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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The Ministry of Education and Science increases the number of universities that receive special aid from the Priority 2030 program KXan 36 Daily News

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 04:48:36

Recall that 106 Russian universities participating in the Priority 2030 program receive the base part of the grant in the amount of 100 million rubles. At the same time, 45 of them, who passed a separate competitive selection in 2021, also received a special grant. These are universities that conduct cutting-edge research and train future scientists. 17 of them received funding under the “Research Leadership” track, another 28 – under the “Territorial and (or) Sectoral Leadership” track.

Based on the results of the “advocacy” of their work for 2021-2022, 44 universities confirmed the level and effectiveness of their programs. They remain on the “team” for special scholarships for the upcoming year. But a university did not “retire” a little. In “Priority” it remains, but goes to another category.

On the other hand, 4 universities, which received only the basic part of the scholarship, worked so actively and efficiently for a whole year that the ministry decided to transfer them to the “special scholarship” team.

Newcomers who will receive a significant increase in funding for 2022-2023 are Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Moscow Polytechnic University, Samara National Research University. The Queen and the Military Medical Academy. Kirov.

The four universities follow the “Territorial and (or) Sectoral Leadership” path, whose objective is to strengthen human and scientific potential, create science-intensive technologies and products, and integrate into the real sector of the economy.


Valery Falkov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of Russia:

– The “Priority 2030” program is a live mechanism of competition and rotation of participants. This encourages universities to achieve better results and leaves entry open to new entrants. We unanimously note the significant successes of the universities during the year. Most were pleasantly surprised, but there were also stragglers. Priority 2030 participants have taken responsibility to become drivers of the development of the economy of our country and individual regions, to be on the frontier of science and higher education. And we expect universities to constantly move forward.

Evgeny Kuyvashev, Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region:

– The “Priority 2030” program will provide our participant, the Ural Federal University, with additional opportunities to strengthen the personnel and scientific potential of the region, to create new technologies and products and integrate them into the real sector of the economy. Today, in all sectors of the economy, and especially in industry, there is a great need for specialists with the necessary competencies and the desire to expand them, with engineering thinking and design skills. Those who are capable of optimizing economic processes and carrying out a complete implementation cycle of an engineering product. We are working with the university to resolve this issue, and the Priority 2030 grant is very timely.

Vasily Golubev, Governor of the Rostov Region:

“The Priority 2030 program focuses the research potential of our Southern Federal University in direct partnership with industrial partners and joint projects. SFedU is undoubtedly an important element of the innovation system of the Don region: the university provides training for high-tech industries and the creation of advanced accelerated production of new materials, complexes of soil restoration technologies – those visible results that the university achieved in 2022 together with partners, research centers and leading companies in our region.

Vladimir Mazur, Governor of the Tomsk Region:

– The Tomsk region today has everything to create a closed cycle in the region for the basic production of household electronic components. The TUSUR Center for Microelectronic Systems, a kind of training factory for the technological development of both the industry and the region, must become the core of this infrastructure. Among other areas of work of the university are information security, space engineering, IT. TUSUR not only works closely with industry to create sovereign technologies, but also develops national standards in the field of microwaves and power electronics, forms new cooperation models for the development of genomic technologies, a transmission system of multi-satellite data, among others. TUSUR graduates have created nearly 250 high-tech companies. The university makes a significant contribution to the state budget: this year alone, it transferred 600 million rubles in taxes.

A total of 129 Russian universities participate in the Priority 2030 program. 106 of them receive the basic part of the grant in the amount of 100 million rubles. 8 universities receive funds for the Far Eastern track in the amount of 71.25 million rubles. Another 15 universities participate in the program as “candidates.”

Vladimir Vladimirov, Governor of the Stavropol Territory:

– On the basis of the Stavropol State Agrarian University, there is a scientific and production center for nursery breeding. Its scientists are dedicated to the production of virus-free planting materials for apple, strawberry, blackberry and blueberry. The plans include research in the field of organic farming, the creation of new fertilizers. The specialists of the university are also dedicated to the selection and genetics of bovines and small bovines, they develop projects on dairy farming. I am sure that the scientific developments of our agrarian university will strengthen not only the Stavropol agro-industrial complex, but the entire Russian agro-industrial complex, and will help its development.

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