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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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The mechanic was injured, the tank was hit, but the heroes cannot be stopped: the whole truth about the feat of the Alyosha tank, which stopped the advance of eight armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Date: December 6, 2023 Time: 08:15:53

T-72B3 tank in the zone of the special military operation in the Kherson direction. Andrei Rubtsov/TASS

These incredible images of a Russian tank battle in June 2023 in the direction of Zaporozhye are already being analyzed by NATO instructors in classes with Ukrainian soldiers. Here, she is an armored column trailing along the road. He drags himself with cheek and confidence (just like the Nazis in 1941). There are 8 Ukrainian armored vehicles in the column. In front of the patrol column are two Soviet T-72B3 tanks, and behind them are 6 “boxes” with infantry – American MaxxPro armored personnel carriers. And then the Russian T-80 tank moves forward to meet them …


As the KP.RU website already wrote, on the eve of this “counterattack” Ukrainian sappers tried to clear the path of mines. Our military scouts detected their night invasions, did not touch the sappers, and immediately after their departure set up several powerful new land mines. A kilometer from the minefield, a T-80 tank was ambushed – the same crew of the Alyosha tank under the command of Senior Lieutenant Rasim Basikov (call sign Monolith). Before the attack by tanks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Alyosha immediately came under massive shelling and his driver was injured. The crew commander Basikov evacuated the wounded man from the car, gave him first aid, handed him over to the doctors, and then got into the driver’s seat. But the place of the tank commander was taken by the commander of the 1st tank platoon, Lieutenant Alexander Levakov (call sign Laska), who has many years of experience in combat operations in the Chechen Republic. After the crew change, “Alyosha” advanced to the first line of our defense.

Tank commander with the call sign “Alyosha”. Photo: t.me/yakutiavseprosvo

At that time, EW (electronic warfare systems) operators detected the roar of enemy engines, saw a convoy of enemy equipment and a drone operator who was correcting artillery fire in a neighboring area. An alarming voice is heard in the recording: “I’m looking, let’s go. Two tanks, six armored vehicles … And we have an “Alyosha”, an “Alyosha” there … “


The mine trap worked perfectly – land mines blew up 2 armored vehicles and the column rose to its feet. The drone recorded on video how our T-80 (Alyosha himself) finished off enemy tanks as soon as they moved. He then maneuvered and shot down 2 more American armored personnel carriers.

“Beautiful! The “dill” tank flew out, let them support, ask for a “boot” (automatic grenade launcher. – Ed.), Let them pour it into the forest camp (forest belt. – Ed.), ”the infantry neighbors they are called from a drone.

“The second tank has spread” dill “! Minus two tanks they have! Oh, good, I already have goosebumps! That’s it all! Hero of Russia will be! – The drone operator continued to admire fight “Alyosha”.


In battle, the driver Rasim Baksikov deftly maneuvered in open areas, hiding behind the terrain. He was unable to see the Ukrainian team due to the forest belt and smoke, but the tank shells hit the NATO team accurately thanks to the work of the drone operators. Alyosha’s commander, Alexander Levakov, took the coordinates from them. He quickly helped gunner Alexei Neustroev to accurately aim the gun.

In the frames of the online video, the battle looks dynamic. In fact, “Alyosha” entered the position three times, and the complete destruction of the column of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took about forty minutes.

The tank crew will receive high state awards. Photo: t.me/yakutiavseprosvo

In the first minutes of the battle, our tankers hit both enemy T-72B tanks, and in the next half hour, the M113 armored personnel carrier and five American MaxxPro vehicles, transferring more than 100 attack aircraft from the Forces Ukrainian Armies. to the line of contact, who were still trying to snarl from the grenade launchers.


This is how the gunner-operator Alexei Neustroev (call sign “Lenya”) spoke about that battle: “It all depends on the consistency of the crew. We knew where we were going. But how much technology we did not know. At the command of the commander, worked regularly.Fired ten rounds.

Seizing the opportunity, the sniper tanker greeted his friends. Then he said: “I send greetings to my native Yakutia, mother, father, brothers, sisters and all relatives. I’m fine, I hope we’ll be back home with the Victory soon. That’s what it will be like.”

On that day, the Alyosha tank was not only at the front, but also took part in clearing the area. The tankers covered our fighters, who “counterattacked” the enemy, and only then proceeded to the next reload.


The exploits of the crew of the Alyosha tank did not end there: when the tank that replaced them was damaged, Rasim Baksikov, under enemy fire, towed the stricken car back, thereby saving the crew of the damaged tank.

“Alyosha” entered the position three times, and the complete destruction of the column of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took about forty minutes.

Later, Alexander Levakov, who performed the duties of a mechanical driver in the battle, would thank the crew: “We did not know that it would just happen. Now the video will come to you, and you will see how a tank completely blocked your “counteroffensive”. And every trip is like that. There is also a video that we just don’t show you. I am proud of the gunner-operator, he is a strong-willed person.

Recall that earlier the Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that the Minister of Defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu presented state awards to the crew of a Russian tank, which showed courage and heroism in repelling an attack by an armored group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Zaporozhye.


“We have such a match every time” – what did the heroic tank crew say, which only defeated the column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

The commander with the call sign “Alyosha” thanked the tank crew who stopped the column of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (details)

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