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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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The motorized riflemen were able to give a worthy rebuff to the nationalists. The Ministry of Defense spoke about the exploits of six soldiers plus KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 11:45:00

Thanks to the competent distribution of forces and the arrangement of roadblocks, the motorized rifles were able to give a worthy rebuff to the nationalists.

During the day, the fighters repulsed eight attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine from three directions with a total number of more than 300 nationalists. During the battle, enemy losses amounted to 10 tanks and other armored vehicles, as well as a large amount of manpower. As a result, the Ukrainian troops were forced back to their original positions.

Major Salavat Bayrakov, being with his unit at the front of the defense line, provided artillery support to the motorized rifle units. The enemy, seeking to knock out our military, launched a counterattack and hit with artillery and mortars.

Salavat quickly identified enemy firing points, corrected our artillery fire on them.

The officer also ensured the continued performance of the combat work of the self-propelled artillery battalion.

Thanks to the skillful leadership of Major Bayrakov, a foreign-made self-propelled gun mount of the enemy, the Msta-B howitzer, as well as a large number of manpower of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, were destroyed by artillery fire. As a result, the Russian troops held their positions.

The calculation of the self-propelled mortar “Tulip” under the command of Senior Lieutenant Oleg Perevalov covered a group of troops storming the fortifications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The officer found a well-fortified long-range firing point from which the Nationalists fired machine guns.

Having taken an advantageous firing position, Oleg and his subordinates opened fire from a mortar on an enemy pillbox. As a result, an enemy-equipped concrete fortification with an enemy machine gun crew was destroyed. This allowed our units to develop the offensive and force the militants to retreat.

The paramedic at the first aid station, Senior Warrant Officer Ilnur Alimbekov, repeatedly evacuated and provided assistance to the seriously injured servicemen aboard a specially equipped Mi-8 helicopter with a resuscitation medical module.

And it did so under heavy enemy fire and at extremely low altitudes. In total, Ilnur evacuated more than 600 servicemen from areas of active hostilities to stationary hospitals.

The column, which included Sergeant Danil Romanov with his subordinates, came under massive shelling in the area of ​​​​the bridge across the river. During one of the salvoes, the bridge was destroyed, as a result, the Russian units were crushed by the enemy.

The crew of Sergeant Danil Romanov, who was under heavy enemy fire, was able to deploy complex communications hardware, which provided the command of the units with communications with the higher headquarters.

Through organized communication channels, the tasks of the engineering units for the construction of a pontoon crossing the river were clarified and the location coordinates of the enemy forces were transmitted, on the basis of which fire was fired at them. answer.

Thanks to this, the nationalist units were suppressed, and the convoy, having established a crossing, was able to reach a certain area without loss.

Private Egor Marusov repeatedly flew to the line of contact. He performed the tasks of evacuating wounded soldiers from the battlefield.

Risking his life, Yegor during one of the battles took out 10 wounded soldiers and hid them in a safe place. After that, returning to the battlefield, he continued to repel the enemy’s attack.

As a result of this battle, the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was repelled.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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