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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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The new face of Elena Yakovleva: the surgeon and cosmetologists gave the actress a second youth

Date: March 28, 2023 Time: 08:59:24

Elena Yakovleva in the tenth season of the Sklifosovsky series amazes with the absence of wrinkles in adulthood. Photo: channel “Russia”

People’s Artist Elena Yakovleva celebrates her 62nd birthday on March 5. On the eve of her birthday, Yakovleva received a major advertising contract, and now she appears on TV all day in an advertisement for a bank. Also recently, viewers saw Elena Yakovleva in the film “Cheburashka” and in the new season of the series “Sklifosovsky”. The last appearances of the actress have caused a wave of discussion: users of social networks are discussing the transformation of Elena Yakovleva, it seems that she looks 20 years younger than her. The actress herself says that twenty years ago she had a facelift. How does she keep her face now?

We examined the face of actress Elena Yakovleva with a professional. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Ivan Volodchenkov told KP.RU what surgeries and cosmetic procedures Elena Yakovleva does.

Plastic surgeon Ivan Volodchenkov spoke about the successful plastic surgery of a star

Photo: personal archive

– The merit of the surgeon who performed the operations on Elena Yakovleva is that the result looks harmonious and aesthetically pleasing, as natural as possible. The audience of the actress does not see the traces and consequences of the operations, and that’s okay. They can only be seen with a professional eye.

– For 62 years, Elena looks great. The result of a facelift lasts twenty years, and this is the merit of the plastic surgeon and the actress herself, who maintains a stable weight, which has a beneficial effect on the postoperative result. In addition, to maintain that effect in the long term, the actress visits a beautician.

– We now see a well-defined lower jaw and a complete absence of double chin in the middle third of the face. To maintain such a result, the actress most likely visits cosmetologists on an ongoing basis; she performs procedures to maintain her skin tone. Elena’s skin is in fairly good condition, and this is a great merit of cosmetologists.

– In the area of ​​the DAO muscle (mimic paired muscle of the labial commissures) there is a slight excess in terms of soft tissue volume. Either the cosmetologist pumps fillers in there, or they do the lipofilling procedure. This is the movement of our own fat cells from one zone to another, in this way the volume is replenished, due to which we do not see sufficiently pronounced wrinkles.

– The nasolabial folds are minimal, such is the case of patients aged 40-45. There are hints of them, but the folds themselves are not very pronounced. There is no ptosis in the zygomatic zone, in addition, there is not even a hint of gravitational ptosis of soft tissues. Let’s pay attention to the condition of the neck: not pronounced rings of Venus and a well-defined angle of the chin. There is no excess soft tissue in the form of subcutaneous fat. This indicates a high-quality tightening of the lower third of the face and neck.

At the premiere of the film “Cheburashka” Yakovleva impressed the audience with a flawless oval face.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

– Distance between the eyebrows: there is not even a hint of vertical wrinkles. There is a bang – the forehead is closed, but most likely there are also no deep longitudinal wrinkles. This result tells us about the hardening of the frontal area. That is to say, a classic facelift was performed on the neck and the entire face, the upper, middle and lower thirds.

– Lower blepharoplasty was also performed. In this area we see excess skin and literal hernias that protrude slightly from the lower eyelids. That is, there are already some indications for repeat blepharoplasty. Also, the upper eyelid is in good condition. There is a slight protrusion of the soft tissues of the upper eyelid from the outside, indicating a slight drooping of the brows. Also: wrinkles of the “crow’s feet” type are quite pronounced in the temporal area. The only thing that may require surgical correction now are the lower eyelids and the temporal area.

Conclusion: the actress takes care of her face, regularly undergoes cosmetic procedures to maintain the result of plastic surgery; she also maintains a constant weight, which is important for maintaining the result of a facelift.

Elena Alekseevna was frank about the surgeon who did her facelift: “I did a circular facelift with a very good specialist who performed the Gurchenko operation in Soviet times. This was the first operation, then he refused to perform it, because he considered that it was no longer necessary, since there would be a bust.

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