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Sunday, April 2, 2023
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The loving teacher. From the life of the director of the Ulyanovsk Children’s Art School No. 10 – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: April 2, 2023 Time: 08:16:11

Tamara Nikolaevna Dodosova directs sculpture in the same Children’s Art School No. 10 and makes various dolls out of children, dressing them in national or ancient clothes. The dolls also travel, through traveling exhibitions in the city.

The love of future spouses occurred in Kazan in 1968. Alexander, after graduating from a local school, studied at the first year of the Geological Faculty of the Pedagogical Institute, sang and played at the famous VIA “Atlanty” in the city. At the same time, he led the boys’ ensemble at the pioneer house. Tamara’s acquaintance occurred during a meeting of school graduates. At that time she was studying in the tenth and penultimate class of the same school from which Alexander graduated. She came to a school night, danced with Alexander and… fell in love with him.

– I was far from thinking that I could make friends with such an outstanding girl. I thought there were probably a lot of guys around her without me. I walked in circles near her house, probably for two months, says Alexander Dodosov.

And then I decided. He came directly to her house, asked to go to the stairwell and there he confessed his love for her.

– My friends told me that the boy who plays in the group, with whom I danced, hangs out at my house. His confession came as a surprise to me. I replied that we need to get to know each other better, and then we’ll see, says Tamara Dodosova.

Recognition occurred in campaigns with songs around the fire. Tamara went to the VIA concerts, where Alexander played. We went to the movies, of course. The camp and musical life were not a burden for the gymnast. She somehow merged with him quite naturally. In 1970 they played a wedding. Children appeared. While two anna and anton

And then it turned out that the director of the children’s choir of the Palace of Pioneers did not know the notes. How he managed to put four voices on children is a mystery. They recommended that he go straight to the conservatory, and at the age of 30 he entered studies full time. Tamara, in order to support her family financially, had, on the contrary, to move from the correspondence department of the “doshfaka” of the pedagogical institute full-time and go to work on the railway. The work was called “dissolving cars on a hill.” Very stressful but well paid. After the conservatory, the head of the family was assigned to Ulyanovsk. Here the third child was born, the son of Nikolai. The head of the family devoted himself entirely to work and to “other people’s” children. The upbringing of her own children and the home fell on Tamara’s shoulders.

Not long ago there was a big problem. Due to a serious injury, Tamara Nikolaevna lay in a hospital bed for a long time. There was an operation to replace the joint, a long recovery afterwards. Alexander Nikolaevich had to spend a lot of time on duty in the hospital, taking care of his sick wife. For this reason, and even because of the pandemic, a very promising trio broke up, headed by Alexander Dodosov.

– But during this time our own home trio was born, – Tamara Nikolaevna boasts. -It consists of Alexander Nikolaevich himself, Anna’s daughter and her daughter, our granddaughter Natalya. And it is still unknown which trio is more important. Last Sunday, the Dodosovs went skiing at a nearby park for the first time since the operation. All went well. In their love story, the Dodosovs do not see anything remarkable.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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