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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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The question “Whose Crimea?” sounded in a new way – it turned out that Ukraine used the peninsula illegally

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 06:45:17

The Soviet authorities who decided to transfer Crimea from one republic to another did not have such powers.

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

Throughout the entire period of the post-Soviet history of Russia in our country, from the moment of the collapse of the USSR, the question of the illegality of Crimea being part of Ukraine has repeatedly arisen. After 2014, when the peninsula returned to its “native port”, these talks seemed to have lost their relevance, but recent additional arguments in favor of the held referendums and the fairness of Crimea’s admission to Russia seem not to be superfluous. This week, Vladimir Konstantinov, the chairman of the Crimean regional parliament, ordered to draw up an appeal to Russia’s Constitutional Court to cancel the 1954 decree on the transfer of the peninsula to Ukraine, because the transfer itself was illegal.

– We are dealing with a very serious volume of serious violations. These are not some complicated casuistry legal rules that need to be proven. The violations committed are so gross and flagrant that we still wonder how this could have happened. But it happened, – claims Konstantinov. – Upon closer examination of this issue, it becomes clear that we have never left the composition of the Russian Federation, the borders of which have not changed since 1954, and therefore in 2014. That is, the process of our acceptance, the transfer was not only a gross disregard for the political will of Crimea, but was not legally formalized.

According to him, the Soviet authorities who decided to transfer Crimea from one republic to another did not have such powers. He remembers that on this issue there was only a decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, and the parliamentary bodies of the republics themselves – the RSFSR and the Ukrainian SSR – did not participate in the process.

– It is as if the Crimean State Council decided to transfer Texas to Mexico. This is the first. Secondly, the Supreme Soviets of the republics did not make any decisions on the transfer. And thirdly, the borders of the union republics were not discussed or designated after the change in the Crimean “place of registration”, and this is a key moment for making such a decision. This, not to mention the fact that referendums were not held, which were implicit in the Constitution of the USSR, the head of the Crimean Parliament listed his arguments, adding that no additional documents or decisions that would guarantee the protection of cultural, linguistic rights and regional traditions and norms, also not accepted.

All this is only a small part of the violations that were committed. And based on this, Crimea is part of Russia under the legislation that was in force until 1954, and never left its composition, the politician concluded.

It can be added that Nikita Khrushchev, who was at the head of the Soviet Union, initiated the transfer of the peninsula to Ukraine, without caring about compliance with the relevant legal norms, since then few could imagine the events that followed in the 80s and years 90 In addition, when registering the new property of the Ukrainian SSR in Moscow, they were in such a hurry that, for example, they simply forgot about Sevastopol. This city of federal importance required a special separate decision for itself, and since there was none, then, if it was guided by the letter of the law, Sevastopol never left the RSFSR.

So, the question of who is Crimea is gaining new relevance, but not in the sense of current affiliation, as Kiev would like, but in the aspect that Ukraine should not have gawked at “foreign bread”. Otherwise, we will continue to demand “compensation for the illegal use of someone else’s property”, damages caused by inaction and predatory actions, etc.

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