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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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The Primorsky branch of RANEPA trains officials to serve the interests of the state and its citizens – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: June 7, 2023 Time: 05:23:34

Previously, the branch worked in the system of additional professional education, teaching those who already had a diploma from any university. In 2021, he received a license to implement a bachelor’s program at the address on 03.38.04. “State and municipal management: geoeconomic policy” and last year the first admission of students was carried out. By the way, from the level of additional professional to the higher level, bypassing the stage of secondary vocational education, as a rule, no one jumps. But the management of the RANEPA branch was successful.

– Unfortunately, the first admission campaign in 2022 was not loud. RANEPA’s policy is to advertise on social media, and due to understandable circumstances, we were only able to discuss our new opportunity on two of them. But there is a whole, and we are satisfied with the quality and motivation of the students. In three forms of education: full time, part time (night) and part time, 24 people were recruited. We were worried about the correspondence form, because only people who already have a higher education are accepted. It would seem, why do they need one more? But no, a lot of people came from the Armed Forces, – says Marina Sokolova, head of the RANEPA branch in the Primorsky Territory.

By the way, three correspondence students from the academy branch are now participating in a special military operation. They couldn’t come to the winter session, so the university agreed and rescheduled their exam dates.

Due to the youth of the branch in the higher education system, budgetary places for it are not distributed, and only education is paid for so far. In June, the Primorsky branch of RANEPA will apply for state accreditation of the “State and Municipal Management: Geoeconomic Policy” program, and in February 2024 it will participate in the contest for budgetary places. The university hopes that in the same year they will be able to recruit applicants based on the principles of the competition.

The branch began working with graduates of colleges and schools. The emphasis is on face-to-face meetings, not just online contacts. Children and their parents are explained that there is a discount system of 30 to 50 percent. In 2023, they are preparing to recruit 20 people for each of the three forms of education.

The teaching staff of the branch is selected from among the most experienced professionals: past or present officials and scientists in the field of philosophical disciplines.

– Only those who have been civil servants and have experienced the practice of work have the right to train future civil servants. This is my firm conviction. We have shaped the curriculum to give students a broad understanding of what they will need in the civil service. So that when they participate in competitions to cover positions, they clearly understand what authority they came to, how it works and what their powers are. Our task is to ensure that graduates form a model of responsible civil servant who serves the interests of the state and its citizens. And our graduates must also know what processes are happening within the state management system. And the regulatory requirements for state and municipal employees change quite often – every four or five years, says Marina Sokolova, who has extensive experience in civil service and municipal work.

In Russia, there is a huge shortage of qualified managers in a variety of areas. In the academy branch, they follow the principle: a royal official is a piece of goods. He must achieve results in his work, and this is quite difficult. According to Marina Sokolova, very often successes appear only after a few years. The same state programs are designed for more than one year: it is necessary to spin the wheel, develop conditions, inspire subordinates, explain the goal and the deadlines for achieving it, methodically work with the population. And all this time, until there is a visible result, you have to hold on, not give up.

– My colleagues and I had the opportunity to start working on mortgage loans and the “Apartment for a young family” program. We understood that the projects were designed for many years, that tomorrow we would not be praised for our work. It was demotivating. But! The years pass quickly. And today, looking back and understanding that we were at the origins of the implementation of the programs, we are filled with satisfaction that it was finally done, – recalls Marina Sokolova.

In the Primorsky branch of the RANEPA, they try to teach history and philosophy with an eye on modern realities. It not only trains management specialists. An official must have a state mentality. Pay attention to the details of the program – geoeconomic policy. A RANEPA graduate must clearly understand the geographic, economic, demographic, historical, political and other factors that interact in the development of the country. He must be well versed in regional studies. Therefore, the objective of the educational program of the branch is defined as “applied training of professional civil servants focused on the socio-economic and cultural realities of the development of the Far Eastern Federal District in the difficult conditions of cross-border multilateral interaction with the Northeastern countries of Asia and the Arctic”.

– Russian geoeconomic policy is aimed at ensuring that the future official has a completely clear understanding model: how the Russian Federation should work with neighboring states in the equilibrium system. And the fact that these must be mutually beneficial balances is certain. Do you remember how in the 1990s and 2000s people continued to talk about the integration of our economy with the economy of other states? We must not integrate, we must interact on equal terms. It is important to invest this model in future officials: the development of the Russian Federation should lead to the emergence of the same parity, so that we reach the level of global interaction with our solid base, Marina Sokolova is sure.

By the way

Since 2021, the Primorsky branch of RANEPA is the regional representative of the federal operator of RANEPA for the implementation of educational activities of the Employment Promotion project of the national Demography project. Organized recycling under the federal budget for 350 citizens who were in the most vulnerable position due to the COVID-19 pandemic: pensioners and early retirees, pregnant women, mothers with preschool-age children, people left without work… He continues the participation of the branch in the project.


Primorsky Branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA)

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