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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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The second life of the refrigerator: how to take out unnecessary things for recycling in Moscow for free KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 3, 2023 Time: 23:22:23

“With the help of the service, you can get rid of large-sized equipment and metal objects for free, and the list of them is constantly expanding,” says Alexander Pishchelko, director of New Management Technologies GKU. order the removal of an old sofa, bed, armchair, wardrobe, television and printer “But this service is already provided for money. To date, with the help of the service, residents have disposed of 252 sofas and 118 mattresses.” Electronics became the most popular of the categories that appeared recently: 377 first devices were delivered.

And the other day the service began to accept applications for the export of old pianos, wooden doors and waste paper weighing up to 300 kg, paper and cardboard products, such as notebooks and magazines. You will also have to pay for its removal. For the disposal of waste paper – 1 thousand rubles, for a wooden door – 1.5 thousand rubles, and for the piano – 4.5 thousand rubles.

But many things can be given away for free, will be recycled and can be used again for people. We are talking about bathtubs, ovens, iron doors, kitchens, dishwashers and washing machines, refrigerators and cars. But the export of furniture and electronics is paid, since it is more difficult to dispose of such items.

According to Pishchelko, 85% of recycled items become recyclable and have a second life. New parts are made from scrap, which is then used in construction. Parts of the refrigerator can be turned into plumbing fixtures, and fillers from old mattresses, after processing, are used in the manufacture of textiles.

You can also deliver some things to recycle at ecopoints. Here is one, for example, it works in Nekrasovka. Photo: Vtoraluminproduct press service / mos.ru

How to use the service

The service works very simply. All information is collected on the website: mos.ru/services/vyvoz. There you also need to apply for export – any adult user can do this, it is enough to have a standard account. In addition, some of the necessary information will be copied from the profile automatically, you just need to select a convenient time and indicate the items that need to be removed. After registration, a representative of the company will contact you to confirm the request and clarify all the details.

You can include several items in one application at once, you can also leave a comment, for example, inform in advance that the elevator in the house is not working or ask not to ring the bell. “Masters go out on demand every day from 9.00 to 21.00. They will independently remove equipment, oversized items or furniture from home and load it into the car. On average, the process of removing unnecessary items takes less than half an hour, “The council describes the mechanics of work. Pickup can be arranged on weekdays or weekends. The application can be completed the same day if you leave it before 18:00.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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