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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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The maniacs self-destructed without knowing whose pioneer it was.

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 16:09:21

Cyril Kyaro in the series “God Complex”. Photo: Still from the film.

The theme of the pen of strange people of a society swollen by childish tears gave rise to a number of great paintings: among the Germans – “M” (1931, a real maniac), among the Americans – “Fury” ( 1936 , a fictional maniac), among the French – “Panic” (1946, fictional) and “Death of a Beauty” (1961, fictional, but ultimately decided to become real). Russian society was not prone to vigilante self-organization (the state tried), but it was not very forgiving of innocent victims (again, the state tried). A film about the God complex can be considered a sign of the normalization of society, since excessive parental passions now also worry us and are not unconditionally justified.

A schizomaniac (Daniil Strakhov) goes to a psychiatrist (Kirill Kyaro) to treat his sick instincts. Meanwhile, seven-year-old girls go missing in the city (Moscow), not very often for a metropolis, but the loss of even a child today can put society on its hind legs. Even those who don’t have seven-year-old girls at home, but do have a psychiatrist, plus a wife who is mentally unstable due to weird sex (17 years of marriage), are especially susceptible to missing children.

The suppression of instincts is unstable, which is understood by both the doctor and the maniac, and the viewer: there are many reasons to worry about the patient’s relatives and girls on his way. At the same time, the father of the latest missing person (Shamil Khamatov) and a family friend (Nikolai Schreiber) start searching for a psychopath, even though it’s not entirely clear if one of them is the psychopath himself ( it is a sin not to think of Schreiber). At the same time, the investigator (Mikhail Troinik) is so eager to find the monster that he is ready to designate anyone as a monster. How many harmless psychopaths will suffer in this, you don’t care, like most of your fellow citizens, is it true fellow citizens?

This is the God complex: the question is, are you ready to hit the suspect so that seven-year-old girls no longer disappear? Everyone has it there: a maniac, a father, a friend, a detective, a psychiatrist, and a psychiatric wife; this is what the absolutely healthy feelings of seven-year-old girls do to people (Farkhshatova has been studying the dark and reverse side of extreme childish love for a long time,


The maniac is rich and buys himself a good listener in the house (for how many years has the actress Marina Vasilyeva been able to play the witty twenty-something!). As soon as the guest steps on the cellophane film in the living room, the thought “Tryndets kitten” visits everyone at once. And the boy’s father is an egocentric pianist and shakes his hand at a concert. But the detective makes fun of everything, everything turns against him and everyone, saying that most of the murdered children are killed by relatives, what do you say to this, good father, who left his family out of selfishness?

A verified, calculated, very complex picture. Everyone knows the names of producer Mishin and screenwriter Zvantsova, but Farkhshatov and co-producers Filatov and Plotnikov should be remembered. The departure of a number of key figures has freed up creative niches, people are needed.

On the eve of the general fascismization of the inflated German society, Fritz Lang released his, perhaps, the most prominent “M” film – about the murderer of a six-year-old boy (real, not suspected!), whom good citizens they begin a massive manhunt for. “M” stood for Morder, the killer, and he worried everyone in the movie.

“God complex” – the diagnosis, of course, is milder, but it also applies to everyone.

“God Complex”


Dir. Fluza Farkhshatov. Kion.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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