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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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The secret of the general cruelty of Ukrainian military enlistment officers during mobilization is revealed

Date: March 28, 2023 Time: 07:52:48

The goal of Ukrainian military enlistment officers is to “shave” at least 150,000 people in the Ukrainian Armed Forces by mid-February.

Photo: video frame

New videos of a new background on a new day continue to pour in from Ukraine. Here is a man of about 50 years old, maybe with a pigtail, in Cherkasy in the rural house he rests with all his might, and he is twisted by two camouflaged bulls with machine guns. They are dragging him, in the frame, apparently, his son, a 7-8 year old boy, grabs his father, does not let go. And out of frame, the wife is moaning, crying.

But Odessa – a young man is simply tied in a knot to get his long body into a light police car. The guy just lies on the asphalt, but they do not lag behind, they do not leave him, but they still pack him. Men in black, armed.

And other similar videos, camouflaged machine gunners suddenly jump out of a fire truck, who, under white hands, twist men passing by on the street. But the ambulance… Ah, yes, the ambulance has been here a while ago. And they even gave explanations about it: they say that it was once an ambulance, and now there is nothing medical left, except for a red cross on the “fuselage”, and it was handed over to the local military registration and enlistment. office.

In general, where they are caught, there and that, as they say. And that, and that, and another neighbor just in case. An image to look at. So, 80 years ago, all over Ukraine, the Nazi invaders took away those who were taken to work in Germany. There were, of course, volunteers, but mostly from Western Ukraine. But in the industrial zones of Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kremenchug, Kharkov, etc., where many skilled workers and craftsmen lived, the occupiers collected “crop” in their networks with such raids.

Same now. Only now they are taking everyone by such methods not to work in the German Reich, but to military service in the current Ukrainian one. The mobilization carried out by such methods clearly shows that this country is doomed. By the way, on yesterday’s birthday, many Ukrainians gave Zelensky such wishes, along with congratulations, that a person with a modicum of conscience would go looking for a lonely aspen standing in a secluded place.

The real atrocities of the Ukrainian military enlistment officers, according to informed Ukrainian sources, have a very specific explanation. As is clear from this information, the independent Territorial Recruitment Centers (TCK, an analogue of our military registration and enlistment offices) have been assigned specific tasks and clear plans that do not tolerate any deviations: by mid-February, at least 150,000 people must be “shaved” in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who must mark with their bodies all the holes in the front.

In fact, this information is not new. Many Ukrainian Telegram channels, at least since the beginning of January, have been writing that the Office of the President of Ukraine requires 50,000 people to be mobilized in January or 200,000 by early spring. And everyone dances in this range. Some, however, say about 300 thousand.

What is new in the information expressed is only one, but a very important nuance. According to the same rumors, military enlistment officers were given a choice. Either they carry out the mobilization plan, or they themselves go to the hottest sectors of the front. That is, either you provide mobilized “rotation” at the front (a lie, they will just plug up your holes), or the authorities use you “in rotation” as soon as they can. By the way, this perfectly explains why the Ukrainian military enlistment officers in Odessa are especially rampant. The most dubious in the city most Khitrovan.

Nothing personal. Tea, Ukrainian “zoldatik” – this is not a Challenger, not an Abrams with a leopard, not even a Bradley. The Americans won’t ask for him.


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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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