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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation spoke about the exploits of six other Russian servicemen committed by them during a special operation in Ukraine KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 11:38:22

Major Sergey Kalnitsky, being a member of the visiting group, was subjected to a massive shelling. As a result, the relay points of the radio stations failed.

The officer quickly restored the repeaters, after which he reconfigured the radio networks. With this he ensured the management of the subordinate units and the communication of the command with the higher headquarters.

“Thanks to the decisive actions of Major Kalnitsky, it was possible to transfer the coordinates of the locations of enemy positions to the artillery crews,” the Russian Defense Ministry noted.

Guard Lieutenant Imam Aliyev with his motorized rifle platoon was clearing the area. He found armed militants in an abandoned building. The Imam led the raiding party and secretly advanced towards the building.

During the assault, the officer destroyed the opponents in two fortified positions. After that, having taken over the defense in the building, he organized a platoon fire system.

The enemy tried to counterattack with artillery support. Aliyev, despite the shell hit received in the battle, skillfully maneuvered the platoon’s fire and competently supervised the change of fire positions of fire support means. The Imam also promptly provided first aid to the injured subordinate, stopping the bleeding and thus saving his life. For his courage and bravery, the officer was awarded the Order of Valor.

Senior Warrant Officer Denis Pukha flew combat missions to organize uninterrupted communications. The command post came under massive artillery and mortar fire. Part of the equipment and communication lines were damaged.

Under incessant bombardment, Pooh used a non-standard method to deploy communication channels. This made it possible to automatically reconfigure to another channel in a matter of seconds when a communication channel fails.

Thus, stable and uninterrupted command and control of the troops was ensured.

During the battle, Denis provided first aid to a wounded comrade who received a shrapnel wound. Denis pulled him out from under the fire and into the shelter. For courage and heroism, Senior Ensign Denis Pukha was awarded the State Award.

The sanitary instructor for the collection and evacuation of wounded, Sergeant Leonty Primachev, under incessant enemy artillery fire, watched. The Armed Forces of Ukraine dealt a heavy blow to the strength of the platoon.

After assessing the situation and verifying that four soldiers were seriously injured, the sergeant advanced to the post.

After that, he evacuated the injured from the affected area, provided them with first aid and arranged for delivery to the hospital.

The senior communications operator, Sergeant Sergei Kasalapov, found himself in conditions of heavy use by the enemy of artillery systems, multiple launch rocket systems, and mortars.

He managed in the shortest possible time to restore and subsequently organize continuous communication between the brigade command post and the platoon strongholds. This ensured that the brigade artillery inflicted fire damage on the newly identified enemy positions and made it possible to avoid losses among the personnel of the Russian unit.

Ukrainian nationalists, trying to regain the positions lost during the fighting, attacked the area where the Russian troops were located. Guard Corporal Chingis Radnaev, together with the unit, entered the battle.

Directing aimed fire at the enemy, maneuvering and constantly changing position, Chingis Radnaev destroyed the Kazak armored personnel carrier and the enemy infantry fighting vehicle.

As a result of the successful actions of Corporal Radnaev’s unit, the group of Ukrainian militants was completely eliminated.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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