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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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The premiere of the musical show “Hussar Honor” took place in Ufa – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 10:04:26

The title refers to an unofficial document – the “code of honor of Russian officers”, where there is a clause: soul – to God, heart – to a woman, duty – to the Fatherland, honor – to no one.

This idea runs like a red line throughout the plot: from the young officer’s preparations for war to the expulsion of Napoleon’s army from Moscow. In the center are five hussars of different ranks and ages, experienced and young, although, as the facts show, rarely any of the hussars lived to be 30 years old. They were brave and fearless warriors, although films and books, as well as folklore, formed a stereotype of hussars as revelers and heartthrobs, which the creators of “Hussar Honor” tried to break and show them not as heroes of jokes, but as people. . for whom the words “Homeland”, “honor”, ​​“duty”, “love” are not empty phrases.

– Today there is a lot of talk about the need to remember history. We turn to the topic of victory over the French to immerse ourselves in thoughts about the fortitude and state of mind of those who had the destiny of defeating Napoleon’s army. Daring hussars are often associated in our perception with wildlife, but it was they who were always at the forefront of battles, defended Russia for us,” noted the author of the idea, director and director, Honored Worker of Culture from the Republic of Bashkortostan Vera Pryzhankova.

“Hussar Honor” is a story about life and battles, about what they thought, dreamed, how the hussars fought and died. The action takes place in different settings, the background of which is a video projection of views of ancient noble estates and battle scenes. Of course, everything is tied together by songs. Both the famous films “Hussar Ballad” and “Matchmaking of a Hussar” (“Once upon a time”, “How long ago, brothers”) sound, as well as songs of bards: Bulat Okudzhava, modern performers Sergei. Trofimov and even Pavel, who adapt to the theme of the plot and the meaning of the wills of the Comedy Club and also the romances.

The musical canvas is impeccably woven, and this despite the fact that in the municipal cultural institution, which is the State House of Culture, there are no arrangers to make the phonogram, nor special funds for large-scale productions. Thus, the Bashkortostan Cathedral of Russians helped to sew hussar costumes: in December 2022, the Song of Attraction Theater celebrated the Day of Heroes of the Fatherland together with this organization.

So that viewers can get the most complete picture of the hussars, “Information for thought” is woven into the plot, providing interesting and useful data to expand their horizons.

Press service of the State House of Culture

The Ufa State House of Culture has a strong professional creative potential: 12 soloists with magnificent voices, for whom these theatrical performances allow them to reveal their talents, not only vocal, but also artistic. They are winners of Grand Prizes and prizewinners in international, Russian and republican competitions and festivals.

First of all, of course, these are the performers of the roles of hussars: the soloists of the song theater “Attraction” Radmir Khasanov, Dinar Fayzullin, Almaz Ayupov, Dinar Kuskildin, Ilya Borisyuk, as well as the beautiful ladies, for whom the hussars traditionally toasted and drank standing and to the end: Laysan Saratova, Alina Gataullina, Marina Vasilyeva, Firzina Abdullina, Ilira Gilyazova.

Press service of the State House of Culture

To better get used to the role and feel like real hussars, the artists had to learn new skills during the preparation process. They learned to ride a horse, to flank the stage, the art of controlling sabers, fortunately in Ufa there is a flanking club “Ural Cossack” and, of course, to dance. After all, dances were an integral part of short periods of rest, which brave warriors sought to spend in pleasant company. The vocalists learned to dance Renata Kritskaya, choreographer and director of the Theater of the Song of Attraction.

– Always, when I saw the Cossacks perform on stage, I thought: it’s easy! It turned out to be easy only until you took a token in your hand. A real inspector! Spinning and slashing with a saber, while performing a song and dancing at the same time, is not an easy task! I am very grateful to the director of the flanking club, Andrei Firstov, for the master class and numerous rehearsals,” said Radmir Jasanov.

Press service of the State House of Culture

Almost the entire team of the Ufa State House of Culture takes part in the musical show “Hussar Honor”. In addition to the soloists of the Attraction Song Theater, there are the dance groups of the Palace of Culture and all the technical services. During rehearsals, everyone was imbued with the spirit of “that era”, although, according to Vera Pryzhankova, at first the idea was quite difficult to implement: they had to overcome the doubts of the performers. There was a search, a lot of things changed during rehearsals. Everyone was worried about this project: from the carpenters who worked on the decoration to the director of the State House of Culture, Alexander Petrov.

The audience applauded every scene and every song, and at the end of the performance they enthusiastically shared their impressions.

“Words cannot express how many emotions I experienced during this hour and a half,” says Elvira Musina, a resident of Ufa. “I cried and laughed, but the most important thing was that I felt deep pride in my country, in which there are heroes and true patriots in any era.

Press service of the State House of Culture

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