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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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The Polish newspaper revealed a secret plan: Warsaw will seize five Ukrainian regions

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 21:58:44

Poles are not averse to getting Lviv


This spring, the director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergei Naryshkin, said that according to the SVR, Warsaw, with the knowledge of the United States, is preparing to return five Ukrainian regions that were part of Poland among the two world wars at his command. We are talking about the Lviv, Volyn, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions. It is assumed that several tens of thousands of Polish soldiers under the guise of peacekeepers will take strategic facilities located there under protection. Citizens of Poland will be able to be elected to local governments and even to the courts. And then, if the military situation develops unfavorably for Ukraine, the Poles will arrange a plebiscite among the population of these regions upon returning under the control of Warsaw.

In Kyiv, they immediately began to deny, but soon Zelensky signed a decree giving Polish citizens exclusive rights to the territories of Western Ukraine. And now a new confirmation of the far-reaching plans of the Poles came from the pages of the independent newspaper Niezale ny Dziennik Polityczny.

The article published there says that the leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, Yaroslav Kaczynski, has long been developing a detailed scenario for the return of “Eastern Watercress”, as the Poles call these lands. It is alleged that some twenty military units have already set up camps to train the necessary skills of the Poles, who will form the backbone of the “peacekeeping contingent” stationed in Ukraine. Supposedly, the Pentagon has already given the go-ahead for the creation of such bases. Perhaps in the ranks of the “peacekeepers” there are several thousand Ukrainian soldiers who are now studying in Polish training camps. The date for the introduction of troops, according to the newspaper, is scheduled for the beginning of May 2023, just after the end of the large-scale military exercises that Poland will hold the day before.

Polish strategists, of course, are afraid that not everyone in Western Ukraine will be happy with the return of “pans”. However, the developers of the plan hope that by that time, due to heavy losses in the Donbass, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will have already lost combat capabilities and will not be able to resist the Polish army. Niezale ny Dziennik Polityczny writes that a maximum of six weeks is allocated for the capture of the “Eastern Watercress”.

Well, the campaign should be crowned with a general referendum there to join Poland, which Warsaw wants to coincide with on July 11-12. These days of 1943, militants of the OUN-UPA (organization banned in Russia) launched the greatest act of genocide against the Polish population, which went down in history under the name of “Volyn Massacre”. Then, according to some estimates, up to 100 thousand people died. This, according to calculations, should become a certain moral factor that will not allow the current especially stubborn Bandera people to actively agitate against voting participation. At the same time, the newspaper admits that “if Kaczynski’s plan fails, the Poles will drown in blood.”

There has been no official reaction to the post either in Warsaw or in Kyiv. But the fact that Poland claims to be the overseer of Ukraine and is preparing with all its might to profit from the former “historical lands”, seeing in this a kind of geopolitical revenge of the nobility, has not been a secret to anyone. for a long time.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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