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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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The new case of Major Spasskaya

Date: September 26, 2023 Time: 08:59:25

The researcher (Karina Andolenko) knows her business. But she worries too much, that’s why all the problems arise. Photo: Rossiya TV channel


New episodes

detective, 16+

The elder Anna Spasskaya (Karina Andolenko) found herself in a love triangle. That she is even a ring somewhere! For one thing, she now loves Peter, her colleague (Alexander Golubev). On the other hand, her ex-husband (Roman Mayakin) intends to continue participating in her life. Because… here it is, the fourth! -Anna carries her unborn child under her heart.

And then it is not easy for her to get used to the fact that she is now responsible for both herself and the unborn child. As before, Spasskaya bravely rushes to stop the criminals. And one day the problem arrives.

“I like my heroine to be an ambiguous person,” Karina Andolenko admits. -She has many positive qualities, but there are also negative ones that are not foreign to all of us. She is very impatient, she is obsessed with work and often her personal life and that of her loved ones are affected. In the new season, my heroine faces even more different tests and finds it more and more difficult to make the right decision. For me, as an actress, this is a great gift: these characters are always interesting to play and explore.”

Where to watch: “Russia 1”. Mon. – Thursday, 9:20 p.m.

“Great change”

How few paths have been traveled… Nikita Efremov’s hero reconsiders life (with Sergei Stepin). Photo: Frame from the film.

Drama, 16+

Andrey (Nikita Efremov) studied to be a literature teacher, but after university he persistently tried to find himself in business in the capital. When it became clear that there were no more possibilities, he returned to his native Arzamas to teach literature at school and… in the colony where his father was imprisoned. Mom, a legendary teacher, already died without seeing her son as a teacher.

Andrei hopes to sit down for a while, sell the house (Pushkin himself, they say, was there) and leave Arzamas forever. Only now, plunging into the past, when he is here at every step, explaining to children and prisoners the essence of the works of classics, he involuntarily analyzes his life and gradually becomes a different person.

This is a funny series about something serious: about the fact that in midlife a person inevitably realizes the collapse of many of his youthful hopes and, almost for the first time, resolutely evaluates himself.

Where to see:

online cinema Más.tv.

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