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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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The real results of Biden’s visit to kyiv: I took photos to soften the rapprochement between Russia and China

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 20:45:07

US President Joe Biden unexpectedly flew to kyiv and met with Zelensky.


The United States continues to use its main advantage: the most powerful media machine out of hundreds of Western media outlets that “correctly” highlight the aspects of the Ukrainian crisis that they need. On February 20, 2023, the whole world again saw the next series of this Hollywood film about the adventures of an old and young policeman: the “leader of the free world”, US President Joe Biden, came to Kiev to support “her boyfriend”, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

The visit was kept secret to the end, and was even denied by Washington officials, presumably to add to the element of surprise. However, there is nothing fundamentally new here – similar trips of politicians from the Atlantic to Nezalezhnaya take place almost every month.

Biden’s visit was not announced in advance; according to the plan, the head of the United States was supposed to come to Poland.


Over the past year, the leaders of France, Germany, Canada and even two British Prime Ministers, Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak, who held the same position, traveled by train (because the sky is closed) from Poland to Ukraine. This is not to mention the small fish: the foreign ministers of the same countries, the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the CIA director Bill Burns and, finally, Biden’s wife Jill, who visited western Ukraine on a “humanitarian mission” last May.

But when it comes to specific content, even foreign media, which seem to issue “hit reports”, report offensively little. The statement on the White House website about the “historic” visit is just a couple of paragraphs with extremely vague wording: “[западная] support for democracy and the territorial integrity of Ukraine will not weaken,” Biden promises.

In front of the cameras, Zelensky and Biden shook hands and hugged countless times.


Also in his statement, a whole paragraph is devoted to the new and old types of weapons that the United States and NATO undertake to transfer to Nezalezhnaya. He talks about “critical supplies, including artillery shells, ATGMs (colloquially, “anti-tank grenade launchers”), as well as “air tracking radars” – whether these systems will be combined with NATO anti-aircraft missiles, Biden did not specify. It is significant that no specific figures or delivery dates are given in the official statement.

However, the US media are already reporting that Biden “right now” promised Ukraine an additional $500 million in assistance; although, compared to the at least $50 billion the United States has given to the Independent in the past year, the amount seems modest. In addition, the owner of the White House announced the next (already in line) package of sanctions against “Russian elites” and – attention – “companies that help Russia”. Judging by the wording, the latter could affect not only Russian jurisdictions, but also our foreign partners in the east and south, such as Iran.

Biden and Zelensky before the start of negotiations in kyiv.


But his interlocutor Zelensky gives much more vivid details:

— [Мы с Байденом] they talked about long-range weapons systems and about weapons that would be delivered, even if they had not been delivered before.

And guess here: either Biden in a closed meeting really promised all sorts of “wunderwaffles”, or it’s a joke with a skillful game for the public.

In general, as even American journalists admit, the main result is joint media, videos and photos. Zelensky repeatedly asked Biden about this visit, and he went ahead, at the same time “sending a signal” to Russia from kyiv, this is how the English-language media summed it up.

It is curious that on the same day, February 20, another trip was made: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrived in Moscow; this will likely be followed by a high-level visit: there is talk of a trip to Russia by Chinese President Xi Jinping. So farsighted pundits suggest that Biden’s sudden “Kiev hook” (because he was initially going alone to neighboring Poland) is just a spontaneous attempt to soften the effect of the Russian-Chinese rapprochement.

In any case, Biden’s first visit to kyiv is aimed at showing the general public and Zelensky personally that the United States has no intention of reducing military support for Ukraine. For now. However, Biden’s main statements are to be expected during his stay in Warsaw, where he came from the Ukrainian capital. And obviously, it is no coincidence that on the Day of the Address of the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly, on February 21, the White House also announced a major speech by Joe Biden. We will know very soon what exactly the heads of state will announce.


Puppy delight in Ukraine: why Biden flew to kyiv

US President Joseph Robinett Jr. unexpectedly arrived in kyiv on Monday. The visit was not announced, Biden was supposed to come to Poland according to plan. (further)

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