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Saturday, June 10, 2023
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The scandal over the luxurious vacation of the head of the Kavkazsky district of the Krasnodar Territory demonstrated a change in the mentality of the KXan 36 Daily News society

Date: June 10, 2023 Time: 13:34:08

I make a reservation right away, I personally appreciate and respect the people on whose shoulders the control machine of our vast country rests. But some of your actions, like bubbles in worn tires, are ready to break through at any moment and put this car in a ditch. Officials become deaf to the opinion of not only an individual, but also society. Since the beginning of the special operation, we have become different. And for the most part, more cohesive. And we can clearly see how some, risking their lives, defend the interests of the country, while others, boasting of power and opportunities, consider it lawful, as before, to waste money and denounce it to the whole world. And then also to show that there is nothing wrong with that.

“I really rested with my family inside Russia, in my native region,” admits Ochkalasov himself. “I understand the possible irritation that the video could cause. The plane belongs to an airline that provides air taxi services. Pictures of our family life .was made public.”

The video, in which the district head with his family flies on vacation in two helicopters, blew up the Internet. Photo: Social networks

However, people were outraged not by the family vacation, but by the fact that the deputy spent several million on it. (Renting a helicopter costs from 300 to 600 thousand rubles per hour. And the Ochkalasov family used two at once. – G.Yu.). Yes, the head of the district is a rich man. But this is what his compatriots write in the comments: “We collect every penny here to send it to help the soldiers, and the officers ride in helicopters and litter with money! There are no words!” “Maybe there’s nothing wrong with their act. But let them watch how others live. Also, guys are dying very close, volunteers are collecting humanitarian aid! You should be ashamed.” And these are the softest reviews.

By the way, I have not heard that any wealthy official or businessman bought a tank or an airplane and sent it as support to the front. But I know a pensioner from the Novouralsky urban district, who donated 200 thousand rubles for the treatment of the wounded, or Olga Znovets from the village of Novostepnoye, Crimea, who sent 10 thousand rubles to the RG editorial office to be transferred to a special operation. , I know.

And how are they?

“Fearing the wrath of the voters…”

The leisure culture of politicians from different countries often causes disputes and scandals. Sometimes the condemnation of society can end the career of a civil servant who has gone on a spree.

For example, a couple of years ago, a wave of popular anger in the US state of Texas was provoked by the photos on the beach of Senator Ted Cruz, who went to sunbathe in Cancun, Mexico, at a time when millions of residents were left without heat. light and water in his state at the peak of unprecedented frosts. Frightened by the anger of the voters, the senator hastily interrupted his vacation and began to explain that he only wanted to “be a good father to his daughters” who wanted to go to sea.

In Britain, the rest of the village servants pay close attention. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair spent much time making excuses for his holiday in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh, where a local millionaire, supposedly out of the goodness of his soul, provided him with a luxurious villa.

Politicians in the West are generally very cautious on such a sensitive issue as vacations, many emphatically spending them modestly to show their closeness to the people, as former German Chancellor Angela Merkel did, for example. UN Secretary General António Guterres prefers to fly commercial flights even on business trips. Many public figures simply try to hide their vacation from prying eyes, not flaunting luxury and splurges of exotic landscapes on social networks, realizing that this can cost them their careers, because both the opposition and the media will be happy to use any of his carelessness

For example, in Germany, an unsuccessfully chosen vacation time led to the removal of two ministers. Germany’s head of family affairs, Anne Spiegel, and North Rhine-Westphalia’s Climate Protection Minister, Ursula Heinen-Esser, decided to take a break while all of Germany grappled with the effects of massive flooding.

Italian officials prefer to relax at home, and any distortions are often made public by the ever-present paparazzi. So, Matteo Salvini, when he was on vacation at the head of the Ministry of the Interior, published a photo that caused a stir on social networks. In it, the minister’s son was riding a police jet ski. The opposition and the newspapers raised a scandal: they say that it is not the case to organize trips for the children of the ministers in special teams. And in September, the media were outraged because in the middle of the electoral campaign, the country’s political elite did not sacrifice their traditional August holidays and made an effort to work in the polling stations. Photographic reports of deputies and governors floating serenely and sunbathing flooded social networks, as well as newspaper editorials. Former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte suffered the most, allowing himself to celebrate the New Year in a 5-star hotel in a fashionable ski resort in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

A flat tire when it comes to vacation can have very unpleasant consequences in France too. A year ago, the then Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquet, was convinced of this. At that time, another wave of covid was raging in the country, the sanitary rules in schools were constantly changing, for which parents and teachers criticized the minister. However, Monsieur Blanche and his wife went on vacation to Ibiza. On his return to Paris, he was called to report to the deputies of the National Assembly, where he was accused of dereliction of duty. Blanke was forced to scatter ashes on the air of the TF 1 TV channel, but this did not help him. He did not join the new government.

Prepared by Igor Dunayevsky, Niva Mirakyan, Vyacheslav Prokofiev, Ivan Sysoev

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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