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Friday, September 29, 2023
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The Russian Defense Ministry destroyed the rear command post of the Ukrainian troop group “Soledar”

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 12:47:23

Photo: Alexey Konovalov/TASS

The Russian Ministry of Defense reports on the continuation of futile attempts at offensive operations by the armed formations of the Ukrainian regime in the South-Donetsk, Krasnolimansk and Donetsk directions.

At the last briefing, the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov reported the losses of Ukrainian nationalists per day: in the South-Donetsk direction, the enemy lost up to 180 Ukrainian soldiers in attacks, in the Vremevsky salient. up to 110, in Krasnolimansky up to 90, in Donetsk more than 260, in Kupyansky more than 30, in Kherson up to 20.

In addition to the 690 Kiev regime mercenaries, our soldiers along the entire line of contact knocked out three US M777 artillery systems, two AN/TPQ-50 and AN/TPQ-36 counter-battery stations, five tanks, including three German Leopards, two French wheeled tanks “AMX”, 17 infantry fighting vehicles, two armored fighting vehicles, as well as dozens of units of various weapon systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Good methodical combat work allowed our soldiers to counterattack in several sectors: in the area of ​​​​the Sergeevka settlement of the Lugansk People’s Republic, the assault detachments of the 15th motor rifle brigade of the 2nd Army continued to develop the success for 1.5 kilometers in the direction of Svatovsky, where they captured several strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and to the west of the settlement of Zhitlovka in the Lugansk People’s Republic, the Storm detachments of the 252 and 752 motorized rifle regiments of the 20 The army, using the results of fire damage, attacked the enemy and advanced three kilometers into the depth of his defense.

At this time, our operational-tactical and military aviation, missile forces in the Zaporozhye region were liquidated: the rear command post of the Ukrainian force group “Soledar”, as well as the field command post of the 10th corps of army of the Armed Forces Forces of Ukraine. The artillery of our group during the day defeated 117 artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in firing positions, manpower and military equipment in 133 districts.

Konashenkov highlighted the combat work of the air defense units, which shot down two HIMARS multiple rocket launchers and 17 Ukrainian drones in one day.


In total, since the start of the special military operation, the following have been destroyed:

457 – aircraft.

244 – helicopters.

5308 – unmanned aerial vehicles.

427 – anti-aircraft missile systems.

11010 – tanks and other armored fighting vehicles.

1140 – combat vehicles of multiple launch rocket systems.

5646 – field artillery guns and mortars.

11939 – units of special military vehicles.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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