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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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The prefabricated house for small families: 2 rooms for 15,000 euros

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 11:31:56

The price of housing does not stop rising in Spain and there are more and more families looking for an alternative as a second home to go on vacation in cheap prefabricated houses or to install it as an auxiliary space in the garden, to receive friends, as an additional room or room to work. There are cabins of this type from just 2,000 euros on Amazon. But for 15,000 euros we found a model, called Duero, which is designed for small families of three or four people.

Prefab and modular homes are cheaper, are customizable, and can be placed on any buildable lot. Thus, it is ideal for those who want to move to country or rural areas, although they can also be lived in in any city. To assemble them, previously manufactured materials and components are used that are assembled in the chosen place. Hence, the installation is more agile than a traditional house.

Casa Duero, a cheap wooden house for small families

This house is ideal for installing it on a piece of land in the countryside, for example, since it has a total area of ​​64 square meters. To install it as an auxiliary house at home, it is necessary to have enough space in the garden. It is divided as follows: 44 square meters of living space and another 16 of terrace. This summer house has a square shape, so it can be easily located on the plot. But another of the advantages of manufactured homes is that they can be modified to suit the needs of the buyer.

The interior of the house is fully functional for a small family of 3 or 4 people, especially for those who want a vacation home in contact with nature and being outdoors. It consists of two bedrooms, bathroom, hallway and kitchen. In addition, it has a common rest area with several windows that allow you to enjoy natural light every day.

On the other hand, the terrace forms an outdoor area to have meals, rest or do outdoor activities. Regarding the exterior design and, as indicated on the maestrocasas website, “this summer house combines the modern and the traditional. Traditionality is embraced with a gabled roof and modernity is reflected in the large windows at the front . and the terrace”.

How are the materials of a prefabricated house?

The exterior of the houses can be made of different materials, such as concrete, steel or metal, among others. But the cheapest material is wood, as is the case with the Duero model. The floor inside the house is also made of wood, “the floor boards are brushed, which gives the floor a modern and elegant look that can be easily adapted to any interior style”, it is indicated on the web. Also the doors, windows, beams and roof boards.

The Duero house is priced at 15,743 euros, but extras can be added. For example, increasing the thickness of the walls to increase insulation, a roof enclosure in other more consistent materials, a rain channeling system using steel and PVC channels, solid doors or triple-glazed windows, among other things. . .

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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