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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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The most beautiful stars of New Year’s Eve 2023: what costumes Pelageya, Lolita, Valeria, Andrey Malakhov and Stas Mikhailov chose for the “lights”

Date: February 2, 2023 Time: 13:29:46

Andrey Malakhov in a stylish fashionable jacket walks by on December 31, 2022. Photo – TV channel “Russia”

On New Year’s Eve, on the country’s leading TV channels, stars will create a festive atmosphere for viewers. Costumes for the main broadcast of the year are chosen with special care by the performers. They try to be fashionable and beautiful, and some also take into account the recommendations of astrologers: according to the eastern calendar, the year of the Black Water Rabbit is approaching. Together with the stylist Anvar Ochilov, we choose the most beautiful and fashionable stars. Her outfits can be safely copied on December 31 – she is in fashion, and the Rabbit will like it.

bride in furry dress

Natalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov in these pictures can again go to the registry office. The ideal bride and groom of 2023: elegant minimalism. Natalia’s dress is suitable not only for a bride who does not like puffy skirts, but also for a fashionable meeting in 2023. There are three trends here. First: a mesh dress – this fashionable base is worn “without a top”, but the singer is a wife and mother, so everything is decent. Second: the mesh is covered with “fringe” tassels, a real replacement for the feather tassels now in fashion. Remember that on this holiday, there are no outfits with natural fur – the Rabbit will not like it. Third: white – still a fashionable color and always elegant for special occasions. The cut of the dress also remains relevant – in the old style.

Where we will see: “New Year’s blue light” on the TV channel “Russia”.

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov. Photo – TV channel “Russia”

brilliant woman

Lolita demonstrates something new for those who want to dress up in a beautiful and comfortable costume. Her successful cut of her suit: she fits and favorably emphasizes her waist, long beautiful legs; and the folds of her skirt cover her figure in those places where, with certain movements, even supermodels can have folds. Well, a skirt over pants is still relevant. The shiny black fabric is a timeless classic for New Year’s Eve. The colors approved by astrologers in the year of the Black Water Rabbit are black, all shades of blue and blue, pink or fuchsia.

Where we will see it: New Year’s Eve on Channel One – “Twenty years later.”

cool lolita. Photo – Yuri Feklistov.

beauty queen

Jasmine wears the most spectacular outfit on the main night of the year. The Panton Color Institute has named purplish red as its color of 2023. This is exactly what Jasmine does. For those who are guided by horoscopes, according to the eastern calendar, it is believed that red protects a person from all negative. On such a holiday, glitter is approved for everyone! Jasmine sparkles beautifully – the case when sequins look expensive. Such a cut of the dress not only looks spectacular, but also slims, hides the consequences of a plentiful party, relevant for New Year’s Eve. An ideal festive image for a holiday in a restaurant and in the circle of loved ones.

Jasmine shows shades of the main color of 2023. Photo — Yury Feklistov

Where we will see it: New Year’s Eve on Channel One – “Twenty years later.”

minimum allowed

Valeria knows how to carry a mini decently. New Year’s Eve is a great occasion not to be ashamed of the age of those “over thirty” and who have beautiful legs. A decent and fashionable option – here is such a great jacket – it is trimmed with stones, which immediately transfers it from the “office” category to “vacation”. Below is a closed minidress, we show one thing, in this case, beautiful legs. If you don’t have a bright jacket, wear one that you do: a feather scarf or skinny boa is a fashionable option. A perfect look for a party with friends.

Valeria in a decent mini. Photo – PR NTV

Where we will see: “New Year’s Mask and Avatar” on NTV.

pants lovers

This white suits Yulia Savicheva very well. The image of a fashionista of the late 60s – all this is now very relevant. A short jacket, high-waisted flared pants do not look casual, stylish and successful solutions always look profitable. New Year element – decorative buttons. It is convenient to celebrate – you can sit at the table, and then quickly put on a jacket and walk.

Julia Savicheva and her flared pants. Photo — Yury Feklistov

Where we will see it: New Year’s Eve on Channel One – “Twenty years later.”

Stylya among friends

Pelageya sings live in the New Year’s skit – kvartirnik, in the circle of friends and colleagues. The singer was dressed very elegantly and appropriately. First of all, natural fabrics are relevant in 2023; also astrologers recommend the same. Velvet and suede are a priority. It looks expensive, beautiful, and when it is handmade, it is approved at all levels of fashion. Secondly: the fringe is still in fashion, well, how a carnival element will work.

Pelageya in cozy suede, velvet and fringes. Photo – PR NTV

Where we will see: “New Year’s apartment in Margulis” on NTV.

Beauty at the disco

Regina Todorenko sewed a New Year’s carnival dress. A corset dress with a short puffy asymmetrical skirt is best worn by such slender young ladies like Regina. A “delivery” sleeve and gloves, vacation-approved. In this form, you can dance at the New Year’s disco.

Regina Todorenko is ready for the carnival. Photo – PR NTV

Where we will see: “New Year’s Mask and Avtar” on NTV.

youth fashion

Glucoza showed class. This is a festive option for students of fashion, but the singer can also flaunt it – the image is a stage. A fluffy multi-layered marshmallow dress with high rough boots and golf is a great look for a youth holiday.

GlucoZa and his youth set. Photo — Yury Feklistov

Where we will see it: New Year’s Eve on Channel One – “Twenty years later”.

For old ladies Balzac

Angelina Vovk, Tatyana Vedeneva in the company of the co-host of the elegant Nikolai Baskov. Vovk and Vedeneeva have excellent shades for the meeting in 2023. Angelina Mikhailovna looks elegant in a light dress with a hood and a turndown collar. She was sewn in the workshop specially for the village artist, so she does not hang like a shapeless hoodie, but “sits” in an interesting way. Vedeneeva looks great. The dress is excellent: complex brocade texture, smell of fashion. The high waist adds to the slimming.

Angelina Vovk and Tatyana Vedeneeva in their favorite variations of the Water Rabbit – shades of turquoise and blue. In the company of them – elegant Basque. Photo – TV channel Russia

Where we will see: “New Year’s blue light” on the TV channel “Russia”.

What about men?

Stas Mikhailov sings for the first time in such an interesting silver jacket – the fabric is soft, so the image looks expensive, it fits perfectly. A great option for the stage and for a festive atmosphere in the circle of family, friends, in a restaurant or at home.

Stas Mikhailov in silver – New Year’s style. Photo — Yury Feklistov

Where we will see it: New Year’s Eve on Channel One – “Twenty years later”.

Andrey Malakhov will see off the old year on December 31 with the perfect jacket for men who prefer a classic style of clothing. Velvet is the most suitable fabric for the most solemn night of the year.

Where we will see: New Year’s edition of the program “Songs with all my heart” on the channel “Russia”.

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