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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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The mentors trembled, the audience roared: dramatic and unexpected end of the show “Voice.Children”

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 16:31:29

Anna Dorovskaya (Voice. Children-10). Photo: vk.com/voicekids

Psychologists will continue to discuss the “Voice.Children” program. How many children gave way to life and profession, and how many will have to lick the wounds of psychotherapists. But for sure, this is a drama, which is both interesting and exciting to watch.

In the 10th anniversary season, Basta, Maxim and Yegor Creed recruited their teams, and the boys, of course, adored their mentors. But in the final, the voices of those who taught the guys did not decide anything. The fate of the finalists was in the hands of the viewers, who voted via SMS. And to avoid cheating, no more than five votes per participant could be sent from each number.

From Egor Creed’s team, Milana Ponomarenko from Moscow (14 years old) made it to the final three. And for her main performance she chose a modern arrangement of the famous song “Beautiful Far Away”, and Creed himself helped her in this number.

Maxim’s team was represented in the superfinal by Pavel Zilev from Krasnoyarsk. The boy is only 9 years old, but he kept absolute calm. And to break the hearts of all the viewers he chose the hit of the Lyube group, “Call me softly by my name”. And it turned out, of course, incredibly touching.

And from the students of Basta, Anna Dorovskaya from the city of Engels went to the decisive round. She is 11 years old. And for the last performance of the season, she took the song “High” by Maxim Fadeev.

None of the performances were flawless, but all easily brought a sentimental audience to tears. The voices trembled, the mentors almost cried, the room roared… But everything was decided by the soulless numbers of the percentages.

The public recognized Bast as the best mentor, who dedicated this award to his family.

And in the final voting of the tenth season, the victory went to Anna Dorovskaya from the Basta team. 50.9 percent of her votes voted for her.

It is interesting that Anya herself demanded from her parents to give her a voice, and lo and behold, she turned out to be right in her choice. She has already entered music contests and has now added her most prestigious to her award collection.


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