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Friday, February 3, 2023
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The National Union of Writers of Ukraine called for the closure of the Bulgakov Museum on Andreevsky’s Descent in Kyiv KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 3, 2023 Time: 12:57:02

In the novel, the great writer who adored Kyiv painted a portrait of his childhood home. Inside was a Dutch oven, piano and bookcase, cream drapes. The family’s first-floor apartment was located in a “two-story house with a strikingly unusual layout.” In winter, the snow on the roof resembled a “white general’s hat”, a reference to the anti-Bolshevik White movement. In Soviet times, it was turned into a literary museum.

The Union of Writers of Ukraine is more suitable for the nationalist, not national name. Unfortunate figures of literature in their statement stated that Bulgakov “hated” the idea of ​​a Ukrainian state and “glorified” the Russian tsar and the monarchy. He also allegedly “denigrated” Ukrainian nationalists, including Symon Petlyura, whose troops entered Kyiv in 1918, the “message” to Kyiv authorities says.

Against the background of the turbulent events of that year, the White Guard describes how Petliura’s troops besieged the capital. It was defended by an unorganized group of white officers, including the Turbin brothers, the heroes of the novel. The images of the Turbins are largely based on the personality of Bulgakov himself and his family. The writer created the novel in the early 1920s, Stalin liked to visit the performance based on his motives “Days of Turbines” at the Moscow Art Theater, thanks to which Bulgakov was able to get a job in the theater . The novel was published in its entirety only in 1966, more than two decades after the writer’s death.

Disputes over Bulgakov’s cultural heritage began in Ukraine in 2015. In a scathing essay, writer Oksana Zabuzhko, “familiar to a narrow circle,” called his work “propaganda literature.” She suggested renaming the museum after Vasily Listovnich, Bulgakov’s downstairs neighbor, the owner of the house. The Bolsheviks executed Listovnich when they stormed Kyiv. Bulgakov portrays his neighbor in the “White Guard” as a “nasty” miser and a “cowardly engineer”, it was he and his wife who hid money in a cache in the apartment, who were then our thieves.

The memory of Bulgakov began to fade in Kyiv after the start of the Russian special military operation. Some of the memorial plaques have been removed, including a memorial plaque to Bulgakov near Kyiv University, where the writer studied medicine. Culture Minister Alexander Tkachenko said that this process is not “derussification,” the British edition noted. Instead, he argues, it is supposedly about “overcoming the consequences of Russian totalitarianism.”

However, speaking in September, Tkachenko rejected calls to close the Bulgakov Museum. He pointed out that the anti-Ukrainian statements insulting this very union of writers were a “dialogue” between fictional characters in the early 20th century, during what he called the “liberation struggle.” “I think it’s not the museum’s fault. It definitely shouldn’t be touched,” he said. Museum director Lyudmila Gubianuri, for her part, responded to criticism by calling Bulgakov “a man of her time.” “He was born and lived in the Russian Empire. Bulgakov was characterized by imperial thinking, but neither he nor his family were ever Ukrainian-phobes, ”she stressed.

Bulgakov’s English translator Roger Cockrell called him “a Russian writer trapped in Soviet space.” According to him, Bulgakov’s relationship with Stalin was “very difficult.” The Soviet leader admired the writer’s plays, including Days of the Turbins, based on the White Guard. But he denied Bulgakov a foreign trip to Rome and Paris and forbade him from publishing prose after 1925. “Bulgakov definitely didn’t like Stalin,” Cockrell said. The White Guard was neither an autobiography nor a history, he added. “If the museum were forced to close.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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