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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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The price of gasoline rises up to 20% in the first month without the discount

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 15:36:41

The month of January has come to an end and with it, the first month without the bonus of 20 cents per liter from the Government to the price of fuel. During this first month of 2023, the price of gasoline has risen by 20% and in the case of diesel it is 16.7% more expensive, after becoming more expensive by 1.5% and 1% in the last week, respectively.

According to the data published this Thursday in the Oil Bulletin of the European Union (EU), it has placed an average of 1.66 euros, while diesel, at 1.7 euros.

With these data, the price of gasoline has warned of 1.47% compared to the previous week, and that of diesel, 0.95%, with which these fuels have chained their fifth consecutive week of rises.

In fact, during January, the first month in which the discount of 20 cents per liter of fuel has not been applied in general, which was in force between April and December 2022, gasoline has become 20% more expensive and diesel, 16.7%.

Gasoline is currently at the levels of the second week of last August, in the middle of the second phase of the summer exit operation, when the same price was paid as now, but with the discount applied. In the case of diesel, this fuel is below the levels of November 14, when it was sold at 1.74 euros per liter, but above the following week.


With these prices, filling a 55-liter tank with gasoline costs 91.3 euros, and if it is done with diesel, 93.72 euros. Compared to a year ago, when the discount was not yet in force, gasoline is now 7.9% more expensive and diesel costs 19.83% more. However, both fuels are still far from the all-time highs they recorded in June 2022.

In the case of gasoline, it is 14.48% cheaper than then, when its price was, including a discount, 1.94 euros per liter, while diesel costs 10.32% less than 1. 9 euros per liter that came to mark last June.

The prices of both fuels in the last week are below the averages registered in the Europe of the 27, which in the case of gasoline has been 1.75 (5.1% more) and diesel, 1.8 (a 5.7% more). In the case of the euro zone, gasoline costs 1.8 euros per liter (8.3% more) and diesel costs 1.83 euros per liter (7.4% more).

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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