him. And I won’t let you down now, believe me.

For what you did, Vitya, a deep bow to you. Of course, her injury is very serious, but he can and must live with her, he still has half of her life ahead of her! The main thing is that you are a good person, the rest – you will achieve, I’m sure.

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