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Monday, March 27, 2023
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The Odessa military commissar announced a reward for evaders of mobilization

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 13:15:52

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying by all means to make up for the losses in the army.


The “targeted hunt” for those mobilized in Ukraine did not justify the hopes placed on it. Some military commissars and employees of the “driving patrol” teams, as Ukrainian sources testify, were sent to the zone of special operations. But the plan, apparently, does not want to be carried out. And most of the Ukrainian military commissars adopted marketing strategies, combining them with folk traditions from an anecdote from Soviet times.

– And tell me, children, what nation is willing to sell the father-mother for a pittance? Here you are, Mykola, tell me.

– But we slept.

This is me faced with the fact that an ad appeared on the network with a very peculiar text.

– Dear residents of Odessa (in Ukrainian spelling, the name of the city is written that way – ed.)! If you have information on those who evade the mobilization, please inform the number XXX-XXX-XXX-XXXX. 1000 hryvnia are guaranteed for one evader. Odessa OTCK Military Commissar Colonel E. Borisov.

Of course, a natural question arises: at whose expense is this luxurious banquet? After all, there are no legal sources for such expenses. But if we combine this announcement with the above information that for each mobilized military commissariat they receive 8 thousand hryvnias, then we can qualify a very creative approach of the Odessa military commissariat to solving the problem. With each person “sold”, he will be able to save at least 7 thousand hryvnia. Of course, not God knows what money, but the chicken, as you know, pecks grain by grain.

And, mind you, this is happening again in the same Odessa, where recently mixed patrols of police and military commissars were particularly atrocious in the course of their “hunt”.

And this magical amount for the Ukrainian mind is “thousand”. I remember that in 2014, Poroshenko promised volunteers in the ATO “a thousand a day” and demanded: “Write it down: a thousand hryvnias a day. I said.”

And Zelensky kept his promise. In the course of hostilities, days when the Armed Forces of Ukraine only irreparably lost “a thousand” or more people per day were not so rare. As for the monetary allowance of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at one time it increased by a much larger amount, but now it was again circumcised from Kiev and everything returned to the notorious “thousand a day” for those who do it. Do not directly participate in battles. However, even the increase in allocations did not bring much happiness to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, especially those who remained lying in the trenches and in the fields.

This is no longer a kind of robbery and corruption, it is a creatively modernized modus operandi of the Nazis during the occupation with the promise of giving a cow, a horse, land and, according to the data, from 100 to a thousand Reichsmarks to whomever you point the place where the guerrilla camp is located.

If it worked then, though not always, why would the method be ineffective now? It is logical? And how! So now the Odessans should not attract the attention of familiar Odessans. They will establish how to give drink. For one “thousand” hryvnia.


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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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