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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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The Pushkin Institute announced the word of 2022

Date: February 5, 2023 Time: 00:10:23

The Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language announced the word of the year. They became a “legacy”. This became known from the page of the institute on VKontakte.

As the institute notes, “heritage” is a word marked in many dictionaries with the marks “book.” and high”. In the Krylov etymological dictionary, the following meaning is given: “Loan from Old Slavonic, where it was formed from the verb naslediti – “inherit”. From the same root trace, follow. Literally inherit – “follow”.

The compilers excluded political and military topic words from the search materials to “find a positive-sounding word and public support.”

“We live in a very turbulent time, and at this moment it seems important to rethink the historical past with all the mistakes and achievements in order to understand the path we must follow. It is no coincidence that the outgoing year has been declared the Year of the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia,” the university said in a statement.

Recall that the American online dictionary Dictionary.com has chosen the word of 2022. They became a woman – “woman”. According to the dictionary, it means “an adult female person”. According to the site, search queries for this word “grew exponentially in connection with a series of events that aroused great public interest.”

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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