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Monday, December 4, 2023
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The most dangerous weapon in the world is ready: now Russia is protected by Doomsday torpedoes

Date: December 4, 2023 Time: 13:25:32

The Poseidon nuclear torpedo is capable of covering up to 500 kilometers of land with a radioactive tsunami. Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS

Perhaps no other type of Russian weapon “tickles the nerves” of the West and inspires such terrible fears as the newest Poseidon super nuclear torpedo. Even sparse and separate reports about it cause an “atomic” explosion of information in the world press. Well, this is how it is now, when TASS, citing its sources in the defense industry, reported: “The first Poseidon nuclear torpedo ammunition for the Belgorod special-purpose nuclear submarine has been manufactured. Separate tests of the major components of the Poseidon, including the nuclear power plant, have been successfully completed.”

It is possible not to go to the grandmother, now another tsunami of panic howling will rise in the West: “The Kremlin rattles sabers again.” Or vice versa: “Russia bragging again with her mythical superweapon.” “Poseidon” is actually shrouded in vague myths, since the actual features of him are classified, and those that have already been exposed can hardly be fully trusted.

There are many oddities and mysteries. I myself was terribly amazed when, about 6 years ago, a footage (from the walls of the Ministry of Defense!) Crept onto our TV of a model of a certain Status-6 product, which was later renamed Poseidon. I involuntarily thought that the leak was significant, that a cunning game is being played with the West, not just to show it that it is impossible to play pranks on us. But also to force them to spend billions in the search for an antidote. Or be more accommodating in entering into new arms reduction treaties.

But then it turned out that everything was being done seriously – they continue to perfect the nuclear torpedo, that nuclear submarines are being modernized for it. And even create new and special ones. Such, for example, as “Belgorod”, which recently successfully completed the launch tests of the “Poseidons” (that is, their models of massive dimensions), and is now preparing to take real torpedoes on board. It is curious that it was under them that Belgorod was rebuilt, which has now become the largest nuclear submarine in the world. But there will be 2 or 6 Poseidons at once, this is still a secret.

Well, what kind of animal is this: “Poseidon”? What is already known about him?


A 100 ton colossus floats at a speed of 200 km/h.

The Poseidon isn’t just the world’s largest torpedo (it weighs 30 times the average standard torpedo). It is an unmanned underwater vehicle equipped with a nuclear power plant. Created to inflict guaranteed unacceptable damage to enemy coastal territories, to destroy ships and naval bases.

through a nuclear explosion and extensive radioactive contamination of land and sea.

Its NATO code designation is Kanyon.

There is no reliable information about its characteristics, different sources named a length of 16-24 m, a diameter of 1.5-2 m, and a weight of about 100 tons. Representatives of the Russian defense industry do not exclude the possibility of using Poseidon as a tactical nuclear weapon against aircraft carriers.

As follows from the presentation of a nuclear torpedo, the design immersion depth of the device is up to 1 km. Declared speed – 100 – 130 km / h. Although intermittent and at 200 km/h. In any case, the speed of modern nuclear submarines is two to three times less.

The device is controlled from special command ships. It was reported about plans to build 4 submarines – aircraft carrier Poseidon (2 for each of the Northern and Pacific fleets). The influential magazine The American Conservative called the Poseidon “a potential New York killer.”

In the United States, this weapon has already been dubbed the “doomsday machine”. This name was given to Poseidon because he can destroy large coastal cities, causing a radioactive tsunami 300 to 500 meters high and traveling up to 500 km into the continent on flat ground.

The danger of an underwater drone also lies in the fact that it can reach enemy shores without being seen, since it works silently.

“Poseidon” got its name after the all-Russian vote “People’s Choice”. It is curious that in state contracts the device has a different name – “Cephalopod”. Cephalopoda is a cephalopod (octopus) to which high mental abilities are attributed.

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