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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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The mother sobbed. And the son, bleeding, read poetry. His poems for those who will fight for Russia to the last drop.

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 00:07:52

The fighter read poetry so as not to lose consciousness.


“We will not die, because we will never die.” These poems will go down in the history of the Russian special operation in Ukraine. After all, its author is already a real hero. A Russian fighter with the call sign Volk (Aleksey Volkov) read them on camera after being severely wounded in battle so as not to lose consciousness. “Our soldiers cannot be broken or beaten,” Alexei confirmed with his heroic deed.

The fighter rescued his wounded comrades after a tough battle. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army dropped grenades at him from drones. The hero was wounded twice. The first time a grenade hit him in the leg, the second time he covered the projectile with himself to protect the wounded soldiers.

The grenade exploded, but Alexei was saved by wearing a bulletproof vest. The wolf bled for several hours. He managed to get only one injured leg out with a tourniquet. But the hero did not give up.

Alexey is a simple Russian guy.


Fortunately, Alexei was found by a doctor named Vladimir, who carried the fighter for five kilometers. During breaks, he would ask the Wolf to talk so he wouldn’t lose consciousness. And Alex read poetry. The feat became known throughout the country. But nobody knew almost nothing about the Wolf himself. However, KP found his relatives.

Alexey comes from the small town of Amurzet in the Jewish Autonomous Region. Despite his adult appearance, the hero is now only 25 years old. He has brothers and sisters, as well as relatives in the Donbass. Relatives admit that Alexei was not always an exemplary guy. But with his feat he atoned for all his past mistakes. His mother already watched the video with him. This was stated by the woman herself to KP.RU.

“I watched the video and cried,” Nadezhda Volkova, the fighter’s mother, admitted to KP.RU. -I already know about his feat. And I’m proud of my son. We haven’t talked to him in a long time. What will be necessary, he will tell himself. But I learned a long time ago that my son writes those poems. He called me and read them. He wrote poems about girls, about love, about mom. This was before the special operation. And then we lost contact with him. He has always been my patriot. You don’t need to tell him anything from me, he knows everything himself. Just ask: “How are you treated at the hospital, how are you treated?”

Now the hero is undergoing treatment.


The family prefers not to talk about the hero’s past. According to them, the main thing is what kind of Alexey is now. Alexey himself does not lose courage. From the hospital he has already recorded a new video in which he told how Russian men now defend the interests of their homeland in the Donbass.

By the way, despite the injuries, in the video Alexei was even able to do push-ups. The family wishes the wolf good health!


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