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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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The Russian participant of “Miss Universe” suffered a nervous breakdown due to the provocations of the Ukrainians

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 05:48:28

The owner of the title “Miss Russia 2022” Anna Linnikova represented our country at the Miss Universe pageant.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

The passions for “Miss Universe” are boiling, and a few days before the final. It seems that the world cannot accept the fact that the “old” American has been recognized as the most beautiful woman. On US Representative R’Bonnie Gabriel, 28, who became the oldest winner of the competition, they were initially laughed at at the ridiculous costume, and now they are completely demanding that their title be taken away . Allegedly, the results were rigged, and it was no coincidence that the jurors cast their votes for the American: at least one of the judges turned out to be associated with Gabriel through advertising contracts…

Meanwhile, “Miss Russia 2022” Anna Linnikova, although she did not get into the TOP-16, experienced even more stress at the competition than the winner. Her social media was attacked by thousands of aggressive Ukrainian users who not only cursed at our contestant, but also the monstrous hashtag “Miss Genocide”. And within the team the atmosphere was cool…

Now that it’s all over, Anna went on a trip to the United States. When we called, it was already night in Moscow, and in Las Vegas the day was just beginning.

– Well, Anya, the passions subsided – now you can finally exhale?

– Well, how to put it, calmed down. Until now, both I and the management of the Miss Russia contest are hated by the Ukrainian media and users of social networks. So I don’t think things have calmed down. For me, everything is happening.

During the days of the competition, when Anya was mentioned on social networks, the hashtag “Miss Genocide” appeared.


– Why don’t you ban the provocateurs? You can delete comments.

– Absolutely not everyone will be banned. If you block 10, 50 will come running. I just can’t waste my time on this. I’m trying to ignore. Although I cannot help noticing the provocations of the management of the Miss Ukraine contest. The hate being poured directly on me is not normal.

– What kind of provocation?

– Well, for example, they made a “Question-Answer” column. And someone asked: “How do you feel about the Russian woman in the competition?” The response was very ugly. Supposedly, in competition, I had to feel sorry for my Rusty all the time; that the Russians are evil; that I chased a Ukrainian woman for a joint photo … This is not true. Only once did I come over to say hello politely. She replied that she did not want anything to do with me, because I was Russian. Well, I never went near her again.

Anna Linnikova backstage at the competition.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

– Have you read all these crazy comments on your page about “Miss Genocide”, about your dress? There is a whole conspiracy theory about your outfit. Supposedly, the dress was supposed to remind of the times when Russia was an empire and scare everyone…

Yes, I see everything. The first time she was very worried. Before the press conference at Miss Universe, I even had a nervous breakdown. I cried several times, everyone saw it and understood how difficult it was for me. But some girls, for example, from Ukraine, from Switzerland, did not help me in any way.

As for the costume, I’m in shock. I didn’t expect it to be so twisted. Our national costume was called “The Crown of the Russian Empire”: this is how we wanted to pay tribute to our history, our ancestors, our culture. It was regal, beautiful, feminine. And in the end, because of my dress, there was a whole scandal, and the noble dark red color was called the color of blood…

Anna Linnikova dress with national motifs for the Miss Universe pageant. Photo: courtesy of the contest organizers / TACC

– Did you immediately understand that you would not be allowed into the TOP-16? Or did you wait until the end?

– I am a radical optimist and I believe in the best until the end. I even believed that we would not be judged for political reasons in the competition. And the support, in fact, was also colossal. People from all over the world wrote to me, from Europe, Mexico, Venezuela. Many people saw me in the TOP-16. And even in the hall there were people shouting: “Russia! Russia, forward!” Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

– Do you still believe that competition is outside of politics?

– I think everyone already understood everything. Of course, there is a biased attitude towards Russia.

– And with which of the girls did you become friends? Which countries turned out to be the most loyal to Russia?

– I became good friends with a girl from Greece, we talked a lot. She hugged me and comforted me in difficult times. Greece, Bulgaria and Kyrgyzstan – this is, perhaps, my TOP-3.

Our beauty with participants from the Philippines and Thailand.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

– What can be said about the winner? What made her stand out?

– I know her. We all wanted to take a picture together, but every time there was a rehearsal, then an interview… We never got it. The girl is very deserving. Very hardworking and goal oriented. I think she will do a great job with her duties as Miss Universe.

– When you travel in the United States, do you encounter hostility from ordinary Americans?

– On the contrary, they are all very friendly: they approach each other, get to know each other, are interested in how things are going in Russia now. Everything is very positive.

The Miss Universe 2022 title was won by American R’Bonnie Gabriel.


– Your next big pageant is Miss World. Are you already preparing?

– While we don’t even know the exact dates, I hope it will take place before the start of summer. We have already been invited, we just have to wait for the announcement of the event. I don’t have global hopes, but I want to believe that beauty pageants will be above politics. Creative people must be given freedom. Voice, sports and many other areas of life should not depend on political events.

– Well, and most importantly, how will you relieve stress when you return to Russia?

– At home, my dear cat Chloe is waiting for me at home, who is now in charge of my whole family. So the first thing I’ll do is hug the cat, and the second I’ll go eat Russian food: dumplings and herring under a fur coat.


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