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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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The Omsk region is increasing the production of its own agricultural machinery KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 21:27:31

Local companies actively participate in the import substitution process.

“Today, 28 factories are engaged in the production of agricultural machinery and spare parts,” explains Nikolai Drofa, regional Minister of Agriculture and Food. – More than 5.5 thousand agricultural machines are produced annually, including tillage and sowing machines. The only company beyond the Urals that manufactures elevator equipment is developing dynamically and has already become a leader. Omsk machine builders also began to produce spare parts for imported equipment.

At a price, Omsk units and components are much cheaper than foreign analogues, therefore they are in demand, including on the foreign market. In particular, the supply of agricultural machinery to the Republic of Kazakhstan is increasing.

In total, last year farmers in the Omsk region spent 7.9 billion rubles on modernization. As a result, the agricultural fleet was replenished with 218 modern tractors, 183 grain and 23 forage combines, 460 units of tillage equipment, seed drills and seed drills, and more than a thousand sets of equipment.

This year the modernization process will continue. The incentive for this is the concessional lending mechanism (last year farms signed 124 investment agreements totaling 1.8 billion rubles). In addition, a subsidy program to reimburse part of the costs of modernizing agricultural production, under which farmers purchased 247 units of equipment. At the same time, the regional budget investments amounted to 164.6 million rubles.

The Omsk region is in the risky agriculture zone, however it is a successful agricultural region that makes a significant contribution to the country’s food security. And technical modernization is one of the components of such stability. The other is state and regional subsidies, which support 30 types of agricultural activities and help not only large companies to stay afloat. Last year, 1,200 households became its beneficiaries, 75 percent of which are personal and agricultural.

According to experts, the region currently has 195 percent excess food. Such self-sufficiency encourages farmers to increase external supplies, including those for export. The state stimulates producers by compensating them with up to 25 percent of the cost of transporting goods. And the compensation for the transportation of grain by rail is 100 percent.


Today, food from Omsk is sent to 40 countries. The main importers are Kazakhstan (38 percent of the total) and China (29 percent). Over the past year, the turnover of foreign trade of the Omsk region with China has grown by one and a half times. In the food line: vegetable oil, dairy products, pastries, flour. The Omsk trading house operates in Manchuria with branches in the provinces.

Countries in Central, East and Southeast Asia, North Africa and the Middle East are also promising areas for increased exports.


Alexander Burkov, Governor of the Omsk Region:

– Agriculture is one of the pillars of the region’s economy. Therefore, our task is to provide maximum support to farmers. New opportunities for rural development are also opening up thanks to the new roads. Last year, we built and rebuilt almost 26 kilometers of roads that lead to agricultural businesses. This budget includes about 500 million rubles, and it is about five more roads.

In general, we have gained good momentum in recent years. Some 600 kilometers of roads have already been repaired under the national project Safe and Quality Highways. We set ourselves no less ambitious goals for 2023. In addition to regional highways, we will pay attention to roads within towns, villages, as well as those leading to the SNT.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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