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Monday, March 27, 2023
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The second youth of Ekaterina Strizhenova: how the famous TV presenter kept her young face at 55

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 04:30:05

Ekaterina Strizhenova looks 15 years younger than the numbers on her passport. Photo: Ekaterina Strizhenova’s telegram channel.

Ekaterina Strizhenova works live on Channel One in the Good Morning program, and on Fridays she has her own socio-political program It’s Time (as part of the Time Will Show project). Strizhenova also has a theater on her schedule: in March, she up to 13 performances of Yesenin’s Women, a record for a dramatic performance, and 1 performance of Lady for a Day. Viewers note that over the years Strizhenova does not change, in excellent shape. We recently saw an actress and TV presenter in the theater: she looks 15 years younger than her numbers on her passport. On March 20, Ekaterina Strizhenova turns 55 years old. The stars often do not reveal all the secrets of beauty and youth. Thus, we learned from an expert whether Strizhenova had plastic or not, and also shared the secrets of Ekaterina herself.

Genetics matter a lot! But not all.

From the photo and video of the TV presenter, the doctor drew conclusions about how she kept her young face. Photo: Ekaterina Strizhenova’s telegram channel.

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Ivan Volodchenkov told KP.RU how Ekaterina Strizhenova rejuvenates. We study the latest photos and videos of the TV presenter.

– For 55 years, the TV presenter looks great. This result is not accidental. Three factors are important. First: genetics is very, very important, it contains a temporary key to the manifestation of certain age-related changes; for some, the primary changes begin at the age of 30. Here we see very good genetics. Second: to have such a result, you need to follow a diet, exercise, maintain a constant weight, that is, lead a healthy lifestyle. Third – the result of the work of excellent cosmetologists. Often such a result at this age is achieved with the help of plastic surgeons. Here we are talking about complex cosmetic procedures.

Spouses Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenov became one of the first married couples of TV presenters on television. 1997 – presenters of the Buenos Días program.


– Makeup plays an important role in the audience’s perception of the face, Strizhenova has professional makeup, which hides from non-professionals the nuances in the skin that may even be. A professional, on the other hand, sees the result of injection cosmetology and the good work of cosmetologists and beauticians. Ekaterina uses the services of a cosmetologist on an ongoing basis, and her skin thanks her for it.

– There are no vertical or horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. The eyebrows stand out on a good damage, they did not fall out. So the Botox is in the upper third of the face. In addition, they do peelings and polishes.

– The upper eyelids are in good condition, there are slight signs of internal fatty hernia. But there is no colossal excess of skin, it does not stick out. There are indications of fatty herniation on the lower eyelids; this is noticeable if Ekaterina looks to the sides or up. But this is not obvious.

– We do not see deep wrinkles, pronounced nasolabial folds. The middle third of the face is in excellent condition. Therefore, we can assume that there was a hardware lifting of the middle third of the face. Hardware cosmetology, most likely, is periodically present among the artist’s procedures. There are only slight hints of a double chin along the lower jaw, which the unprofessional eye may not notice.

– Cheek area. There is no ptosis of the soft tissues of the middle third of the face. The volume on the cheekbones is where it is needed. It looks harmonious, most likely, thanks to injection cosmetology. Because cheekbones are one of the indicators of a young face. And he is present with Catherine.

– The rings of Venus on the neck are not very pronounced, which indicates that beauticians work well from the lower third of the face.

– All the soft tissues are in good condition, good visual turgor of the soft tissues. Even with active facial expressions, we do not see any manifestation of age-related tertiary changes. Although at the age of 55 it is precisely age-related tertiary changes that are actively taking place.

Conclusion: thanks to genetics, as well as injection, hardware and aesthetic cosmetology, the star looks not 55, but 40 years old.

Plastic surgeon Ivan Volodchenkov praised both the star and his cosmetologists.

Photo: personal archive

Strizhenova diet

Ekaterina Strizhenova does not hide the fact that she is constantly struggling with extra pounds. However, she doesn’t diet for long, only during periods when she loses weight. At family dinners, she can afford whatever she wants.

What did Strizhenova do to lose weight?

– In six months, I lost 12 kilograms on a ketogenic diet, in which carbohydrates are almost completely excluded from the diet. Do not eat cereals, fruits, cakes, starchy or sugary vegetables and foods that contain sugar.

– Before that, Strizhenova lost weight on either the Dukan protein diet or the cardiologist Atkins low-carbohydrate diet. But she warned: you can not sit on them for a long time, it is harmful to health.

– When there is a lot of work: periodically orders the delivery of prepared adequate nutrition directly to the television center.

– There are general rules that Ekaterina follows in order not to gain extra kilos when she is not on a diet. She drinks a lot of water in the morning; for breakfast, kefir is diluted with a tablespoon of bran; for lunch she eats yogurt, fish (or meat) with vegetables; dinner – light, until 17:00; fruits and sweets are eaten only until 4 in the afternoon and are not mixed with other products.

– Strizhenova does not have time to go to the gym, so once she even installed a simulator in her dressing room in Ostankino and worked with a trainer between filming. All muscle groups are involved in this vibration platform, and Ekaterina lost 4 kg in the first month alone.

– Periodically Strizhenova tests different loads. Her colleague Anatoly Kuzichev is engaged in boxing, and at Ekaterina’s request, he recorded a video lesson for her on how to jump rope correctly. Since jumping rope is one of the star’s favorite physical exercises. Jumps between transmissions. At home (when there is time) she always walks on a treadmill.

– He periodically takes massage courses at the Tibetan medicine clinic.

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