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The most expensive New Year’s Eve dinner, in a 2 Michelin Star: 950 euros in Coque

Date: February 4, 2023 Time: 05:22:06

A few months ago, Dabiz Muñoz’s almost 400-euro menu at DiverXO, his restaurant with 3 Michelin stars, reaffirmed an intense debate about whether or not it was an affordable price. It is cuisine of a very high quality and these prices are still far exceeded on New Year’s Eve. Two restaurants, Coque in Madrid and Lasarte in Barcelona, ​​offer menus that are around almost 1,000 euros to close the year.

Although if you have planned to have dinner on December 31, or eat during the rest of the Christmas festivities, in a restaurant with a Michelin Star, there are somewhat cheaper prices, although they are not cheap either, around 250 – 400 euros for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Here you can check some of them to find out if they are in your city or nearby.

Audrey’s by Rafa Soler, 1 Michelin star. Calpe (Alicante) New Year’s Eve, 250 euros

Audrey’s Audrey’s Restaurant

The chef is Rafa Soler Atanet, who started with Martín Berasategui, leads the kitchen of this restaurant that is inside the AR Diamante Beach hotel. She closes the year with a menu loaded with local products.

Starters. Frost melting of Valencian salad, Entomacat of canned red and green tomatoes in brine, Scallop and celeri Rosa of matured tuna loin, Cuttlefish-sepionet with hollandaise of its melsa and aioli, Fine corn cake with monkfish liver and prawns, Sea paté tartlet with mullet roe, Duck macerated with roasted and pickled onion, Calpe white shrimp gazpacho and cockles and sea urchins Dishes. Market fish, marine mortaruelo and codium, guirra breed suckling lamb, marrow, sweetbreads and mushrooms. Roasted pumpkin and citrus fruits from the Marina Alta Herberet, pastisset, chocolate

El Poblet, 2 Michelin stars. Valencia. Christmas, 155 euros. New Year’s Eve, 300 euros.

El PobletRestaurant El Poblet

Located in the center of Valencia, this restaurant is owned by Quique Dacosta, but directed by chef Luis Valls from the kitchen. They have prepared special menus and their own creation for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Christmas menu. 155 euros Welcome. Grilled oyster Béarnaise, Vegetable coke and roast foie gras and Paul Bocuse Fish 2022. Main courses. Seasonal Mushroom Stew and Desserts Stew Ball. Roasted pumpkin, Artisan nougat with macadamias and pine nuts New Year’s Eve menu. 300 euro Welcome. Welcome snack and champagne. Frozen kefir with Valencian oysters and aniseed, Vegetable coke and roasted foie in Josper, Scallops in warm caviar marinade Fruits of the land: Truffle sequence and red shrimp Aspic Steak of beef and mushrooms. “La Calabaza”, lucky grapes and macadamia and pine nut nougat

Ramón Freixa, 2 Michelin stars. Madrid. New Year’s Eve, 550 euros

Ramón Freixa, Madrid. Ramón Freixa Restaurant.

In Madrid, prices are more expensive for New Year’s Eve. An example is the kitchen of Ramón Freixa, in his restaurant located in the Hotel Único.

The beginning: Golden Olavidia cheese stone, Shrimp turbinate that eats everything, Oyster pearl in soft pickle and Roast guinea fowl cannelloni. The heirloom: Surprise surprise truffle with muscatel gelée and sprout salad, Caviar micro menu, Socarrat rice with espardeñas and pigeon, Eels a la carbonara, Turbot with potato flakes in champagne, Roe deer a la royal with foie and truffle and sweet potato, chestnuts and quince. Desserts: Tuber melanosporum ice cream with rum slime, Chocolate 2022-2023 and Sweet Little Follies.

Enoteca Paco Pérez, 2 Michelin stars. Barcelona.​Christmas, 220 euros. New Year’s Eve, 385 euros.

Enoteca Paco PerezRestaurant Enoteca Paco Perez

Paco Pérez has two of his five Michelin stars in this restaurant, at the Hotel Arts Barcelona. He has prepared menus for several days of Christmas: 25 and 28 for lunch and 22, 24, 29 and 30 for dinner. And a different one for New Year’s Eve dinner.

Christmas menu, 220 eurosSmall bovados on the table: winter cappuccino, truffled tartlet, sea flower and small prawn vol au vent. Suckling shoulder of kid, recuit and quince. Desserts: Small chocolate donut, Snow with pear syrup, pears, anise sabayon and Little things.​New Year’s Eve menu, 385 euros​First moments: Rosé champagne gel, caviar and roses, Scallop en meunière with hazelnuts, Crispy with seaweed butter, Carbonara 22 and truffle cake. Dishes to say goodbye to 2022: The sea remembering Gaudí, Dumplings in a sea and mountain of the Empordà, Lobster forest version, Peas on a dark background and smoked butter, Rooster of San Pedro in its silky, red shrimp, coconut, red curry and Wagyu loin cut with truffled miso and mushrooms. Desserts: Truffle and coffee, Fig and guard fig, walnuts, velvet with sisho and Little things.

Lasarte, 3 Michelin stars. Barcelona. Christmas Eve, €325. New Year’s Eve, €780

One of the dishes at Restaurante Lasarte, by Martin Berasateguirestaurantlazarte.com/

The Hotel Monument, on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona, ​​we can enjoy the three different restaurants run by Martín Berasategui, two of them with a Michelin star. In Oria, with one star, there are Christmas menus from 155 euros. Meanwhile, at Lasarte we can taste their menus specially designed for these dates on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. They are three Michelin stars and that is evident in the price.

Christmas Eve menu. 280 euros Starters: King crab, pine nuts and fine herbs extract, Fennel curd, mollusks and Beluga caviar, Truffled stalks and scallop slices in seaweed and licorice broth, iodized, tender shoots and flowers, Sea urchin risotto, RISOTTO Young leeks, black garlic and citrus fruits, sautéed turbot with seafood, mustard and liquid tomato with Espelette piment and Royal de Pintado de Challans. Desserts: ice cream with lemon peel, mint, lime and green apple. Pecan waffle, maple syrup and Bourbon Petit fours New Year’s Eve menu. 780 euros. Starters: Natural sea goat, shrimp carpaccio with vermell tea curry and slices of Iberian prey, pebre vermell, api and poma verda. Main courses: Grilled espardenyes with pearl white corn, warm tomato confit cream, capers, stingray and lemon, Blue lobster with its head soup, basil and ginger, Pil-pil of fine clams and sea urchins, Lobster and burrata ravioli, Wagyu A5, macadamia nuts and black beer. and lucky grapes.

Coke, 2 Michelin stars. Madrid. New Year’s Eve, 950 euros

In the center of the capital is one of the best restaurants in Spain, by chef Mario Sandoval. For the occasion, a New Year’s Eve menu consisting of 30 dishes accompanied by the best wines, selected by his brother, Rafael Sandoval, such as Louis Roederer Cristal Blanc 2012, Kistler Hudson Vineyards 2018, Barbaresco Gaja 1999, Pacalet Echeze1aux vinferos di Grand Cruy 20 Spanish . The price, 950 euros, the most expensive of all the Michelin Stars for dinner on New Year’s Eve.

Coke Glenfiddich Cocktail, Bloody Mary Nitro Sorbet and Oyster with Jalapeño and Passion Fruit. Caviar and pine nut milk, Caviar with butter and cashew nut and Caviar with almond ice cream and tarragon. and King Crab with spicy Americana. Smoked eels a la carbonara, Eels ala Bilbao and Eels with algae velouté. de toro, Amanita caesarea with pil pil de lechal and Pie azul with marinated hare. Iberian belly cured with polyphenols, grilled marrow gazpachuelo and pickled bull tuna from Amontillado. with lemon Hierba Borrachito de roscón with nougat ice cream, Piura Chocolate with cocoa dacquoise and nibs and Blanc de Blancs Grapes.

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