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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation destroyed the last warship of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – what remains of the Ukrainian fleet

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 18:35:06

Medium landing ship “Yuri Olefirenko”


What was the medium landing ship “Yury Olefirenko” (named after the caperang-Banderite killed in the Donbass), which was destroyed in late spring by Russian missiles in Odessa, and what was left of the Ukrainian fleet in general? – asked KP about this retired captain of the first rank Vasily Dandykin.


– The ship “Yuri Olefirenko” was destroyed by an attack near Odessa. Did he represent any real power in the Black Sea?

– This ship occupied an intermediate position between small and large landing ships. It was made in Poland. In general, the Poles made almost all BDKs for us. Yes, we also had landing ships of our own construction, like the one the Nazis drowned in Berdyansk. Well, there were such KFOR from the Poles.

– A good ship?

– For their time, to solve local problems in regional seas, such as the Baltic or the Black Sea, they were perfect. He took on board a company of marines and four T-72 or 6 BMD. She had a displacement of more than two thousand tons. For her time, she performed all the necessary functions. And on the Northern Sea Route she could disperse cargo in all ports.

– They say that this ship participated in the Egyptian-Israeli conflict in the early 1970s?

– Yes, and it seems that in the early 1970s, it was on their side that the Israeli Phantom was shot down. I heard this story. I know that we had a minesweeper, the commander of which was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for shooting down an American plane in that war. And he was not the only one. The Black Sea Fleet was actively involved in that conflict in 1973, at the height of the Israel-Egypt war.

What weapon did he have?

– The SDK-137 had twin AK-230 anti-aircraft guns, and there were Strela 3 MANPADS in addition to the guns – it was possible to fill almost any air target. And there was a naval version of the Katyusha, which could withstand landing an amphibious assault.


– Why was it given to Ukrainians in 2014?

– The Ukrainians then got the BDK “Konstantin Olshansky” and this KFOR, which the Ukrainians called “Kirovograd” at first. Of course, kyiv was not going to go to the Atlantic with them. They quickly renamed everything, this SDK-137 was transferred to Odessa and named “Yuri Olefirenko”. First, he went to Nikolaev, where hetman Sagaidachny was later drowned, and then to Odessa.

– Whether he was sent with a landing force to Sevastopol or Evpatoria?

– That would be a one-way trip. He is calm.

– But could the British ships guard it?

– The British were going to transfer minesweepers to kyiv, but how to drag them down the Danube? Unrealistic.

– So what is left in the Ukrainian fleet?

– There is what they are now launching: British naval drones. They have been using them for the last 7-8 months. They also talked about creating a full-fledged Marine Corps brigade. But one was completely killed almost in Mariupol, the second was defeated in the Kherson region, closer to Nikolaev. Then they finalized something, sewed new formidable chevrons … And small landing ships “Zubr” appeared, it seems, in Greece.

– That is, KFOR was the last relatively large ship in the relatively existing fleet of Ukraine?

– This is a ship of the third rank, which they transferred to the second rank. How did they transfer the “Hetman Sahaydachny” from the second rank to the first? They also had armored boats on the Gyurza River. Well, maybe a dozen or two sabotage ships, which the Americans drove towards them overland or along the Danube.


– Aren’t the Turks helping them now with new ships?

– No. Now our Black Sea Fleet is the master of the Black Sea.

– And where is the famous Turkish corvette?

– He never came to Ukraine. And where should I go? They blocked the bay with their flooded “Hetman Sagaidachny”, in Nikolaev. And the Turks, after all, only built the body. Yes, it is not bad in terms of performance, but it is inferior to our corvettes, it has a displacement of about 2100 tons, but missile weapons were supposed to be delivered to the Nikolaev shipyards.

– How much did it cost?

– From two hundred to three hundred million dollars. Great Britain allocated a loan for this corvette.

– Did the Ukrainians really mine the entire northern Black Sea region?

– Yes, from Odessa to Nikolaev. But they have such information that they don’t even have detailed maps of their own minefields. They just cleared a corridor for the grain deal ships, that’s all.


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