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Friday, September 29, 2023
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The patriotic program “Our” will appear on TV: Dmitry Kharatyan will tell honestly about the participants and heroes of the SVO

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 16:56:56

Dmitry Kharatyan is the host of the new TV show.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

The new television season opens with the premiere of a patriotic program. The project was called Nashi and it will premiere from Monday to Thursday on the Rossiya channel. The presenters are people’s artist Dmitry Kharatyan and the honored artist, author and performer of his songs, composer Utah.

Filming has begun and the creators of the program invite those who wish to participate: “If you fight bravely for what is ours, if you are always ready to help us in everything. If you are family and friends, wives and loved ones of our fighters. If you support our people in everything and strive with all your might to bring our victory closer, let your story become ours. Be the hero of our project.”

To become a member of the Nashi project, call +79850000070 or send an email to nashi@smotrim.ru.

The television project will tell about the fate of people who came into contact with the New World Order. The Nashi show is about heroes and mutual help of people who find themselves in a difficult life situation. Heroes can be: SVO members, their relatives, residents of the new Russian territories, refugees, doctors, volunteers, families who have adopted orphans and many people who have something to tell, something to share.

Kharatyan in the studio for a new project.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

The presenter of the new project, Dmitry Kharatyan, visited hospitals and spoke with soldiers in Makeevka. From the very beginning of the NMD, Kharatyan began to express his patriotic position: “All these eight years after 2014, Donbass was bombed, people died, mostly peaceful. Of course, our state could not ignore, could not but react to this… Now the question is about the survival of the nation, the state, the people… It is historically necessary that this happens during our lifetime. .. Now It is a fateful moment for each of us and for the world as a whole…

In addition, Kharatyan does not hide his position in the service of the children of the stars: his son recently ceased to be a director: “My son is 24 years old. He didn’t help because he has vision problems. But in times of war, he is conscripted. If he receives a summons, he will go if necessary. And it’s not about dad, not that he’s so right: a statesman. And in himself: we talked with him on these issues. The son shares the same views as me and believes that if a duty needs to be done, he will do it. I myself did not otmazatsya in my 24 years. Then I was already a popular artist, I had ten movie roles. My photos appeared on the covers of magazines, I had a wife and a son. But they called me and I didn’t cut it, although they told me how to do it. But then I would be ashamed. It was just after the release of the movie “Green Van”: it was released in December 1983 and in May 1984 they called me.

The premiere of “Nashi” from August 28 from Monday to Friday at 14.55 in “Russia”.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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