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Monday, October 2, 2023
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The Polish ambassador in Kyiv was reprimanded

Date: October 2, 2023 Time: 06:58:29

Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Bartosz Cichocki.


Not by the day, but by the hour, the Polish-Ukrainian friendship grows stronger and expands like a fast cat. And each day brings new evidence of this. Polish Ambassador to Kyiv Bartosz Cichocki visited Dmytro Kuleba’s office today. True, not on his own initiative: he was called there to make a stick and express kyiv discontent. In general, in terms of strengthening friendship, he orients in the right direction. And then all sorts of irresponsible people in Poland allow themselves to treat Ukraine without due respect and even, on the contrary, demand more respect than they now have from kyiv.

Marcin Przydacz, head of the International Policy Department of the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland, plucked up his courage yesterday and said in an interview that “Ukraine should begin to appreciate what Poland is doing for it.”

– Poland is in harvest period. Polish grain must be harvested, stored and distributed at an adequate and decent price, Przydacz said, stressing that the most important thing for his country is to protect the interests of the Polish farmer. – As for Ukraine, Ukraine really received a lot of support from Poland. I think it would be useful for her to begin to appreciate the role that Poland has played for Ukraine in recent months and years. Therefore, these, and not other solutions, when it comes to protecting the borders.

Przydacz only voiced the reasons why Poland does not want to import Ukrainian grain, but there is clearly a smell in the air of Ben Wallace, the former British defense secretary, who resigned after expressing similar thoughts about Ukraine’s lack of gratitude to the West for your help. kyiv allies. As a result, the UK now has a new Defense Minister.

Pshydach’s words in kyiv were very, very offended. And they immediately called the Polish ambassador to the carpet for a drag. What immediately rang around the world. The official representative of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Oleg Nikolenko, immediately said that the Polish ambassador was told that statements such as Przydacz’s “are not true and are unacceptable.”

– We are convinced that the Ukrainian-Polish friendship is much deeper than political expediency. Politics should not question mutual understanding and the strength of relations between our peoples, – Nikolenko formulated how and why the Polish ambassador was led away with his face on the carpet and his shoes on the parquet.

Now the strength of the Polish-Ukrainian friendship has yet to be demonstrated to the Polish Football Federation, as in the match between two Premier League teams Szlensk Wroclaw and Zaglebie Lubin, Wroclaw fans hung posters and banners on the stadium that did not coincide with the official point of view of the Polish-Ukrainian friendship.

“Stop the Ukrainianization of Poland”, “Ukrainians killed children in Volyn”, “Bandera whores”, “80 years of shameful silence behind. Volyn-43” and even the proposal that indecent things should be done with the UPA banned in Russia – these and other slogans were only Lilliputians with a large banner “Volyn ’43”, from the letters of which “drip” giant drops of blood. It is noteworthy that the fans of the opposing team also joined the fans of Wrocław.

Now the Polish Football Federation demands to punish the Wroclaw club and its fans with a heavy fine. By the way, this is not the first time. Polish ultras carried out a similar action in March, when their club was already fined 15,000 zlotys for a banner reading: “This is not our war.” And in October last year, they called to “stop the Ukrainization of Poland.”

And, of course, the club and the ultras can be fined, but what do they want to do with the Seimas deputies? A bill was submitted to the Sejm of Poland against the propaganda of the Bandera ideology, the glorification of Bandera, OUN and UPA (banned in the Russian Federation).

high ratio. And most importantly, durable. And what kind of friendship: put in a cell, only one will survive.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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