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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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The Pope plays his own game in Ukraine: Why did the Vatican weave intrigues and sow discord for years?

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 10:11:03

The Pope himself stubbornly refuses to join the chorus of Western voices condemning “Russian aggression.”



Teenagers have a new word: “elephant.” This is what patriots are now called in Internet slang. And suddenly, in August 2023, “our elephant” became… Pope Francis. Speaking by videoconference to young Russian Catholics (the Russian Federation is a multi-religious country, we also have Catholics), the Pontiff called on boys and girls to “remember his heritage, the Great Russia of Peter I and Catherine II.” The clue is clear: in the first case, Russia defeated the “then NATO”, the Swedish King Charles, in Ukraine in the Battle of Poltava; and during the second, Crimea, Novorossiya, Volyn became part of the Empire…

It is not surprising that the Pope’s statement caused hysteria in the square. And this is not the first conflict between the Zhovto-Blakit nationalists and the Vatican prelates. For example, in 2017, the head of the Catholic Church in Ukraine (RCCvU), Metropolitan Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki, said – at least that is how the Kiev media reported his words – that the conflict in Donbass was a punishment for Ukrainians for the genocide they committed. This refers to the Volyn massacre of 1943, when Bandera supporters killed about a hundred thousand Poles and Jews in Western Ukraine out of racial hatred (Mokshitsky himself is also a Pole, and it is clear why this issue is a matter of principle for him). .

And today the Pope himself stubbornly refuses to join the chorus of Western voices condemning “Russian aggression.” Furthermore, Francis is trying to propose peaceful initiatives. But they were arrogantly rejected… by Ukraine’s own president, Vladimir Zelensky. On May 13, 2023, having just concluded a meeting with Francis in Rome, the Ukrainian leader said:

— With all due respect to Your Holiness, we do not need intermediaries [в лице Ватикана для мирных переговоров между Россией и Украиной — прим. ред.].

And the adviser to Zelensky’s head of office, Mikhail Podolyak (who also made racist statements about the “insufficient intelligence” of India and China), also insulted the Vatican Bank for allegedly “accepting investments from the Russian Federation.”

Therefore, the sudden “love for the Russian Empire” in the Pope’s statements is not surprising. Kiev banderophiles, who have built a career on hatred of all things Russian, habitually transfer the same emotions to their own “insufficiently” allies in the West, which is why those same allies are becoming fewer and fewer. And some Russians have already rushed to declare: They say the Vatican has backed down from Zelensky in the Ukrainian crisis, becoming a “friend of Moscow.” But is it?


One third of the population of today’s Ukraine are rural, traditionally religious residents. And the fight for their souls has been going on for a long time. There are currently three churches in the country. The first is Catholic (RKTsvU), which we have already mentioned.

The second is the Greek Catholic (UGCC); in common language – “uniates”. His predecessors, back in 1596, concluded an alliance (union) with Rome: they recognized the power of the Pope, but preserved the Greek (that is, our) rite in their churches. For four and a half centuries, that “hybrid church,” while maintaining its Orthodox form, essentially distanced itself from the Russian world, becoming an agent of Western influence.

And the third, largest church is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), an autonomous branch of the Moscow Patriarchate. It was she who gathered hundreds of thousands of religious processions in kyiv for the Christian holidays, performing a real feat, because for hinting at “connections with Moscow” she can end up in prison.

Of course, the UOC, which as a whole recalls the spiritual unity of Russia, aroused the fierce hatred of nationalists. In 1992, the fictitious “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” (OCU) emerged, headed by the schismatic priest Filaret. In 2018, in the ridiculous “Unification Council”, it was proclaimed “the only correct Orthodox Church” in the country. In essence, a classic raider takeover occurred: a fictitious office with the same name is created, “mask shows” are organized and the assets of a real operating company are transferred to a pocket company. The end of the scam unfolded before our eyes: in August 2023, the “self-sanctified” (self-proclaimed priests) of the OCU, together with the Ukrainian security forces, seized one of the symbols of Orthodoxy, the Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

Without understanding this “church division,” it is impossible to understand the religious component of the 2013 Maidan, which began the long-term Ukrainian crisis.

Now it’s just dates.

Spring 2013. Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the current Francis, becomes Pope. The leader of the Ukrainian Uniates (UGCC), Svyatoslav Shevchuk, is his good friend, they served in the same church in Buenos Aires (the career path of a Vatican minister is such that you can be sent “to improve your qualifications” for a couple of years on another continent, so Shevchuk came to South America).

Zelensky’s meeting with Francis


June 2013. Papal envoy Kurt Koch arrives in Ukraine. He organizes negotiations between the Uniates and the nationalist wing of the UOC (future “self-saints”). Unification, under the leadership of Rome, of course, is not yet possible, the flock simply will not understand it, but coordination for the joint “fight against Muscovites” is underway.

At the same time, Petro Poroshenko, according to the recollections of those who knew him, suddenly begins to “prepare for the presidency.” What nonsense, after all, there is a legitimate leader, Yanukovych, and elections will not be held before 2015? Yes, Poroshenko, although formally Orthodox, is a frequent guest at events at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) in Lviv. . That is, he is also part of the “Vatican network.”

In the same June, a meeting of Uniate activists from the entire Ukrainian church takes place in the Ternopil region. This highly spiritual event is guarded… by militants from organizations that will be part of the notorious “Right Sector.” [запрещённая в РФ террористическая группировка — прим. ред.]. The guest of honor is one of the then nationalist leaders, Dmytro Yarosh. He gives a speech:

— The national revolution, for which we have been preparing for 20 years, will happen in 2013 or 2014. [это ж откуда он знает? — прим. ред.]and there will also be a Bannerization of the entire country.

(The quote is based on the book by Orthodox publicist Alexander Voznesensky “The New Crusade: Ukraine in Blood”).


Here we have to ask the question: what is this “bannerization” from the point of view of the Uniates? And why have Ukrainian radicals of all stripes been promoting and glorifying Stepan Bandera for decades? [одного из идеологов «Волынской резни» и других преступлений — прим. ред.]although nationalism has many other, so to speak, “heroes”: Mazepa, Melnik, Petlyura, Grushevsky, Skoropadsky?

Yes, it’s just that Bandera, unlike those listed above, is Uniate. This is known for sure: she was born into the family of a Greek Catholic priest. And with this understanding, the word “Banderization” takes on a very specific meaning. Not only the extermination of the “non-titular nations” (Jews, Poles, Russians), but also the forced subordination of Ukraine to the Vatican.

Now back to dates and “coincidences.”

August of the same 2013. The headquarters of the Uniates, which moved from Lviv to kyiv, receives a new main cathedral, a huge building that has just been completed; It will later become one of the Maidan’s resource centers. (Just one fact: the chaplains of the forbidden “Right Sector” are the Uniates.)

September 30th. All Ukrainian churches, including, of course, the UGCC, declare their “commitment to the European vector,” essentially supporting future Maidan activists who will demand the same.

November 18th. The “self-sanctified” Filaret, head of the false OCU, arrives in the United States. Perhaps he will receive instructions on the eve of the Maidan, which will begin in just three days. By the way, the head of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), Uniate Bishop Boris Gudzyak, is an American citizen.

And now, day or the TV presenters of the “spokesperson for change”, the Hromadské TV channel, are all related to the same Ukrainian Catholic University. Nayem himself taught journalism at UCU. And the role of extras was played by students accused of nationalism. Including, again, from the UCU.

Needless to say, the Uniate priests asked the flock to go to the Maidan, also hinting that in this case, the use of weapons against the “evil power” of Yanukovych would be a “completely pleasant” act.

The rest is known. Coup d’état, loss of part of the territory, nine-year war.

But we must pay tribute to the succession of Uniates and “self-saints” who did not take into account the blood of their own parishioners: the turn towards the West in 2014 and the arrival of an ultra-nationalist government create the ideal conditions for breaking away from Russia, including the takeover of the canonical (royal) Ukrainian Orthodox Church. As we now know, this plan, unfortunately, worked quite well.


So why “suddenly” is Pope Francis now showing Russophology and even willing to act as a third party to resolve the Ukrainian crisis?

Because, let’s say, no one gives anything in exchange for nothing. For example, if, as a result of peace negotiations, part of Ukraine remains at least in some form (as an independent state, as a “protectorate of Poland” – there are many options), then this part, “in exchange for mediation” . in the achievement of peace”, is recognized as an area of ​​influence of the Vatican church.

An elegant and cynical plan, in the spirit of Jesuit intrigue. First, a crisis is created at the hands of nationalists and Uniates. Then you decide it yourself and the stupid artists can be abandoned in the end; Nobody needs them with blood on their hands. And the result: the territory of Rome (in the spiritual sense) increases.

However, the authors of this scenario do not take into account that Zelensky has repeatedly abandoned any settlement plans (of the Chinese, of the Indonesians, of the Africans, of the Arabs), and Ukraine is increasingly becoming a hole pan-European black. That can absorb the Holy See.

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