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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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The network launched an unsuccessful New Year’s gift exchange KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 11:17:13

If the product is new, in the box, and hasn’t lost its packaging, then the owners plan to get almost full price for it. The discount is minimal. For example, a resident of Ufa received two Yandex Station Light columns as a gift: he put one of them up for sale for 3.5 thousand rubles. at a price of a new one in the markets of 3.6 thousand There are many ads for the sale of Apple Watch smartwatches that have been used a couple of times. One of the owners sells his watch for 20 thousand rubles. – 7 thousand cheaper than in retail. And in Vladivostok they sell a camera stabilizer donated by Xiaomi for only 4 thousand rubles, which is two times less than in stores.

You can get the most value from the technique. And with a competent approach, even fully recover the costs. For example, the cost of a Dyson hair dryer, renting it, says Ekaterina Kraivanova, co-founder of the Next2U rental service. The cost of this device starts at 35 thousand rubles, but it is not suitable for every woman, as a result, hair dryers end up on the rental site, where they successfully collect their money’s worth. The rental price of the device is 4.4 thousand rubles. for three days. Unsuccessfully donated game consoles also end up on rental sites, Kraivanova notes. They are rented for 2.5-3.5 thousand rubles. for three days.

Sporting goods are sold in bulk. An advertisement was placed in Moscow with new Burton snowboard boots for 19.9 thousand rubles. – the donor did not guess with the size of the shoes. The cost of boots for an advanced level of skiing from this company is on average 40 thousand rubles. And there are many such examples – failed models, not the same functionality.

There are also many good gifts. And then the used equipment goes on sale. After the New Year, the ad sites are full of skis, boots and bindings, skates and sledges, which were replaced on New Year’s Eve. Even used equipment has a high chance of finding a new owner, especially if it has no obvious damage and is attractive. Sporting goods with scratches and scuffs are less conspicuous, as are things with an “individual style”: stickers, paint, and very bright colors. Feel free to sell children’s toys. They cost a lot, but not all of them manage to please the baby. In the Moscow region, a new Hulk toy is sold for 500 rubles, which the baby does not appreciate. And for 2 thousand rubles. looking for the owner of an interactive dolphin, which “the child abandoned and did not play,” according to the ad.

The sale of expensive used cosmetics is gaining momentum. And the New Year is no exception. After the holidays, the advertising sites were replenished with new copies of expensive perfumes, since already existing bottles were donated for the holiday, or the aroma did not suit the owner of the gift. In this case, the owner sells an unopened perfume or fragrance without a “puff” at below market price. For example, in Nizhny Novgorod, an advertisement was placed for the sale of Dolce & Gabbana L’Imperatrice perfume for 6 thousand rubles. And in Moscow, Montale Sweet Vanilla perfume is sold for the same amount.

You can find various cosmetics on listing sites, but perfumes have the best chance of finding new owners. Customers try to find items that are hygienic in use. That is, the cream, which the owner could already take out of the jar with his own hands, does not attract buyers very much, and unopened cosmetics collect the most views and sell the fastest.

Now the mold market is growing on ad sites: when expensive branded and professional cosmetics are sold in small packages. Buyers have the opportunity to try expensive brands or brands that are sold in high volumes for salons and hairdressers, at a reasonable price. But there is no guarantee of compliance with expiration dates and hygiene.

Some gift owners try to get 100% of their value

On post-New Year posting sites you can also find successful copies of accessories, mostly expensive handbags. For example, a resident of Penza put up for sale a donated Tosoco leather bag, which she did not like because of the model, for 1850 rubles. At a good price, you can also find name-brand items that didn’t fit the new owner’s style.

The more original the gift, the less likely it is to please the new owner. Designer glasses, expensive fragrance diffusers and 3D toys appear on ad sites. And even the certainty that a person loves only that is not a guarantee. On one of the sites, a fountain for relaxation appeared for sale. The hostess wrote like this: I love them, but I already have one in each room.


How to quickly and profitably sell things on classifieds sites

Don’t skimp on photography. And in the case of selling expensive products, add a video. If the client requests it, call and show the product through video. This will make it easier and faster for the buyer to make a decision.

Don’t skimp on numbers. Clothing, shoe and equipment sizes, product dimensions, age recommendations – all this will help buyers understand whether the product is suitable. Remember that ad sites do not have a “hotline” and support service, only you can help them make the right choice.

Set the right price. Compare prices of similar products and establish the average. No one will buy a product at an inflated price, even if it is of better quality. Products that are too cheap also scare off buyers.

Negotiate. Sometimes a discount of 100-200 rubles can influence your buyer side. This amount is unlikely to seriously enrich the owner of the property, it is better to give in.

Do not be rude. Responding to the twentieth message from a potential client is easy to get carried away. I want to sell the products now, and not discuss the details. But there is no point in being rude, no one will buy from a rude person.

Use all means of communication and delivery. Ad sites allow to limit calls or messages, refuse delivery. Don’t use restrictions. The more opportunities the buyer has to contact you and receive the product, the sooner it will sell.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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