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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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The police denied the version of the inter-ethnic conflict at the Chelyabinsk school KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 01:11:37

The version of the interethnic conflict really lies on the surface. On one side of the barricades were three natives of the southern republic, on the other – six local residents. To add fuel to the fire, all that remains is to convert what has been beaten into “hit for merit” and demand the justification of what is “ours”. And there, with the words “come here in large numbers,” you can call people to the streets. Then nationwide pogroms began at all times.

The confrontation was prolonged, but teachers and parents were in the dark.

Times change, but the methods are the same. It is no coincidence that the authors of the appeal appeal against the trial of Vera Zasulich, who was acquitted after the assassination attempt on the mayor of St. Petersburg, General of Cavalry Fyodor Trepov. Supposedly, she shot Trepov for violating her own order to abolish corporal punishment, and society supported her. “It should be the same now!” advocates say. Only for some reason do they forget that the acquittal of the jury was immediately protested and the revolutionary comrades-in-arms had to be hastily transported to Switzerland to avoid a new trial. It could not be otherwise! Otherwise, everything that is done in the name of great ideas can be justified, no matter how differently they are perceived by those who took up arms and against whom they were directed. This is probably why Themis is blind and first of all evaluates her actions and consequences, and only then motives and emotions.

But let’s go back to our teenagers and try to rely only on facts. On the afternoon of February 8, two companies met at Educational Center No. 2. Events unfolded quickly, like in a good action movie. Four more teenagers in ski masks, armed with hammers and a spray gun, jumped out of the ambush to help the locals. And already without ado, having demoralized the enemy with shots in the air, they led him, from time to time knocking him down, to the neighboring educational center No. 5, in the hall of which the main battle took place. All this is confirmed by the recording of the exterior surveillance cameras.

As a result, two of the three victims were hospitalized with head injuries. The attackers were arrested the same day. The authors of the appeal claim that the authorities and the police erroneously classify them as skinheads and that the ethnic “guest gang from the Urals” is unfairly recognized as a victim. In fact, the police and the Investigative Committee have never mentioned either the gang or the skinheads. According to the investigators, the conflict arose from a personal hostility between two students from educational center No. 2. They made an appointment and each brought a support group. It is known that the confrontation was prolonged, confrontations have already happened, but teachers and parents were in the dark.

– In order to establish an objective picture, the police, together with other prevention agencies, interviewed all the students of the educational center No. 2 – 3268 children and adolescents, – reported the press service of the police headquarters of the region. – Social educators and psychologists have joined the work. There were no statements or appeals about the unlawful conduct of the victims in the fight, complaints of extortion or harassment by the children.

It is worth noting that the same information was confirmed by the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in the Chelyabinsk Region, Evgenia Mayorova. She also came to the conclusion about the personal history of the conflict. A reasonable question arises: who needed to shuffle the facts in this way to transfer the conflict to an explosive inter-ethnic plane?

On the one hand, the two students of the No. 2 educational center are probably to blame, in fact, they became the initiators of the mass brawl. But from the point of view of the law, it is much more important who brought a weapon with them, who started the fight, who fought back, and who ultimately received injuries, fortunately not fatal. Otherwise, things could have taken a completely different turn.

Based on the facts, only four attackers who were directly involved in the fight were brought to justice. According to information from RG’s own sources, so far only one of them has drawn the attention of the police: he is registered in the PDN for an administrative offense. The rest did not participate, did not get involved. By the way, one of the detainees is the son of a volunteer who is part of the SVO.

The same can be said of the victims. Neither they nor their parents were or are in the preventive registry. It turns out that both sides have normal families, parents work and raise children. But children do not always follow the example of their parents.

By the way

The Chelyabinsk school has been ordered to pay 40,000 rubles in compensation to an 11-year-old boy who was injured during a fight with a high school student. Since the school failed to ensure the safety of the children, three officials, including the deputy head of security, were sanctioned.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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