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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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The loudest scandals in the royal families of Europe

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 22:26:24

Norwegian princess Martha surprised everyone by choosing a black shaman as her life partner.


The British monarchy is under threat: gossip is trumpeting this in London after the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, where he left no stone unturned from the venerable Windsor family. And others say: how good that Queen Elizabeth II did not live to see such shame.

However, it only seems that in the circles of the crowned aristocracy everything is decorous and noble…

People who do not believe in any miracles, for the most part, are still sure that the true offspring of royalty live like in a fairy tale: palaces, footmen, balls and carefree. In modern monarchies, this is so, except that the parents of princes and princesses often have headaches from worries, many of whom more than once or twice fell into all sorts of scandals and troubles. Fights, drugs, adultery, bribery – do not count what the princes and princesses did, which is talked about far beyond their kingdoms.

She became the wife of a shaman.

They are so different and yet they are together: the shaman Durek and the princess Martha Louise. Photo: ZUMAPRESS.com

Norwegian princess Martha Louise has always been considered a rebel. But in childhood and adolescence, this was expressed only in the fact that the king’s daughter preferred fights with children to school work. The first royal rebellion that the princess started within the walls of the royal palace broke out after she married and became the mother of three children: Martha Louise announced the divorce, and this was the first broken marriage in the history of the Norwegian royal house. .

Child-loving Norwegians forgave the princess for leaving the family, and even for the fact that soon her ex-husband committed suicide. Everyone understood that it was not easy even for a princess to remain in the role of a single mother. But Martha Louise was just gathering her strength: having celebrated her 50th birthday, she announced that she had decided to link her fate… hers with a shaman.

African-American Durek Verrett says he learned “what it means to be a shaman” at the age of two. He was repeatedly called a swindler, but mostly gets it outright obscurantism. For example, Verrett insists that “chemo doesn’t do anything for cancer” and casual sex “clandestine spirits leave an imprint inside a woman’s vagina.”

Your Highness is a fraud.

They say that the Spanish princess Cristina herself is dishonest. But her husband went to jail in her place.


The recognized leader in the number of troubles that torment not only one or another royal descendant, but also the king himself, is, of course, Spain. Either they will catch his majesty cheating on his wife, or they will accuse him of taking bribes. Allegations of fraud were made against the daughter of the now ex-king Juan Carlos I, sister of the current monarch Cristina. In 2016 she was accused of stealing 6 million euros from the public treasury.

The princess managed to get out of the water dry, but her husband, the former player of the Spanish handball team Iñaki Urdangarin, was imprisoned for 7 years. But the corruption scandal provided Cristina with serious reputational losses: she was deprived of the title of Duchess of Palma de Mallorca, and in Spain titles are treated of her with great respect.

royal nephew – fighter

Bully Juan Froline is fourth in the line of succession to the Spanish throne.


The relatives of the current Spanish King Felipe VI also give him a lot of trouble. The crown was handed over to Felipe by his father, who abdicated in his favor in the hope of avoiding prosecution for corruption offences. Now Juan Carlos lives in the United Arab Emirates, where it was recently decided to send the royal nephew, the son of Felipe’s sister, Infanta Elena.

Juan Frolain, 24, became involved in a mass brawl that took place near one of the Madrid clubs. During the fight, a friend of the king’s nephew was stabbed in the stomach and ended up in hospital. Consequently, the Bourbons decided to send Juan to his grandfather’s house in Abu Dhabi in the hope that his expulsion from the kingdom would enlighten him in some way.

japanese bad alliance

Princess Mako and her chosen one are called Harry and Meghan from Japan. Photo: Shizuo Kambayashi/REUTERS

The Japanese princess Mako didn’t make a fuss, she just fell in love. But existing in Japan, of which the emperor is the official head, her strict rules did not allow her to marry a non-aristocrat. And her chosen one is not at all of noble blood: Kei Komuro was an ordinary student of the very university in which the princess gnawed on the granite of science.

Moderate Japanese even resigned themselves to the fact that Mako and Kei lived for a whole eight years without a marriage certificate. Mako only had to give up her multimillion-dollar dowry, the regalia of the imperial palace, and the solemn wedding ceremony. The Emperor and Empress agreed to the marriage, and the happy Mako, in the blink of an eye, turned from a princess to an ordinary Japanese woman, moving with her husband to the United States, where she was offered a job. to Kei Komuro.

The storm came later when Kay was accused of marrying the princess solely for money. The culprit in the scandal was her mother, who once took a large amount of money from her roommate to pay for another son’s studies, but she never paid it back. But Kay nobly agreed to pay off the debt.

Slaps in the face of the heir to the throne of Monaco

Having met his beautiful Beatrice, the party-goer Pierre became an exemplary family man. Photo: Getty Images

Formally, Pierre Casiraghi does not have the title of prince. He is the son of Princess Caroline, sister of Prince Albert II of Monaco, and is eighth in line to the princely throne of one of the smallest states in the world.

When Pierre studied at the university, he gave many reasons for all the European media to write about his personal life. The paparazzi only had time to photograph him in the company of top models who spend all their free time in discos.

A few years ago, in one of the fashionable clubs in New York, Casiraghi had a fight with a businessman, after which he ended up in the hospital with bumps and bruises. Eyewitnesses told police that Pierre was the first to approach the table where Adam Hock and his family models were sitting. The men exchanged a few words, after which they started a fight. Pierre’s bruises healed and Hawk was arrested.

Today, Pierre is unrecognizable, he met the girl of his dreams: the Italian aristocrat, the journalist Beatrice Borromeo. The couple already have two adorable children.

“You didn’t fool me, you fooled your homeland!”

Madeleine is called the sexiest woman in Sweden.


The Swedish media have repeatedly included Madeleine in the lists of the sexiest women in the kingdom, telling about a quick and happy marriage, for example, with the British Prince William. But Madde didn’t particularly fight for the altar and misrepresented one novel after another.

Everyone calmed down a bit when the princess fell in love for the first time. But as soon as the royal court announced the engagement of first, and then another princess, a loud scandal broke out: Madeleine’s fiancé was convicted of treason, and her wedding was canceled.


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