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Monday, March 27, 2023
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The northern city will get a new look: a grandiose construction is underway in Norilsk KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 03:27:51

The north looks with hope

In December 2021, the government of the Russian Federation approved a comprehensive plan for the socio-economic development of Norilsk, which launched the renovation of the housing stock, modernization and overhaul, reconstruction and development of infrastructure facilities, as well as the formation of a safe urban environment. This project was made possible thanks to the leading role of Norilsk Nickel in it. In partnership with the Federation, the region and the city, the company invests the lion’s share of funds in it – this is 81.3 billion rubles. The total amount of financing under the quadripartite agreement is 120 billion rubles.

At the same time, the economic contribution, however great it may be, is far from everything the company does for its hometown. Norilsk Nickel is a full participant in the renewal process itself; implements most projects on its own with the involvement of outside contractors. It would seem: what is so special about this? However, what is now starting to happen in Norilsk is a unique challenge in a global context. After all, a complex change in the urban environment, engineering and social infrastructure is a serious challenge for any city, and beyond the Arctic Circle, the complexity of the decisions is multiplied. Especially in Norilsk, the largest city in extreme northern conditions. And now what is happening in this Arctic city, which has become the starting point for the implementation of such projects, is looked at with great hope by other limitless Arctic settlements in need of renovation.

– Previously, we were responsible for the creation of jobs, taxes, the development of the territory, the development of the productive forces. Now the state, due to external conditions, is turning to business. This is a kind of business socialization. Therefore, the renovation, among other things, is an interesting practice that can be extended to other cities, says Andrey Grachev, Norilsk Nickel’s vice president for federal and regional programs.

It must also be remembered that the project operates under current conditions, which are very difficult economically and geopolitically. However, the Norilsk Nickel company is convinced that nothing should stop the people of Norilsk from seeing their hopes come true. And get a renewed city for life: beautiful, comfortable and modern.

All new houses, schools and museums will organically fit into the future image of the northern city. Photo: Norilsk Nickel Company

– Those sensitive projects that are really important to the people of Norilsk will be completed on time and to the extent that they were planned. Perhaps some projects will have to be shifted to the right, but what we promised, we will definitely fulfill, – emphasized Vladimir Potanin, president of Norilsk Nickel.

Let’s live in a new way

The Arctic is harsh – it is impossible to delay construction, you need to make the most of the precious short summer in order to have time to do everything possible. And the company succeeds in doing this: already last year, two major projects were completed in Norilsk as part of the renovation: a new building for the fire and rescue unit was put into operation and a major overhaul was completed in the downtown complex. for social services for the population. At the same time, construction of new houses began in the city for the first time in many years. The first two high-rise buildings are being built at 50 Let Oktyabrya Street. Already by the first quarter of 2024, it is expected to reach the stage of preparation of the thermal contour of the buildings and the beginning of the installation of communications.

Emergency house dismantling and landscaping after demolition are also in full swing. In total, it is planned to demolish 45 residential buildings and build more than 80 new ones. The main focus is on two districts: Talnakh and Oganer. In the latter, emergency houses, unfinished back in the perestroika era, were dismantled in the first year of the remodeling that began. In 2022, the design of the facilities began, which will be built on the site of a cleared area of ​​11 hectares. A whole residential quarter will appear here: eight multi-storey buildings, a kindergarten for 270 students and a school for 1100 students. Norilsk Nickel will allocate more than 12 billion rubles for these purposes within eight years. A new modern kindergarten for 236 children will also open in 2025 in Kayerkan.

Photo: Norilsk Nickel Company

Talnakh will also be transformed, where the design of a modern polyclinic with a capacity of 1,000 visits per shift has begun. There will be everything necessary for those who need treatment: adult and children’s departments, an emergency room, radiation and functional diagnostic departments, a women’s consultation and dentistry. Construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2025.

Learn and learn!

Norilsk is a city with history and its own recognizable architectural appearance. Therefore, one of the important components of the renewal program is the preservation of the historic face of the city. Houses in the style of the Soviet Empire will be carefully reconstructed.

Great transformations await the housing and communal services of the city. The plans include, among other things, the modernization of infrastructure facilities that are critical to life support. For example, it involves the thermal stabilization of soils under residential buildings and social facilities, as well as the reconstruction and rehabilitation of more than 650 kilometers of collector networks and 250 kilometers of electrical networks.

Photo: Norilsk Nickel Company

Norilsk Nickel rightly believes that the hometown should be not only cozy and beautiful, but also the most modern. And this requires additional efforts to build and renovate facilities in a variety of areas. Additional funds have already been allocated for these purposes.

For example, this is the reconstruction of the building of the Fedorovsky Polar State University. Familiar to many generations as the Norilsk Industrial Institute, it is the only university in the Norilsk Territory. The university building was erected in 1952. This university is a forge of personnel and specialists not only in the Norilsk industrial region, but also in the entire region. Today, a course has been taken to transform the educational process, which requires conditions that meet the most modern requirements, including in the IT, mining and ecology sector in the Arctic. PGI repair involves not only finishing work, but also a complete re-equipment of the scientific and technical base. In addition, the company will build a student complex, with which the university will be able to attract applicants from other regions of the country.

Photo: Norilsk Nickel Company

Another vital initiative for the northern city is the construction of an innovative educational complex named after V.?I.?Dolgikh for 1,100 places. The school is designed as the center of an educational cluster: it will house 44 classrooms, 28 coworking spaces, several workshops and laboratories with modern equipment. The sports block will be made up of a multipurpose room, choreographic and gymnastics rooms, a shooting gallery and a 25-meter pool. There is also a function room and a library center. All this will appear in 2027.

… The unprecedented project for the construction of, in fact, the new Norilsk, the real capital of the modern Arctic, is in the spotlight of the federal authorities. Members of the Federation Council have come to the Arctic more than once to get acquainted with the progress of the work and give a high assessment of the changes taking place here. During the last visit, the senators carefully studied the project of the future school named after VI Dolgikh, in which Norilsk Nickel, according to preliminary estimates, will invest four billion rubles.

– This is the school of the future. Together with her, Norilsk will have an additional touch of great individuality. I have very positive emotions from what I saw, – said the deputy chairman of the Federation Council Galina Karelova.

Senator Valery Semenov also stressed the importance of joint work between Norilsk Nickel and authorities at all levels. He stressed that only thanks to a common effort can we not only see progress, but also talk about guaranteed compliance with all obligations.

Direct speech

Nikolai Utkin, Senior Vice President of Norilsk Nickel, Head of the Norilsk Division:

– Renovation has become part of the company’s strategy in Norilsk. Because we understand that our employees live here. Norilsk Nickel is the city of Norilsk. And we have already started large-scale construction projects. The first two high-rise buildings will appear on 50 Years of October street. This year we will start construction on four low-rise buildings. At this time, the design work is underway, a contractor has been selected. In addition to 120 billion rubles, the lion’s share of which is the company’s funds, according to the agreement, Norilsk Nickel also received funds for social facilities, without which the city will not shine in new colors. Here, too, the company does not change its plans. At the same time, we implement the best in the projects. We take into account the opinion of Norilsk residents, which was recorded in the master plan of the city. For the company, this is not only a financial burden, but we are also the contractors for everything to actually be built. Eighty percent of all renovation facilities will be built by the company with the participation of contractors. And the first contractors have already appeared, they are large, large-scale, federal-level companies.

Andrey Grachev, Vice President of Federal and Regional Programs at Norilsk Nickel:

– The renovation is progressing. Upgrade plans don’t fit, everything is going according to plan. And here it is important to note that the concept of the architecture of northern cities is much broader than just “construction”. Here it is important to take into account the factors of inaccessibility, difficulties with logistics, inequality of information, shortage of qualified personnel, “day-night”, harsh northern conditions … Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider what architectural technologies should be used in each of the northern cities, taking into account their specificities.

Galina Karelova, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council:

– In the city, large-scale landscaping works are carried out: the facades of residential buildings are restored, public lighting is replaced, housing infrastructure and community and engineering services are modernized, work is being done on soil stabilization, cleaning of territories and install hot stalls. Norilsk has become cleaner, brighter, more comfortable. This is the first impression of the exterior. As for construction sites, everything moves, it creates the impression of creative energy and hope that everything will be built on time and with high quality.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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